Things appear in Space – obviously so.

Because the mind is so closely aligned with the pure intelligence, it has taken itself to be the intelligence.  Just like a piece of iron in the fire, it gets red and hot, just like the fire.  Without the fire it cannot ‘do’ any of those things.

That is the key.

Whether you ‘hear’ it or not appears to depend on various factors.  Innately you know it.  It is not an entity that knows something.   It is the living essence that is the knowing of all there is.  It is NOT in the appearance, the pattern, not in the body or mind.

All of the functioning stems from one source, which is beyond all things – yet it is all things, in essence.

The terror of the situation is a drama of infinite details.   The grasping consciousness clings to a fixation, which is basically empty.  There is no entity that actually has any substance.   There is no way around this fact.  Whatever you do to fortify your ‘position’ will fold in upon itself (at some point).  Courage to face the actuality comes from your essential being, which is in essence this activity of knowing.  It is not a knowing of something.  It is simply knowing.

‘You’ cannot ‘get there’.   You are already that.   Belief is the apparent problem.

The Crux of it follows:  

Things appear in space.

No one can separate any ‘thing’ from space.   Space appears to be necessary for volume and distance to appear.  Space is nothing, no one can see it, touch it, smell it or paint a picture of it.  Without space, you would be nothing.   In essence all things are like space – no thing.

All things appear in space.  There is no separation between a thing and the space it appears ‘in’.  In fact space runs right through the ‘thing’.  Every particle of any ‘thing’ is suspended in space.

All things are appearances in space.

All things are space appearing as things.  There is no separation.

As one ancient text says…“The true nature of all phenomena is emptiness”.

It does not say some phenomena, it says all phenomena.

The same ‘principle’ applies to awareness.

All content of awareness or mind is an appearance in or on awareness.  No one can separate a thought, idea or concept from awareness.  All thoughts, ideas and concepts are awareness appearing as thought, ideas and concepts.  There is no separation.

If you can get the gist of this pointing, all the spiritual knowledge throughout all time can be discarded, without a hint of any repercussion or incident.  In fact, in seeing the truth of this, all spiritual knowledge and all knowledge in general is known for what it is.

The apparent problem in all misunderstanding is due to a reference point, which has no separate substance at all.  Nothing has any separate existence from the cognition.   All manner of theories, ideas and beliefs, seemingly held onto by an apparent entity, some kind of identity, are formed out of nothing.

Of course such pointing cuts through the core beliefs and exposes the believed in entity for what it is.  What is observed to be common, is a resistance to any clear and precise pointing.  Soften the blow?  Protect the apparent identity?  But you want to know what is true, don’t you?

Ego is talked about far and wide.  You can never find the ego.  It does not exist.  It has no power to do anything.  It is an idea, an image with a cluster of associative thoughts and beliefs.  It cannot do anything.

This fact is just too much to bear for most aspirants, who pride themselves on elaborate fantasies about self-knowledge.  ‘People’ love stories.  They tell their own story to everyone they meet.  When there is no one to tell it to, they tell it to themselves.

True self-knowledge is nothing but awareness itself, naked and unadorned by any concepts.

If you have managed to read this far, without wanting to argue or curse the author, then you are either a complete fool…..or you have already seen the truth of what has been pointed out here.

Seeing is happening.  ‘You’ are not doing it.  ‘You’ as a believed in entity are not doing anything.  Seeing is not a doing.  Knowing is not a doing.   Seeing and knowing are words for the same ‘thing’, which is not a thing.  It is No Thing.

Space-like awareness is self-aware.  It does not need an agent.

The false agent is called ME.  Separation is due to me and not me.  Duality is due to the seer and the seen.  The seer cannot see without ‘seeing’.  There can not be anything seen without ‘seeing’.  The actuality is ‘seeing’ – in all senses of the sentence.

By believing in erroneous ideas, one is bound to concepts.   By investigating the concepts, they are released and they disappear.  This is the nature of all phenomena.  It appears and disappears.   What you are has never appeared and it can never disappear.  It is presence-awareness.   Timeless existence.

  1. your points clear away a lot of debris, they invoke a shedding of beliefs & things more so then the often assumed shifting to something new, of course we knew somehow the truth had to be always here.

  2. Nothing can threaten that truth either. It is always here and perfect. It is so free and easy. Why oh why do we want to fight it tooth and nail? It just gives and gives and does not demand anything. Maybe it finds it amusing to have all that apparent strife going on? All is fine as it is, and every particle in its rightful place at all times. Sorry to ramble, don’t know where all that came from…

  3. Guess I’m the only fool here, he he.