The transparent story of me.

In a previous Posting Erin says in the comments: “The Insufferable Me-Me-Me is so thin you can see through it”.

The SEEING contains it all. It is ALL SEEING. Once you see the transparent story of me, the belief in it is on the verge of being thrown over. This ‘period of time’ is vital and brief. What must be seen is that the mind ‘comes back in’ and appears upon THAT which (is) was so clear and so obvious, without thought or mind.

Just like the shining darkness of the universe is the host of all the galaxies, stars, planets and endless play of light and shadows. You are THAT…..the Ever Present Prior-ity.

  1. Of course such information is not on sale at any retreat, satsang of intensive. You cannot BUY it. What you need to have a 100% interest in is….. what is it that obscures the clear and obvious? Be the seeing – nothing but the seeing. The slightest agenda will obscure the view. The identified state of mind (seeking) is why there are billions of seekers and no finders.

  2. The “mind” appears more and more to be akin to a hyper-active kid with a 1970’s viewfinder. It’s either producing clashing images of me, or describing what needs to be done. It can’t decide on a course of action, the best intent for a course of action, or whether any course of action is required. Absolutely useless. You and Bob are dead-to-rights when stating that it just bounces between the opposites. It vibrates faster and faster now, like it can’t keep up (with what I don’t know). I was trying to sort out how to determine which thoughts were trust-worthy today, when it hit me that none of them are. THAT doesn’t require thought. Not a single one. Never did. If I am THAT then how is it that I require them? Feels like taking a leap off a tall building and not knowing if there will be a net at the bottom. “Nothing but the seeing” means “nothing but the seeing.” Thank-you. Doesn’t get any simpler. Everything must go because nothing is required. Anyone want to buy a viewfinder? Going cheap 🙂
    No questions, just “much ado about nothing.”

  3. Caught in a world of two, one the old story of me, and one the new view, where everything appears to be an illusion. There is a transparency to the latter, as though a veil has been lifted and one has xray vision. Its a new world that I’m exploring for perhaps the first time, and its very cool. Thanks

    • There is only one. The world appears to be split due to the ‘seer’ and the ‘seen’. ‘Me and….other than me’. Investigate this apparent twoness and realise the seeing is singular. We have two eyes but the seeing is singular – notice the truth of this fact.