The true message is like a Thief – it robs you of belief

I will not add something ‘important’ to this natural existence nor add anything to any teaching.

These words are like a thief and a sense of loss may appear spontaneously.

Self importance is obvious and calculating and is always adding something to this no thing-ness, this ‘I am-ness’.


I am that which neither comes nor goes.

The source of all ‘sense of time’ is timeless-ness. The sense of all movement appears upon stillness and stillness is nothing, no thing. This nothing is ‘no thing’ which is that which is the actuality and that is the cognition itself. The energy that appears ‘as everything’ is this cognition, no separation. The ancient seers use the words ‘All Knowing’. Everything appears within the scope of THAT and is THAT.


The so called ‘person’ is desperate to get established as reality but it fails constantly. The ‘person’ is nothing but transient concepts appearing and disappearing. The sense of separation is the fabricated platform where this display of anxiety about identity plays itself out. Normally all this activity remains hidden from the light of pure seeing. Only when one is genuinely wishing to investigate the reality of things, that is when the transparency of all things opens up.


Self-importance is the culprit. It may appear as self-unimpotance….’I am not worthy’ etc. It is a fixation on something that has no substance whatsoever. A cutting insight removes any identification with it. The usual aspirant is adding concepts to the false image of self, almost all the time. It is all unnecessary baggage. No one wants to hear about this. They all want the sacred bullshit that is so readily available…..’at such a reasonable cost’……….What is real is not threatened by the false.

  1. If you wish to add something, go ahead. Simply be conscious of what you think is so important.

  2. “I will not add something ‘important’ to this natural existent nor add anything to any teaching”.

    In doing so and in my case,YOU brilliantly once more YOU open the door…..”the unity of emptiness” referred to Hsing-hsing Ming.
    Heartfelt Gratitude to,yes to whom…
    How beautiful.