Transcending Depression

Putting definitions on ‘things’ and states of being is very common.  It would seem that society is based on common definitions about what is real and what is not real.   At the core of these ‘definitions’ is the dualistic notion of ‘I’ and ‘Not I’.   In this perception of separation there is actually no clear and present evidence to support the division between ‘I’ and ‘Not I’ and that factor is the unavoidable ‘insight’ that is necessary for a transcendence of belief in the unreal.

We use language to communicate and we all have definitions about thousands of ‘things’ and ‘states of mind’ and almost all of these definitions remain as what we can terms as non investigated beliefs.  At the core of all non investigated definitions or beliefs is a believed in entity commonly called ‘I’ or ‘me’.

Depression is a complex ‘symptom’ of society.  Transcending belief in being depressed is easy and yet it would seem that the cost is too high.   The erroneous investment in a fictional identity is woven into a thousand beliefs and the sense of threat of being purged of all these beliefs is far too confronting.   It would seem that ‘we’ are caught in a conundrum.

All it takes is one clear and clean insight into one’s own true nature and these old ideas about ‘me’ or ‘I’ are transcended instantly.   It is not an entity that makes any insight ‘happen’.  A radical or sudden ‘shift’ is highly unlikely and any stories about some other who has shifted into some new state of being is not really helpful to anyone.  It is more likely to be a hindrance than a helpful piece of information.   A shift in perception is only a new reference point – seeing is actually uninterrupted.

It is always possible to transcend belief.  It seems almost impossible to ‘do this’ for oneself and most often some guidance is necessary.   Self-deluded ‘born again’ addicts simply display fanatical tendencies and an annoying habit of trying to convert others into their beliefs.   Fanatical behaviour is a mask and a transparent one, although the wearer of the mask cannot see how transparent the mask is.

Zealous and fanatical ‘teachers’ are very common and followers of such teachers are easy to find.  It is all paraded under the banner of ‘Freedom’ yet it displays nothing but slavery through the obvious behaviour and beliefs, which make themselves obvious.

What is rare is one who has the discrimination and the potential to transcend belief.   There are existing, some who know how to point in such a way that anyone, who is completely genuine, can experience the required insight.  Society, as it is, does not place any value on the transcendence of belief.  Society places value on fixing up the ‘me’ and that is all well and good but it does not fix the actual problem.   Masking the ‘problem’ is good business and the ‘customers’ come back for more.

Over the period of about ten years I have had contact with hundreds, thousands of ‘seekers’ and out of all those numbers only a few have been willing to investigate belief totally and without compromise.   Nothing can be forced.   Only by facing what we fear the most (our nothingness) can we truly find our true nature.

  1. Thanks, Gilbert! It is probably true that different people respond to different guides but your ‘pared-down’ guidance does hit home for many who genuinely want ‘freedom’. In fact, there is nothing that can keep it from such a ‘seeker’. Please keep up the good work! 🙂

  2. I would like to say… Depression seems like a taboo subject rarely addressed in non dual writing. Yet in society it is a common topic and many books, drugs and money are made through it. Some teachings offer practices and concepts to cover depression and some deny that depression will arise and so one might continue down the rabbit hole with guilt and feeling of not ‘got it’ yet. Big profits and Profits in depression.

    Every once in a while depression, (like a trap door in the floor) drops me down the rabbit hole. At first I would panic in the dense energy and grab one of societies ropes (a comforting concept) only to find out it is a noose around the neck. Sure the fall stops but.

    If not resisted I free fall to the bottom and find only a tea party.

    • Yes, depression is one of the major problems around the globe in ‘civilised’ countries. Deep in the Amazon Jungle there are tribes who live happily in nature. Living in more or less harmonious ways with nature is available without going into the jungle. ‘Your own’ true nature is your guide yet it is ignored for most of the ‘time’. Depression (excluding chemical depression) requires a story about me. What seems to be too subtle to notice is that all of our trouble are post mind translation. Prior to the mind translation there is no depression. Because the belief is that the ‘me’ can see, think and do, the clear vision from prior to the mind translation seems to be covered over. It is not really covered over. Seeing is seeing. The persona is a mask. The mask has imagined eyes and they are clouded ‘lenses’ without any ability to see. Even the eye itself does not see. It is an instrument of seeing. This is why I often ask the question ‘Where are you seeing from?’ It seems few ‘hear’ the question. The question reaches beyond the minds ‘answers’ and its translating abilities. I could clear out your beliefs, one by one through an open investigation with you. One to one. So few want to ‘go there’. Fear of being nothing of what they believe they are keeps seekers drawn to the safe ground and the perpetual search, with popular guru’s or religious groups. I speak of ‘others’ but in the actuality their are no others. Our common ground or our unity lies before the mind’s translation. Psychological suffering or depression is not necessary. The worldly psychological professions aim at a cure for the me. There is NO me, it is an image in mind. There can’t be a cure for something that does not exist. Dis-ease can vanish naturally. The required insight is a split second clear seeing. Making oneself open for this ‘split second seeing’ can be a benefit – however one starts to see what kind of shit is going on through belief. One must cut through it without messing about. You play with shit and you get covered with shit. I am not talking crap.
      Believe what you want, but I am saying clearly that seeking through belief is completely useless and that is what just about everyone does. No wonder depression is such a widespread thing – including spiritual groups.

  3. Depression was once believed in. Now it causes smiles. Pain happens, just dont believe the story. I liked Bunnyslippers comment, If not resisted, I fall to the bottom and find a tea party, haha. Good one.

  4. The ‘me sense’ is resistance to what is – no one ever transcended duality with the ‘me’ intact. No one ever transcended duality at all. You are already the non dual, clear and present, naked awareness.

  5. Good topic Gilbert….It seems to me that depression , like the word suggests is the burden of continuing to prop up the false self that seems to absorb more and more weight as things don’t work out the way thought expects them to. So we like the mother bird seem compelled to support and nourish the baby cuckoo despite deep down it is known that it not really ours. In freedom there can still be expectations but whatever eventuates is ok and free to be. “The leaves on the tree are free to go where ever the wind blows them”