This investigation does work and it is FREE

Yes, in the knowing that belief is merely belief, then it is pure knowing. Belief in erroneous concepts appears to distort the clear and obvious.

In seeing, everything is what it is. Yet it appears that ‘we’ perceive things that do not exist – and that includes a reference point called ‘me’.

It is simply a reference point, an image of self, believed in and never questioned. So, see if you can find it.
That is a simple invitation and it seems odd that everyone is willing to talk about the ego forever – but no one wants to really find out if it exists or not.

Why not find out for yourself?
Why not? Because the investment of BELIEF in that ‘me sense’ is just too long winded, so it seems. Everything appears to be woven into the fabric of ego. But it is just an appearance, a bunch of words and concepts. It is all ephemeral. The story of me is a story. If you drop the story it disappears.

It relies on the energy of belief. It is all energy. Why is there conflict? Because reality does not fit with the image of self, with its likes and dislikes. It appears to like what supports the fabrication and it dislikes what threatens it. It is all appearance.

It is space-like awareness appearing as ‘things’.
Investigate and SEE. You will not regret it, so long as you really investigate without a preconceived idea and without an agenda.
I am not kidding about. This is serious stuff. Psychological suffering is unnecessary.
There is a billion dollar industry built around suffering and very little of it ‘works’.

This investigation does work and it is FREE.

Duality is Two. Non duality is Not Two. It is not even One, because one implies two, three etc.

Yoga means to join, to merge.

The concept of two merging is dualistic. The Clarity or Oneness is obvious – so obvious ‘we’ don’t recognize its simplicity. The mind is time, with apparent past, present and future, tugging at is fabricated fabric.
You cannot re-live a moment ago. You cannot live a moment in the future. Imagination is imagination (images). The present is a concept. The livingness is not a concept. The immediacy of naked cognition is not a concept.

Believing that there is an ‘I’ that has somehow been separated from the Wholeness of LIFE is just an ephemeral concept. It appears to cause so much trouble, therefore it is wise to investigate this apparent ’cause’. It is a fiction, therefore the fabricated cause and the resultant effect are both fiction. Knowing this is liberation. Liberation is a concept which implies bondage. Liberation from something.
What is being pointed to is THAT which has never been in bondage, it has never been in phenomena at all.

Everything appears in THAT and is THAT but not as it appears to be.
Like a man, after being confined in a dimly lit cave, comes into the light of day, he takes a while to get accustomed to the light.

The same with the ‘pointers’. Something may ‘ring true’, somehow something may resonate somewhere in being. Keep coming back to the pointers and their potency will reveal itself clearly and brightly.