Thought free awareness

The true nature of mind is clear and empty.

Thought free awareness is naturally present at all times.  If you recognize that thought free awareness is naturally present at all times, then what more is necessary?

The natural clarity of cognition itself cannot be obscured by concepts or thoughts. They all appear like clouds in the sky. If the sun was not shining, the clouds would not be recognized in the dark luminous nature of empty space.

The luminous nature of self-aware consciousness is seemingly ignored…..ignored by attention being attracted to (a habit of  an unexamined belief in being) ‘the thinker’.   However, there is NO separation and the ‘thinker’ is just another thought, another transient cloud. 

All events, movements and ‘things’, all the activities appearing to happen in space, naturally attract the attention.  Empty space itself is not noticed.  As soon as you think of space, the mind ‘makes it’ into an object and that is not empty space!   It is conceptualized space.

Without space nothing could appear.  Imagine a white canvas with a dash of red paint somewhere on the surface.  The attention is attracted to the red paint.  A blank canvas does not hold the attention in any specific manner.   Naked awareness is like a blank canvas – a medium for the play of elements (paint).  

Without cognition (which is no thing) how could anything be known? Without the pristine natural clarity of awareness, nothing could be perceived, seen or heard, touched or even imagined.

The ‘knower’ and the ‘known’ are of the elements, phenomenal appearances.  The ‘knower’ and the ‘known’ are conceptual constructs in mind.  The activity of knowing is the ‘medium’ in which the knower and the known appear as dynamic, dualistic, ever-changing reference points.  The activity (energy) is neither created or destroyed.   The infinite apparent transitional nature of  ‘the appearance’ has only one unchanging nature – the space in which it all appears and disappears.

The eye is clear and empty (transparent) thus providing clear vision.   Nothing that is seen ever lodges in the clear gel of the eye.  Billions of images pass through the eyes without incident.  The actual seeing is ever spontaneous (time-less-ly ever-fresh) and in truth nothing passes through the seeing.  The eye does not have opinions or ideas.  The eyes are thought free. 

Recognize that Seeing is happening – then recognize that nothing is happening to the seeing.  It remains totally fresh, spontaneously clear and open.   No entity in the seeing!

The mind is like the eye, clear and empty (This is why you cannot find anything called mind). Concepts do not pile up and obscure awareness.  Only in the realm of belief does the conflict between thoughts and images ‘create’ a seeming coagulation of ‘problems for me’.  Feeling and emotion are added to the conflict (me and the other) and the natural clarity of existence appears to be laden down with psychological drama.  Does a clear crystal contain and qualities of the rainbow? 

Does any thought ever leave a trace upon reality?  Does a rainbow leave any trace upon the sky or upon space?  Can a rainbow appear at midnight?  Without the life energy the body is clearly without speech, dreams, breathing, thinking.  

Once an emotional turmoil appears to be established, it may seem like it will never be overcome….but you know that it will surely pass – it just naturally takes a little time to dissipate due to ‘time bound chemical reactions’ in the body. Although it is seemingly dismissed, everyone knows for sure that all emotions come and go and however big they appear to be, they will and do fade away.  Where are yesterdays thoughts now?  By taking sides and by focusing on the personal ‘me drama’ the dis-ease quite naturally continues.  

See it all as it is, transient concepts and images.  The emotions feed off the energy of belief  (belief in the drama).  Belief in ‘me’ is the cause of psychological suffering.  It doesn’t matter what arguments are held up against this obvious fact, it is still only belief that obscures the clear and obvious.  If you try to alter or modify an emotional state, it will only keep it there.  Let it be as it is, in its spontaneous nature, without any concepts of acceptance or rejection.  In this way it is seen for what it is.  In any case, it will pass.  There is no static point to any of it.

Your ‘map’ is possibly useful at times but the map is never the territory.  Getting fixated on the map obscures the actuality.  Put the map in your back pocket and face the actuality.

Recognize the territory of ‘me drama’ quickly.  Recognize the habit of belief before it turns into an emotional drama.  Emotional states cannot be dropped so easily.  Concepts can be dropped, in an instant, simply by bringing the attention (awareness) back to the essential nature of simple being-ness.   Do not refer the immediacy of experiencing to the image of self (me).  

You cannot stop the thinking because thinking is a natural functioning.  You can pause thinking and recognize the clarity of  ‘no thought’.  Grasping at concepts and hanging onto beliefs indicates what many call a state of ‘identification’.   Identification implies an identity that is attached to something.   The fabricated identity (image of me) apparently needs support from ideas, concepts and memory.  That is where the problem of me resides.  It resides in belief – not in the actuality.  

The ‘me’ is an unquestioned assumption that at the center of all this activity there is an entity (me).   

Suffering is basically conflict between an image of self and perceived ‘things’ in ‘the personal world’.  We might say ‘I got into a bit of a state over that’ but realize that all states come and go and what you truly are has never ‘gotten into a state’…ever!  

Clouds appear and disappear in the sky.  The sky doesn’t say… ‘Wow, that was a thick cloud, I thought it would never leave’.

Intelligence will cut through all beliefs so long as it is recognized that all concepts are transient appearances that belong to no one.  

You may pride yourself on your abilities to ‘think your way out of trouble’ but that assumption of being someone with added concepts of that someone being caught up in phenomena is an illusion of mind.  Intelligence is everything and intelligence expresses itself impartially – no right or wrong.    It can express itself a great deal more smoothly if the burden of belief in ‘me’ is rendered passive.

As Nisargadatta says: “The mind is a good servant – but a bad master”.   

Empty the mind by recognizing the spacious nature of awareness (cognition – knowing).  

Ever fresh, spontaneous knowing is thought free and always present.  It just needs to be recognized.

  1. Watch the mind and see what it is that gets in the way. It is almost always belief. Belief is NEVER the actuality!

  2. “Clouds appear and disappear in the sky. The sky doesn’t say’ Wow, that was a thick cloud, I thought it would never leave”.

    The unknown?
    Everytime I read that sentence gives me a big smile.

    In the face of death,there is no thinking….trust.
    Your writing seems a constant reminder of what I naturally knew.
    Can I just say that?