Transient notions of ‘me’.

The ‘knower’ has no substance other than the living activity of knowing.

See for yourself.

Mind tries to label things and nail something down. It fails consistently but we don’t notice the futility of it.

In the appearance of things……All of your life has been leading to this moment.

This moment is the (only) peak experiencing.  What the mind dumps onto this moment, which is always present, is nothing but translations based on learned stuff.  Without the burden of the me fixation, the livingness expresses itself without hinderance.

Without that burden of erroneous belief, a natural relaxation suffuses the body-mind…… and this natural relaxation is recognised as the key to the ease of being, it is valued beyond worldly knowledge. It alters all the preferences naturally and crap falls away.

You may lose friends due to your natural preferences.  You may make new friends.

Whatever happens, it is all nothing but LIFE expressing itself, as it always has been.
You do not need to be desperate for the attention of others.  Such things only give support to the fictional ‘me’.

Be open to life and see what happens. Life will always bring the unexpected. Smile and be happy.

The ‘me’ will join in and fall in line with what is.

Then the tyrant (me) will have no say in anything (It never truly did).

Instead of being a little hitler, it will be a harmless word used to denote ‘I’, the sense of presence.

  1. Herein is the salvation of the world, the end of all suffering. The mind-self finds what it’s looking for in its own disappearance. All is well.

  2. SEEING-KNOWING is Non Dual….timeless.

    Your stories about your ‘self’ or ‘me’ are ALL transient……..a flittering shadow upon the fabric of imagination.

    And ‘above’ all other vanities……..your philosophies are like a finger writing on water.

  3. Hi, I’d like to ask a question because you often say there is no duality in “non duality” (I’m french, sorry for my english) and you often refer on urban guru cafe to nisargadatta, I really don’t understand your statement since I read interview from nisargadatta and well he seem to reintroduce duality, in fact, he is saying that being a “jnani” is somehow a goal to achieve, a superior state, “you” must be liberated before the death of the body, otherwise liberation won’t happen, and the identification with the mental can still arise (another apparent story of me quote in another world)
    it’all concept here, liberation has not happened to me, but saying there is something to achieve is really dualistic for me (and scary at the same time, if the body die and liberation has not happened “before”, well go back on the wheel of life, what a sad story)


    • I cannot answer for what someone else says. All I will say is take a look at your own experiencing. Investigate….is there a ‘looker’….or a ‘seer’ without a concept about ‘looker’ or ‘seer’. If you really investigate this……a revelation beyond all descriptions is potentially present. The story of me has thousands upon thousands of faces. You are not any of them.

  4. maybe but I think that, even if it’s just the thinking mind who can’t grasp anything because he is just another object, a clear intellectual message has his place in all this talk about non duality – if buddhist or all these advaita teachers can’t see that when they say there is a goal to achieve, it’s just feeding – increasing the fear of the separate self, all they say is “all is one.. BUT just after, you have to do something before the death of the body or you’re f.. – it’s OBVIOUS and it’s opressing -no need to read between the lines

    so, if there is a state of “jnani” to achieve, a hierarchy, well it’s just another spirituality, and liberation has to happened, it’s an obligation -and there is only a few “apparent” lucky one to hit the jackpots – quite elitist by the way –
    Nisargadatta clearly suggest that, ekhart tolle says the same thing and many others – nonduality teachers will tell ok do this, you’re not that and by the way, being a football player is not what you are but you must realise this – what’s the point ? is life expressing herself as a “football player trapped in samsara” dishonoring life ? – consciousness has a cancer ? (which would be identification with the manifestation) – and she, one away or another, fight it ?

    if it’s the case, it should be clearly said : you have to investigate – if not, your identification with the mental will go on

    • Awareness is not a thing. All things are awareness or awareness is appearing as all things. Awareness is no thing. The appearance is ‘appearing to be’ and the mind is the appearance of ‘becoming’. Mind is time. Mind is appearance only. The stillness of being is not noticed. One consciousness, timeless, birth-less, death-less. There never was an individual. There is no one that knows something. It is ALL appearance only. One in a million ‘teachers’ is worth listening to. Nisargadatta is worth reading many times over. He may appear to contradict himself but remember, he is speaking to a visitor, not necessarily to humankind. Sometimes he speaks from the absolute point of view. You cannot argue with what he says. You must come to clear out the understanding yourself. It is with you….you only need to listen quietly and notice how the mind always takes ‘you’ away from a clear understanding. That ‘you’ is a conceptual image of self – it has NO substance. See for yourself! No one can do it for you.