Too simple – no one recognises it.

Is there actually some separate being that could recognise anything?

The simplicity of the apparent mythical answer to the question about life, is not to be found in the mind.  Myriads of apparent individuals have pondered the great questions and mankind is no closer to a definitive answer than when the first man (or woman) ever contemplated the meaning of life.

Is there an answer?  It may well be there (in the mind) but it seems that the intellect cannot find it.  Is it possible that the intellect cannot find a definitive answer because the answer is not an objective ‘thing’.  Isn’t it life itself?

The river flows.  The water down stream knows nothing of the water upstream or the ocean.  No drop of water knows anything about being separate.   There is no separation in reality.  Only in the illusion of separateness does there appear any seeking for an answer.  That seeking is just an apparent seeking appearing like a mirage.

Life does not need to find an answer to explain itself.   The doubting mind is what looks for a reason for its apparent paradox of being and non-being.   Mind appears in awareness and awareness is being.  There may be an image of being in the mind….the image is not the being.  

‘To be or not to be – that is the question’ (Shakespeare).  Who is the questioner?   You ARE, before you think about being or not being.

“Let there be light”.   No one can get behind this self-illuminating, spontaneous being.

The problem remains as an unsolvable paradox – but for whom?  For the pattern of belief called ‘I’ or ‘me’.  Drop the reference point and see what remains.

Why do we miss the simplicity of being?

We miss the essence of it all because we ignore the essence of our own being.

If you came into existence in this very instant, everything would appear exactly as it is.  As it is!  In this hypothetical example, what would be missing would be words, labels and there would be no conditioning whatsoever.  There would be no past to compare the present with.  The so-called future would not even present itself as a possibility or even as a concept.

The actual spontaneous functioning of all the organism would have no intellectual interference.  You could say that it would be 100% pure functioning.

The hearing is happening.

The seeing is happening.

Cognition is happening.

Everything is, in this moment right now, registering spontaneously irrespective of any circumstances and beyond the reach of any so-called conditioning.

The pure functioning of pure being is uninterrupted and there is NO entity in that pure functioning or the being.  Not two.  This is true right now, as it always is.  Even when there is belief that there is an entity, there is no entity.  The so-called entity is composed of belief – it is not real.

Ask yourself this: What conditioning is present if you do not think about it?


What more do you need to know?

What is true about being is always so, no matter what the mind appears to translate or imagine.

A bird leaves no trace in the sky.

A thought leaves no trace in the mind.

Where are yesterday’s thoughts now?

Spontaneous being.  Is there a centre?  Is there a boundary?

Non Duality means……One without a second.