Thought train.

Busy mind – no clear space in which to discover anything new.

Some believe that there is no space between thoughts – their mind is so busy it seems that thoughts are butted up against each other like the carriages of a train.

But wait, there is, quite obviously, by far, more space in this universe than there is matter.

Every object is surrounded by space and space actually penetrates or is throughout the object.  It does not matter how powerful a microscope you look through, space is there.

The fact is that the observer, the microscope and the observed object are all in space.

What is remarkable is that the observer is no different than space.    The observer has no location, just as space has no location.

If your face is hard up against a brick wall, there is still space between the eyes and the wall.  You may not be able to see anything except the fine details of the brick or bricks.  You cannot see how long the wall is or how high.   Even to assume where the base of the wall is could be wrong.

In the immediate perceiving, without memory all you can see is the bricks.  Fascinating as it may be, it is a limited view.

Belief is just like being hard up against a brick wall.   Belief dismisses all evidence that challenges the belief.

The cage of belief is made of nothing but concepts.  A concept has no substance that can be grasped or held.

How strange that belief is held up as a sacred thing.   Clear and present evidence is not a belief and in fact clear and present evidence dissolves belief without hindrance.

Those who cling to belief in the face of clear and obvious evidence are blinded by belief.