Trans-parent Words

The SAME activity of knowing runs right on back and prior to Adam and Eve.  The activity of knowing has no parents.  It is trans-parent.  What you are is not the result of any cause – you are actually trans-parent.  The body is animal and in the scheme of things the body has parents, in the appearance of things.

It seems that no matter how clearly it is pointed out, no one ‘gets it’. It is more simple than simple.
The basic problem is that everything is apparently automatically referred to the believed in entity (me, an image of self). You are probably ‘doing that’ right now.

The activity of seeing is happening right now – you are not ‘doing’ the seeing. The activity of knowing is happening right now – you are not ‘doing’ that.

The common belief seems to be that nothing is understood until it is composed of words or labels. When you look at a table it is understood instantly.

You do NOT have to see the table THROUGH the WORD or concept ‘table’. You KNOW what it is. You can walk through a busy city and you KNOW what everything is before you name any of it.

Some ‘teachers’ talk about the space between thoughts as if that space is something special and important. The WHOLE universe, every speck of it, appears in space. Look through a microscope at a small ‘thing’ and it is clearly obvious that, that ‘thing’ is suspended in space. It may be resting on a platform but that platform is suspended in space. The microscope is on a table, the table is on the floor, the floor is in a building.  The building is on the planet.  The planet is suspended in space!  Look through a telescope and you KNOW that the planets, moons or stars are OBVIOUSLY suspended in space. Cosmic rays can pass right through this planet, never touching one atom of it.  The space itself ‘passes’ right through every object.   No object can be outside of space.

A thought has no substance and it takes up no room – and it has no duration.

EVERYTHING appears in the SEEING. The seeing has no locality, no substance and low and behold, the eyes are appearing in the SAME space.

Fixating on being an ‘entity’ is the primary cause of belief in being that imaginary entity. Drop the fixation, drop the fear of being nothing and SEE what happens!

  1. To “drop the fixation” ….is that the same as thought not being present? Or is it just that the emphasis on thought as what I am that we should relax? It seems like thoughts are constantly there. Thanks, Gilbert. `~ Larry

    • Thoughts are transient subtle patterns appearing in the activity we call thinking. You can pause thought easily. Content-less thinking is space-like awareness. Thought has no duration. Like reflections in a mirror, you can’t say they are there because you can’t grab them and you can’t say they are not there because they are seen. Reality needs no affirmation from anything, least of all from thought. It is the believed in entity that ’causes’ all of our problems. Relationship is the cause of all of our problems. I am not referring to the man/woman thing called relationship. Relationship MEANS ‘relative to’. By habit we relate everything to the image of self. That habit started when language was learned. The child looking out at something says to itself ‘That is not me’….’that doesn’t fit the image of me’. From then on the habit of referring everything to ‘me’ happens as a ‘means’ of defense to ward off feeling vulnerable. Prior to learning language, the child lives in relative harmony without psychological suffering. All the psychology is a construct of words and belief in words. No one believes this but none the less, it is true.

      • Hi, Gilbert. What is it that you mean by “Content-less thinking is space-like awareness”?

        Seems like there is just immediate knowing and the only problem is when it is believed that “I” am hearing, seeing, etc, no? Being is knowing itself?

        • Reply to: What is it that you mean by “Content-less thinking is space-like awareness”?
          Be simple. Don’t take my word for it. Investigate and SEE for yourself.
          Pause a thought and SEE what is left. Awareness – space-like awareness. Awareness is not a thing. Awareness is self-aware. Awareness is the capacity of knowing – not a thing. We can say that Being is knowing being but that is dualistic. Being is being. Self-knowing. It does NOT require an ‘agent’. ‘Awareness of’ is secondary. See for yourself.

  2. Allness saying “hi” to Allness !!! Great pointer.. Gilbert truly GREAT !!! Fox

    • A pointer is not great. It is either clean and clear or it is not. If ‘I’ start buying into the story of being a ‘teacher’ the usefulness of what is pointed out will be obscured. That is seen very clearly. We don’t need another guru.

  3. What is not recognized is that there is a bias to our wanting to know. That bias is ‘me’. As long as that me is not recognized from beyond the bias, nothing much can happen. 99.999% of those interested in these ‘matters’ do not have a clear capacity to acknowledge naked awareness. They are full of beliefs. Light may shine through a crack in a wall. Most folk keep patching up the cracks. Being totally conscious requires courage and tenacity. Such qualities belong to being, not to the imaginary entity called ‘me’.
    One must start from the fact of being and drop all assumptions. Everything you think you know is in error. The fact of being is truth itself.