The uninterrupted nature of experiencing

A common ailment is the search for meaning for ‘my life’ my ‘personal life’.  No one questions the reality of the ‘person’ that apparently is supposed to have meaning.

Memory works fine without the constant referencing to an image of self.  In fact memory is clearer without the loading called ‘me’.  When the me has not been seen-through, along with every recalling of the story of ‘me’ from memory there comes the emotional baggage associated with the fixation (me) from so-called ‘past experience’.  It is assumed to the real.

No one questions what an experience is or whether it has any reality at all.  It is all assumed to be real.  The experience-er is taken for granted only because it has not been investigated.

What is an experience?

Who does it happen to?

The uninterrupted nature of experiencing is not altered by any experience.

To assume that there is an entity in the experiencing is nothing but an assumption.  It is believed in and never questioned and since everyone appears to do it, it must be true?   An assumption is an assumption.  An assumption can never be the actuality.  Like a belief, there is no actual support for it in reality.

Does an experience have a value or purpose?   Many appear to be trapped by a past peak experience.  They spend the rest of their lives trying to recreate some past experience, which is just a dead image in memory.   We make an idol of a past experience and enslave ourselves to it.  All the while ‘present time’ is ignored because it is filled with ‘wanting’ something that cannot ever repeat itself.  In the scheme of things, we forgo the living present for a fading memory and the desire for its return often drives many crazy.   Who is frustrated?  Who is searching madly for meaning for an imaginary character (me)?

Many spiritual types appear to be very unstable because they are obsessed with thinking that they have to capture a very special experience.  They do not recognize that it is imaginary.

Anyone can recognize that all experiences come and go.  The ‘experiencing’ (no entity) is always present because it is presence.  How can you be something that comes and goes?  Who is it all happening to?

Your conceptualized ‘present’ is filled with memory and anticipation.  Mind is appearance. The appearance called mind naturally functions with reference points.  Past, present, future are reference points.  Awareness of mind activity is possible because awareness is ‘not in the mind’.  If you conceptualize what awareness is, then the concept of awareness is in the mind.  Realizing this ‘happens’ when there is no reference point and no fixation on ‘me’.   There is often an invitation to observe the mind but because of the habit of constantly identifying with the ‘me’, the observation of mind activity does not last and so it does not cut through it all.  Any insight is claimed by the ‘me fixation’ and so what is true is corrupted by errors of belief.

What is meaning?   Is it merely from memory or is there an intrinsic meaning to everything?

Remember that what is being pointed at is ‘one without a second’.  No separation.   Separation is conceptual.  There is no answer in the mind.  Mind will take you off in all kinds of directions, always away from the actuality.

All this takes place in the uninterrupted experiencing.

By constantly ‘making’ and ‘taking’ everything personal(ly), the frustrations of ‘pretending to be a seeker’ keeps the mind busy and that business can appear very much like madness to anyone who is not suffering from the ailment.

Trying to be what one is not is seemingly preventing one from being what one is.

What is, is uncontrived, ordinary awareness, without a subject or object.



  1. Oh yes. Thank you.

  2. I would like to say…sitting in front of the computer, hearing sounds, seeing, that the mind is seeking, wanting, always…
    thank you so much