Thought cannot see. Thought cannot know anything.

If there was, is or ever will be a ‘knower’ then the knower could not possibly be content of the ‘known’.   The ‘knower’ must be beyond the ‘known’.  ‘Knower and known’ are conceptual reference points appearing in the ‘knowing’.

You can take a photo of something on the ground and you may not notice that your foot is in the ‘shot’.   The foot is not the believed in entity that is ‘taking the shot’.   You cannot take a photo of your self, the observer.   You cannot see the ‘observer’ and no one else can see the ‘observer’.   You may see a man on a hill with a pair of binoculars.  You might say ‘I saw the observer on the hill’.   Yes, you saw a man on the hill with a pair of binoculars but you did not see the (implied) observer.  No word is ever what it re-presents!

Many say that they want with all their hearts to ‘awaken’ but the dream is nothing but ‘appearance’ and there is no actual ‘awakening’ (for anyone) from the dream of being separate.   The dreamer cannot awaken.  The dreamer disappears with the dream.

There is NO separation in reality.

It does not matter if you are as plain and ordinary as plain and ordinary can be – or you are a guru with ten thousand followers.  Reality is reality.  The differentiated nature of the appearance is nothing but appearance.  

As an ancient Buddhist text says: ‘There is no difference between a Buddha and an ordinary being’.

When it is pointed out: ‘You are seeing from empty space’, you might reply “Woh! My mind worked hard on this one!” and then arrived at the conclusion: “Inconceivable is a good way to put it”.

Don’t work on it. Recognize that the actual seeing itself has no content, except what is conceived to appear in the seeing.  Nothing appearing in the seeing is anything that can be located as a see-er (you).  If there was ‘some thing seeing’ in the seeing, where would it be?  In the center?  On the left side?  Right side?  If there was anything in the clear activity of seeing, that ‘thing’ would obscure the seeing in some way.  But the seeing is clear and empty.

Belief in being an entity (which is only an idea) appears to obscure the seeing but it cannot actually do that.  

So, can you recognize that the obscuration is an imagined obscuration, in mind?   Does any cloud ever truly obscure the sun?

It is so simple no one ever suspects how simple it is.  

Seeing is happening.  There is no one doing any seeing.  The idea of ‘me’ appears in the seeing and it is ephemeral, a fiction.  It (me) cannot see!   The seeing is happening!

You cannot negate the natural acknowledgement that ‘seeing is happening’.  Claiming it as your own ‘seeing’ is somewhat arrogant since ‘you’ have no idea about how you are managing to ‘do’ any of the pure functioning, to see, to hear, to breath, to think or to speak.  

What a fool believes, he believes he sees!  Mind only translates what appears as ‘content’ of experiencing.  The experiencing is un-interrupted.  The ‘experiencer’ is a thought up entity that appears and disappears in the un-interrupted experiencing.  

The River of Life never ceases to flow!

You will laugh your head off if you recognize the truth of this.

Many show signs of being offended if their erroneous beliefs are exposed.  All I can say to them, is investigate that emotion of ‘being offended’ and see that it is just transient content of mind.  

Fear of being nothing stops the investigation in its tracks, so it seems.  But even that is a fiction.  

Seeing is happening and ‘you’ are not ‘doing’ the seeing.





  1. While reading this, I agree with and resonate with many of the statements. Still, I am not “laughing my head off”. Frustration can be seen arising in this knowing. That is certain. Is it simply the belief that what I am is an individual or entity that isn’t “getting” it? What is driving the whole dilemma, seeking, suffering, etc? What to do about that? No one to do anything. Still, frustration! Thanks, Gilbert.~ Larry

    • Belief is not the actuality. You do not say ‘I believe I exist’. Belief is an unquestioned assumption. Investigate any belief and it will fall apart. Being is not the result of any ‘doing’. Being is prior to the appearance of ‘doing’ and the apparent entity (the doer) is a thought. A thought cannot do anything. The eye is an instrument of seeing. The eye cannot see anything. We claim credit where credit is not due. Then we try to work our way out of a seeming conundrum in the mind. The reference point ‘me’ has to be dropped. Hijacking every experience in the name of ‘me’ is the problem. Learning the lingo is useful for awhile, then it transforms into a prison. The spontaneous nature of life is ever free. There is no one caught up in any belief patterns. If you have bad posture, you have to take a good posture. Taking a good posture will bring up the habit of returning to a bad posture. If you do not cut through the habit, the habit will win. How can a conscious being give into an unconscious bad habit? It appears to happen all the time. Who cares? No one can cut through the habit for you.