There is no rainbow in the crystal – part 2

There is no rainbow in the crystal.  It is the nature of the crystal to display a rainbow of colors when light shines through it. The colors belong to light.

There is no separate entity in the body or anywhere else.  The living body is full of subtle movements.  It is the nature of the body to move when life (energy) animates it.  A corpse cannot display the myriad functions of a living body.  Without that animating intelligence that we call life, only the microbes and enzymes move as they break down the tissues.  

The various senses in the body are like different colors in the rainbow. Different vibration patterns on various scales.  The duo of ‘function and form’ are simply the same functioning intelligence on multiple scales.  The macro and the micro are of one unity, one whole.

The eye is an instrument of seeing. The actual function we call seeing is not locateable in the eye nor anywhere else. You cannot locate where you are seeing from or even locate a ‘you’ that is seeing.  Seeing is happening.

Theories are theories.  

The seeing cannot be seen or detected just as the eye cannot see itself.

The life flowing through the instruments (organs) of body-mind is not separate from the body.  Integration is life.  Disintegration is also life returning the elements back to the earth and sky.   Earth and sky (space) are not separate.

Non-conceptual awareness is concept-less. You cannot conceive of it.  As soon as you conceive it, it is a concept. You cannot define non-conceptual awareness.

You cannot define consciousness, awareness or the sky (space). 

The space that the body and mind appears in is timeless and without form.  It is the very same space that all galaxies, all stars, all planets and moons appear in.  Elemental space appears in emptiness, true empty space.

It has no dimension.  All dimensions and all directions are of mind. Therefore there is no distance between what you truly are and any other (seeming) thing.  One without a second.  Non-Dual.

It is all No Thing, appearing as everything.


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  1. You are NOT required or asked to believe anything in the posts. See for yourself. If something resonates, take another look and keep looking into it until you see the truth of it for yourself. What other way is there? Blind faith? We all know that that leads nowhere.