The unchanging reality is no thing

Before words and language came along, reality ‘was’ as it is.

All there ever actually is, is this ever present IS-NESS.  How could you miss this self-evident fact?

Well, how?

Because of belief in words and an obsession with ‘me’….that is how.

Billions upon trillions of words have been uttered in thousands of languages.  Trillions of words have been written down on paper, printed in books, carved in stone, cut into wood and scratched or painted upon billions of surfaces and reality is still as it is.

All personal drama and psychological suffering is due to belief in words, as if they had some reality of their own.  Who is the ‘psychological being’ that is affected by mere words, vibrations of energy – sound?   Who wants to argue over the meaning of words?

Who imagines that reality can be found in the transient appearance of words, psychological constructions, philosophy or religion?

Many get hung up on ‘standard interpretations’ of old texts.   Just because a hundred million people believe in a dogma does not make it reality.  A belief is never the actuality.  A word is never the thing it is ‘put upon’.  Group psychology is never clear and simple and it is never representing reality in the slightest way.  There is almost always someone with a seeming authority in all groups of religion, spiritual or political gatherings.  Often these ‘specimens’ behave as if they are special beings on a ‘higher level’ and therefore according to their secret beliefs, they are beyond being questioned about anything.  Examples of extreme behavior by one such ‘teacher’ have come to light recently after 25 years of abuse and extreme psychological punishment of his followers.  It all goes on because the ‘teacher’ believes that he has to break the ego of his followers.  His own ego is the only thing that needs to be crushed.   Of course the ego does not exist but such clarity must be avoided at all cost, if you are building a spiritual empire.  In the scheme of things, extremely disturbed individuals and social misfits love to have power over others.   Secretly they believe they are very, very special.  Some even say that God speaks to them, tells them what to do.   History is full of many such ‘special people’ and the misery they inflict upon others in the name of truth is outrageous.

Some special ‘teachers’ because they are full of self doubt, say, without even noticing how ridiculous such a claim is, that they were given special and deliberate permission to speak or teach by their guru or teacher.  To fall under such a delusion indicates an ignorance of nature, of life itself.  Breathing happens without getting permission.  Talking happens without getting permission (unless you are a child in a classroom). A lion roars spontaneously.  A monkey leaps from one tree to another with spontaneous ease.  A bird sings without psychological suffering or asking for permission.  Everything is happening spontaneously in Nature.  No animal in nature needs permission to scratch itself. Apart from the usual animal behavior where the alpha male and alpha female influence the larger group, no permission is necessary.  Even that behavior is spontaneously unfolding according to nature.  We put our concepts onto everything and believe it is real.

Words come out of your mouth and disappear.  It all flows spontaneously if it is left without interference by the image of self (me).  When you start speaking a sentence, you may have no idea how the sentence will end or of which words will be in the sentence, until it is uttered.  Even then, if asked, you might not be able to recall all the words of a sentence accurately.  Yet you insist that you are the thinker, the doer and the believer.  What a fiction it all is!

Human beings believe all sorts of ‘stuff’ and none of it has any basis in reality.  It is all conceptual.

Few can tell the difference between the function of seeing and perception.   Few even notice that the seeing is wordless.  We are so used to a narration of words and labels, we have come to believe that the translation of the naked seeing-knowing into words and labels is real.

The natural state has no words at all.  If you try to see everything without words you might notice how strong the habit appears to be.  It has no strength at all.  Belief in being a separate entity causes the habit to appear to be very strong.

Habits can be broken.

The wakefulness is silent and wordless, clear and empty of content.  The content appears and disappears without affecting the wakefulness.

When one is directed to find that which does not change, one may discover that this wakefulness is (an aspect of) that unchanging reality of what is.

The error that so many make is to project onto that unchanging nature, a personal agenda, story of me or some other conceptual construct.

The mind may well say ‘It is too difficult’.   It is not difficult.  Belief in ‘me’ is the cause of all your problems.  Why you don’t investigate it is a mystery, to say the least.

The mind is me.  The mind is time.  The mind is the appearance.

The unchanging reality is no thing.

So long as you take yourself to be a thing searching for reality, reality will recede from your grasp just as the horizon recedes as you approach it.

Now you have read this post, reality is still as it is.


  1. ‘People’ behave like sheep. They follow a leader. They leave it all up to the leader to tell them what is what. If you do not question everything and discover for yourself what is what, then you best learn how to bleat loudly, because there will come a time when the leader leaves you high and dry or stuck in a crevice.

  2. Some say ‘I have investigated the me and I have seen that it does not exist’, then they keep asking questions from the perspective of being the me! All questions of the me cease when the belief in me is seen through. There is NO use in pretending or trying to impress others about this. Spiritual pretenders are the most annoying folk to spend any time with. It is like being with someone who is in a dream state. They can’t hear anything and all they are interested in is what impression they have of themselves about themselves – especially about how genuine they are. Bollocks!

  3. If I could only insert some spiritual BS for the mind to get hooked on this website would have some ‘influence’. As it is, no one wants to know because no one really wants to give up their faith in a load of erroneous beliefs. It is all illusions of mind. Maya. There never was a separate individual anywhere. Liberation is not for a believed in entity. It is the natural state, clear and open, where no concept can abide except as a fleeting appearance, with no substance whatsoever!