Tripping over believed in things

The believed in entity is like a man wandering about, tripping over his own shoe laces. Oblivious to his own dilemma, he ignores the pure intelligence while he flips between dreaming of ‘tomorrow’ and being consumed by ‘yesterday’.

Instead of investigating what is tripping him up, he focuses on ever new imaginary goals and blames his own problem on anything but the actual cause.  Anyone who points out that his shoe laces need tying up is either ignored or told to mind their own business.
Common teachers keep engaging the believed in entity and they encourage the fixations on ‘me’ – that is easy work to keep seekers looking for a way out of the mind puzzle.
The believed in entity cannot actually see.  It is all concepts.
The puzzle is like a hologram in the mind. It has no substance.  The only way out is to SEE…. it.. ISN’T.. there.
Then the habit of belief in it fades away because nothing can live without energy.
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  1. The mind says ‘Yes but……..I have special circumstances and I am a unique case’. Bollocks!