The un-think-able

I am That

Wakefulness is never a ‘person’
The person is a dream character

The innate knowing, the indisputable fact of being, ‘I am’, is not relative to apparent phenomena. 

The knowing, the naked ‘I am’ (being-ness), does not need anything added to it.  Nothing can be added to that and nothing can be taken away from that.  This knowing is an activity, not a static acquisition, not a result or product of the intellect.  Thoughts about this activity of knowing are thoughts appearing in or on the activity of knowing.  The naked cognition, upon which all information registers, is like a substratum… or one can point to it with simple words and call it the original ‘state’ of everything. 

The knowing being pointed to, is not the ‘known’ nor the ‘knower’.  The knowing is an activity happening presently.  Not the ‘will be known’. Not the ‘has been known’. (It is) the immediate, unmediated know-ing.  The apparent acquisition of knowledge (for any individual) is relative to a reference point, I or me, the apparent ‘knower’. All such activity (all phenomena) registers cleanly upon or as the immediate, indiscriminating, impartial, activity of knowing.  No separation. The actuality – prior to any concept, word or meaning – prior to the appearance of the word or thought about something we call ‘immediacy’.

If we give credit to a fabricated point of view (me), we inadvertently enter into a realm of misunderstanding and/or fantasy.  

The reference point ‘me’ has no substance whatsoever.  Even though it may appear to be carrying the weight of the world upon its shoulders, it is not doing anything – it is, without doubt, a complete fiction.

The credit always belongs to that which provides the ground or energy for whatever appears to ‘take place’. No place is taken.  It is all empty.

Space is the ground of everything that appears and whatever appears must also disappear back into the space, from which it appeared to ‘come from‘.  

The spontaneous ‘presence’ is not subjected to the apparent qualities of coming and going, the apparent coming and going, which all phenomena share in ‘the appearance of things’.  Nothing of it is static or can stand alone.

In knowing this thoroughly uncomplicated simplicity one can perceive why concepts about purifying the body-mind are based upon identifying oneself as something one is not, and that is nothing less than misunderstanding. Once seen through the innate intelligence spontaneously appears, when required, as a wordless directive (intent) ‘don’t go there’.  In this manner the habit is broken.

Things appear to be. Things appear to be separate.  In essence they are all an expression of one undivided energy. Spontaneous phenomena is perfect just as it is!  The mind translates events and experiences according to the learned language and its precepts.  Without the energy of belief, concepts about an independent entity acquiring or losing something vanish by themselves.

How is this known?

How is it not known?

Everything that you may claim to know (or not know) is preceded by the activity of knowing and THAT is the primary energy (motion) of all apparent things, states of mind, knowledge of every kind and the natural wakefulness shared by all.

To place any theoretical limitations upon this natural and spontaneous being-ness, is to bind oneself, via the fixation ‘me’ into an illusion of ‘becoming’.  There is no actuality to any kind of becoming.

There is only Being. 

If it is still too complicated for you…..just recognise that everything is energy. Find the immediacy of  being, be the flow….. and be nothing other than that.  The activity of knowing (cognising is that).  Let any ideas about identity go, let the fixations on or about ‘things’ go, let it all merge into the flow of the immediacy.  Energy.  No separation.  Even if only for a few moments….let it flow all by itself.  Insights will come up.  Life itself is the resonance of being.  Reality is not something ‘out there somewhere’.  Thoughts and beliefs have no being – their apparent flowing nature is due to the livingness, is the energy.  All things come and go.  Thoughts are like leaves floating down the river of life.  No need to fixate upon them.

Note: Many of these ‘points’ shared above were pointed out to me (and others) by Bob Adamson, often using different words.  I have seen the truth of it directly for myself, so my words are not empty rhetoric. In fact no one could convince me that the essence of what is pointed to is wrong.  The words may be clumsy for some but the message is there.   All of the practices and methods used by me over many years amounted to nothing. The only use of meditation is to quieten an over-active intellect.  The meditator is a dream character! Discovering the impotency of practices was clearly recognised and still is… their hidden message of it all is: Nothing to do, nowhere to go, nothing to get.  No one believes it but the actual message is not about belief.

