The simplicity of what is

What is, is what is.  

The nature of what is remains as it is and yet in the appearance ‘what is’ appears to be ever changing.

In other words what is, is the basis of what appears to be.  What appears to be is what we can describe as ‘appearance’.

A mirage is an appearance of water where there is no actual water.

There appears to be an infinite foray of endless details to the appearance.  Take a microscope and look at the details of cells in a leaf.  Thousands of cells each containing millions of seeming parts and each part plays a role in the life of the cell.  The complexity in one cell is beyond calculation, except in terms of limited descriptions.   We may believe we understand how a leaf’s cells transform light into useable energy for the plant or tree but the miracle of such details is a wonder beyond the intellects capacity.   What kind of intelligence is at play?   

The universe is full of examples of intelligence in action.  Getting lost in details does not bring us closer to understanding completely the what is-ness of what is.  

What is, is not what was or what will be.   What is, is not limited to any time realm.   

As the moments of time ‘appear’ to tick over, all the seeming parts of what we call ‘living things’ and all the parts of inanimate things are unceasingly in movement.   ‘The appearance’ is energy expressed AS the appearance of form.  All the myriad forms are all one energy expressing in the immediacy.   What is, is this immediacy.   What was is dead and gone.  What will be has not happened.   The so-called ‘razors edge’ is beyond dualistic mind.

The entire universe moves upon this immediacy, this razors edge and in reality it is nothing but emptiness.

All the philosophies, religions and teachings are time bound and in essence they are nothing but ‘appearance’, simply patterns amidst the infinite pattern – this one without a second.