Transcript of ‘Emptiness’

Transcript of the audio (on this site titled) ‘Emptiness’.    Courtesy of one reader who resonates with the message.  Edited version.  The audio is in the Audio Section on this site.


“So, this sitting quietly dropping all concepts and all the words, is an inexplicable presence, I am that, which includes everything, it’s all inclusive because everything and every person, every animal, every phenomenal object is ‘an appearance’ and that includes every so-called ‘person’, every great guru, great teacher…Jesus, Buddha, whomever, whatever.  We might think that some ‘great teacher’ is an ‘important person’ but the immediate evidence is that they are just an appearance (conceptual) in this living, immediate consciousness here, now….and if I worship these idols in my own mind…(Buddha, Jesus, God or whatever) then (they are just images I ‘own’) it has to be a mind projection (with the addition ‘I am worshipping’ it) and it must be dissolved if the naked ‘I am-ness’ is going to be liberated from all those delusions (and mind projections). 

The non-recognition of my true nature is (due to) belief in illusions or fixations.  The main one is belief in the ‘me sense’, a re-ocurring fixation, a fixation upon a self that doesn’t exist.

The (well intentioned) Buddhists talk (a lot) about self liberation and take pride in non-attachment…..but it’s not the liberation of the (separate) self, it’s the liberation from the idea that there is a self – and the attachment to erroneous belief is quite obvious with the majority of Buddhists.  And if you look closely at Buddhism, and see what the Buddha tells us…… he plainly expresses his discovery, that there is no self, (and) anybody can discover that….. and that is liberation but not liberation from ‘something’…it’s the (liberated) livingness itself.   (Insight is a moment of that liberated livingness – freed from erroneous belief)

If you look at what you call ‘my body’ (‘this is my body’), by  looking at that clearly (without referring to a past or a memory) it’s seen that it is actually emptiness appearing as (something), appearing as an appearance of sensations and all the sensations are fleeting, spontaneous appearances – but what is it registering upon?…. what are all these impressions and sensations registering upon? 

We have two eyes, but there’s only one seeing, you can close one eye….. it doesn’t chop the seeing in half, or you can close both eyes – the seeing doesn’t disappear.  Where is the seeing registering?  Isn’t it registering everywhere (and nowhere in particular)?  Everything registers exactly where it IS and there is no distance between so-called things because it’s all one thing.  Non Dual.  (Not even one!)

You can’t capture a light beam – imagine trying to capture a light beam. Everything is light, nobody’s ever seen an object.  If you look closely at an object, (you see) light reflecting off an apparent surface and the closer you look with the aid of a microscope, you’re still only seeing light.  You cannot see an object.  Quantum Physics tells us that if you go down far enough it actually reveals emptiness, so, the true nature of all phenomena is emptiness, it’s energy appearing as patterns, an infinite number of patterns, apparently, but who’s going to count them?

It appears that we’re conditioned to believe in this self centre and with that belief in a self centre there ‘appears to be somebody here doing something’…I see a world full of people doing things and that whole story (of me) seemingly supports this idea that there’s somebody here but if we really investigate this story of a self centre, or really see if you can find it…see if you can find something with ANY substance or independent nature, really, truly have a look and see if it’s there, you actually CAN’T find one.

In seeing that, there’s no entity here, quite spontaneously it’s seen (and recognized) there’s no entity anywhere – it’s just life (expressing)…all these patterns…but actually where you are seeing from, nothing is happening.  You have to see this for yourself. I can’t explain it (with concepts), I can’t put it into words but (I can say this) it is a knowing, a knowing that there’s actually nothing happening, everything that appears to be happening is an appearance but where this (knowing) essence is, there’s nothing happening and innately everyone knows this…you know this…(but you can’t put a concept on it) the most intimate thing that we experience is this life energy….. that intelligence, life, is creating this entire display of patterns of immediately displayed energy. We ignore it through inadvertence or apparent distraction.  We just take it (belief) for granted.  It’s simple to get in touch with that livingness and drop all the concepts simply because that is what we truly are.  But there is no reward for the self-center in that intimacy – it is non-conceptual (No entity in it).

You can see that this fictional character (me) is just like a cartoon, it’s just this pattern that play’s itself…. and when there’s an investment in this character, in my case called ‘Gilbert’ then (the believed in entity) ‘I’ don’t want to give up that investment.  Why?  Because ‘I’ve done all this’ and ‘I’ve achieved all that’ and …blah blah blah…or ‘I’m going to do this’ or ‘I’m going to do that’ and…blah blah blah…it’s just a story and unless you really get a good taste of your essential true nature, which is beyond that story, really see that the story of me is only words, then what chance is there of recognizing one’s true nature? 

We think words are so powerful, we think the mind is powerful – we have these stories about the mind and …blah blah blah…but actually if you really look (and see) there isn’t a mind.  Every word we have has been learned, and it’s all second-hand.”

The spontaneous immediacy called life is not second hand – ever fresh, ever new.

  1. There is no obligation to agree with what is presented above. You can say ‘I don’t want any of this’ and leave it all behind. But if the seeking continues it will drive you nuts at some point. All that is being presented is a cutting through of beliefs. Psychological suffering is unnecessary. Why should I care if you carry on seeking or not? All I can say is that someone pointed me out of the psychological mess and I know for certain it is not necessary. In the scheme of things, it is a thankless job pointing ‘people’ to what is true and real. But in the same scheme of things there are a few who see through the mind crap and discover a profound relief. No one is obliged to look back and draw upon the erroneous evidence of the belief in me, to use it to help anyone. It is all spontaneously happening, without any personal volition.

  2. Thank you for the craft of your posts. Your gutsy words make an end of seeking obvious instead of a distant superhuman accomplishment. Can feel a big inner smile in following your pointer to genuinely dwell in being to really cast off the false. “Connected to spirit, we know there is none of that” – Abraham Hicks