The spacious nature of mind is not noticed.

No one is caught in any pattern of behaviour or ‘matter’.
There is no need to defend any ground or claim any new ground.
Have a look for yourself….and be totally honest about it.
Observe and SEE…..what ground does the next thought stand upon?
What ground does a memory stand upon?
What ground does a present thought stand upon?
It may appear to be very, very subtle…….and it may seem to have qualities like space.
It is THAT which is ever-present, un-changing……..and so very ordinary…… ordinary that it is not noticed.
There are no words for it…….. and furthermore…… it is not an ‘it’.

Eureka! Maybe the first word uttered from its recognition.
Nothing from stored mind, memory can assist. The believed in entity wont help either.
Mind is time…..and the timeless nature of clear and present evidence (awareness itself) is not in any mind.

The habit ‘I am right…and you are wrong’ is not needed in the naked seeing.

The sense of being trapped in thoughts is just a sensation…a sensation of conflict, a conflict of interests.

They are merely reference points that refuse to merge.
Who is in conflict?
Investigate that and be the seeing and be nothing other than this naked seeing-knowing.

HOW can you say that you do not see the obviousness?

  1. How can you say that you do not see the obviousness?

  2. So……Stop beating yourself up over non understanding. The obscurations of mind are actually transient and transparent. All you need is a little persistence, a slightly different perspective. You will not fall apart from the insight. A relief will come. No fanfare, no lightning bolt. Just ordinary, simple seeing…knowing. No one to claim anything.

  3. Dropping things that were never you or yours to begin with…. is a relief to the arising thoughts, no harm for the mind to notice what is naturally going on. Things are fine.
    You deliver this well here.

  4. Such a relief to see that I am that for which I seek. And beautiful beyond the concept of beauty.