  1. In seeing how easy it is to recognise, one understands why it appears to be so difficult to recognise.
    Belief is an obstacle with NO foundation in reality.
    All mental constructs are ephemeral appearances in mind. No one can find a mind. No one can grasp any mind content. You cannot grasp a reflection in a mirror. The reflections in a mirror do not ‘do anything’….they do not have any volition or cause and cannot stand outside of the mirror. Their apparent cause is the nature of the mirror ‘to reflect’.

  2. With reference to ‘In_the_name_of_your_god’- part 2… Urban Guru Cafe podcast.

    Yes I have to come back to this issue because it has been my guide for the past years.
    “nothing to do, nowhere to go, nothing to get”.
    And above all, as it seems, the mirror analogy.

    Tripping over words… wanting to understand what is said… and then also in a foreign language and never with you in reality having spoken to each other… Gilbert still did his job (via internet).

    ‘I am that’, you say it always but was hard for me to say. (I am that) This is true, of course, so if you only have an intellectual understanding of that, it doesn’t ‘matter’.
    But if the mirror analogy seems to take over….then I go back to your above painting ‘I am That’.

    Of course with immense gratitude.

  3. What is true is always true. Truth or reality is unchanging. What passes over it is transient and without substance.
    Passages in ancient texts resonate across apparent millennia, even when it has been translated several times. How does that happen? Whatever is true…….actually true, is always true. Millions of years of changing phenomena do not alter reality or the resonance of pure being.
    The messenger is just a messenger. When we focus on the messenger (worship the guru) we actually MISS the message.
    Yes, the so called ‘surrender’ is a valid ‘way’ but the identified ‘person’ who wants to surrender is a fixation that prevents the dissolution of the false identity. So the wanting to be free actually keeps one trapped.

    In the apparent scheme of things we are surrounded by paradox. Looking ‘out there’ for an answer trips us up, every time. Looking in will also keep us bound by introspection.

    The actual pure function of ‘seeing’ has no direction to it. The mind adds direction and dimension, words, labels and meaning. We seem to create a maze that is impossible to get out of! We can’t get out of it……because we are not actually in it. It is a dream. The dreamer can’t wake up!

    “When I see that I am nothing, that is wisdom. When I see that I am everything, that is love – and my life flows between these two’ – Nisargadatta

    Everything is energy. Find the immediacy of being, the flow….. and BE nothing other than that.

  4. Inadvertance of mind, I lay in bed alongside my 4 year old son his self-talk is a bundle of gibberish. I presume this is a distraction mechanism resisting the empty space?
    Reality is a solid block of wakefulness, it is said, know the difference between thinking and knowing, not the thought knowing! I ask who wants to know, who is asking the question ? The answer is only ‘knowing’!

    In domestic disagreement the fictional character rises to conflict and hides from conflict, opinions are postulated, heat is felt, hurt is digested and ruminated on. For relief the actuality is sought, (by whom ?). Equilibrium restores itself, nothing can be taken from it and nothing added, empty space is the ground on which reality falls and vanishes. It’s is ridiculous now to pursue thoughts of defender and counter arguments as thought is it’s own stimulator. Who is the observer of this and is it so?

    • Everything is appearance. The observer is a conceptual reference point, transitory. The ‘see-er’ and the ‘seen’ are dualistic ends of the same stick (seeing). The actual functioning is see-ing. The see-er is a pseudo subject, a conceived ideation. The seen is a pseudo object, a conceived ideation. The see-er is not the functioning. The seen is not the functioning. They are transient appearances. The conflict that appears in the experiencing is due to friction between different reference points in mind. Remove belief in those reference points and the conflict dissolves naturally. You do not have to pursue any thoughts. Do not follow thoughts. Let thought come and go. If they are useful intelligence will utilise them without conflict. The wanting to know is an affliction. The actual function is impartial knowing, which is not an entity. There is no ‘I’ that knows anything. Have the courage to be nothing and see what happens.