This living activity of knowing is all there is.

You are the living activity of knowing. There is no ‘how’ to it. The mind says “How am I supposed to know that I am?” but you MUST be for the thought to appear in the first place. There is no ‘you’ who will know it. That is just the mind translating the knowing into words.

‘Seekers’ grab at anything that supports the belief in being something separate (me) only because the mind has no labels for the nature of pure cognition. Be Still and Know that you ARE – not as a form called ‘you’ or ‘me’.

The insight that cuts through all identified notions is an absence of everything, except the pure knowing. It cannot be described and it is here, right now. It is just not noticed. No one can describe it. A smile may accompany a sense of relief as the nature of what you truly are reveals itself.

No matter what anybody or any guru says……There is NO method to being reality.

‘We’ have bound ourselves up with words and new words will not help.

The natural state is wordless.

That is as close as I can point to it, in this instance. Once the insight is registered totally, one KNOWS that all spirituality is just nonsense and the appearance of things is just energy displaying itself.

Things do not exist (of themselves).

It is ALL no thing (one without a second) appearing AS things.


  1. Most ‘teachers’ rely on belief as their main stay. It puts butter on their bread. I have been hammering away, at the notion that belief is somehow worthy of having, for about ten years. Belief is like Hydra’s head. It sprouts more belief and yet it is nothing but an unsupported series of ideas…based on nothing.

  2. Words confuse. Sometimes they point, other times they confuse. As thinking happens, and the sense of an “I”, occurs, the I is having a hard time settling into the fact that nothing is real. Years of the story of Chuck, are pealed away to reveal that everything is an illusion. There is a seeing/feeling of this illusion, beyond that nothing, except for the emotion of love. The more that gets pealed away, the stronger the emotion of love, or whatever it is trying to be described through words. Does this make sense? There is a sense of developement of this seeing/knowing.

  3. No method because it is naturally occurring and cannot be sustained with a practice. And all belief has to have a practice because it is the past recurring. It is not the fresh, naturally occurring seeing and knowing. Wordless like a breeze. I think my snake wig fell off. (Hydra, is that you? -ed)

  4. I would like to say… Yes, tis I. It’s taking me a while to decide who should play me in the TV movie version.

  5. It seems not easy to kill Hydra’s head.Every thought brings a new and makes it a concept that the mind can be endlessly engaged.
    Convinced as I was that I could see everything and know,I suddenly met a ‘teacher'(-G) that makes clear to me that a person can not see? I thought that in itself is a miracle.His decisiveness in the shooting of arrows indicative about the natural state,what you truly are, directly touched the heart if not his strenght in this (pared down) and eloquence.
    I’ve moved like a snake to probably inevitable to avoid nudity.Authenticity and openness,I could not resist finally anymore.
    The free fall to the bottom….,what a surprise,not a tea party but an exclusive lunch!
    This IS-ness where there is no location but the beauty of the sea of sensations which I have ever loved so much.
    Maya,thanks to the ever-present doubt because it seemed so real,it is now clear that the loving form is only an appearence or consistency of what you really are.
    Yes,seeing-knowing does makes sense.
    Thank you,Gilbert.

  6. there is no illusion. can you find even one, in this?