The simplest pointers bypass the intellect

The intelligence that is available to all is not a separate thing located in different patterns, things or beings.  Just as all things seen are appearing or registering in the activity of seeing, the intelligence is not located exclusively in the instrument called the intellect.   The telescope is an instrument.  The eye that looks through the telescope is an instrument.  The eye cannot see the eye.  The concept of or about a see-er is a concept.  A concept cannot see.  Can a thought up ‘me’ see?   Who do you think you are?  Can that image of self, ‘me’, see or hear?  

Without doubt, seeing and hearing are happening!  What is remarkable is that it is all so very simple, clear and obvious without concepts getting in the way…. and yet we all fall for concepts and ideas that our parents, our society, our schools tell us.  We never stop to investigate if any of it is true.

What is true is always simple.  Reality does not need the support of any intellectual description or any experience dragged up from memory.

The word Being means, basically, the immediate presence of spontaneous energy, which is appearing as a life form or as a pattern, a thing. Being is not what was a moment ago. Being is not what might be a moment in the so-called future. Being is immediate. Be-ing. Present tense.

Now your own being, if there could ever be any such thing, is not to be found in memory or in imagination of a future time.  Being is now.

The words ‘I am’ express this being-ness and the words appear to be extremely personal. The person is a psychological image, a kind of mask, an interface between what appears to be inner and whatever appears to be outer (the world of things).

Where is the boundary between apparent beings?  Isn’t it the labels that appear to separate things.  It is a conceptual separation.   Can a concept actually separate anything but its own kind?

Could it be possible that there is only one being, one all inclusive being.  Some call it ‘Is-ness’.

The essence of the ‘I am-ness’ is not personal, it is universal being.

The apparent division of inner life and outer life is boundary-less.  Un-imaginably simple. Wordless. Reality is not separated into parts.  There is no separation of reality.  Oneness cannot be divided because it is not even one.  The unicity of wholeness is all inclusive, without boundary, without time, without substance.  Not two.  Not even one.  No label or word has even been found to describe what reality is.  Everything you think it is, it is not. Reality is that which you cannot perceive, touch or sense.  That which you cannot deny with absolute certainty.  The what is-ness is un-manifested, it never appears. Pre-sense. Omni-Presence.

Too simple for words.  If reality could be put into words, everyone would say ‘I know that!’

All apparent separation is conceptual and in appearance only. The mind is dualistic and therefore it cannot rest in one-ness. The mind appears to be in a realm of becoming. When the single cell, the ovum (egg), divides after fertilisation, the integrity of the wholeness remains.  Stars are born and stars die but the (life) energy is ever constant, forever spontaneous.  Some use the word continuum, a non thing, beyond all imagination, beyond all labels and words, concepts, ideas and philosophies.

There is no becoming in Being. Being is. Being is not what will be or what was. The immediacy of ‘present tense’ appears as a razors edge but in reality it is the pervasive nature of Being, which has no centre and no boundary.

Plain words in plain English.  The simplicity is overlooked, why?