The silent pointer beyond words

The harmonious functioning of the wholeness of being is compromised by a fixation with the intellect.  Words are given a value beyond their actual function through belief.  Belief acts as a filter which appears to alter what is actual into a fiction of mind.

For the functioning to reveal its harmonious potentiality it is necessary for all the senses to be open.  The habit of fixating on the intellect, as if it were the primary functioning is the most common error and the cause of a tremendous amount of misunderstanding, conflict and dis-ease.

The available intelligence is dulled down and the limited points of view bring on a display of an apparent endless series of narratives, stories of me and untold numbers of afflictive emotions.

You do not choose your feelings or thoughts.  It is all spontaneous and the belief that ‘I am doing’ something leads to confusion, lack of trust and uneasiness in being.  It is kept in place by the fixation on belief in being a separate entity, the ‘thinker’, the ‘chooser’ and the ‘doer’.  The fact that it is all a fiction does not dawn upon the consciousness, unless it is pointed out – because it is never questioned.

Our attention appears to be turned outwards and the source of our woes, belief in being a ‘me’, is not investigated. Everything registers naturally and we call that natural registering ‘being conscious’.  The consciousness is not limited to ‘thinking about experiences’.

There are umpteen ‘teachers’ offering ‘ways out’ and they are all fictional. They are all addressing themselves to fictional characters (in their own minds).  The foolish ego of the self proclaimed guru knows no limit – it is sheer ignorance on display for all to see.

The bondage of self is a fiction.  Many cures are on offer from self proclaimed ‘enlightened beings’.  It is all content of the dream.

What happens to the dream character when sleep disappears upon awakening?  It vanishes.  It vanishes because it was never real.

The definition of reality is:  That which never changes.

Do you have any inkling of what it is about you that has never changed?

Don’t put any labels on it.  Let the senses be open and notice what is essentially present and yet invisible to the eyes, unheard by the ears and unborn in the mind.

Innately we all know THAT.   Recognising it is potentially present as the actual activity of cognition.

Words fail – yet pointing happens.

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  1. In seeing through the paradox of the apparent seeker, one may laugh so loud that the whole neighbourhood will look up from their fixations to see what all the noise is about. No use! They soon return to their fixations.