The seeker is a fabrication – from nothing.

The spiritual realm is full of pretenders – Nice folk patting each other on the back and telling each other ‘what a wonderful spiritual person you are’ (just like me). Underneath that facade there is the usual competition going on. Lots of gossip and rumours spread around like wild fire. Often there is a teacher at the head, one who is merely pretending to be holier than his flock. He is never challenged about his fabricated persona or if he is then the mob turn on the challenger and they get ousted pretty damn quick.

I did visit various groups, many years ago, once in awhile and it always felt rather sickening to see so much pretending going on – especially sickening because it all flies in the face of what the ‘teaching’ is supposed to be about.

Oft-times there is a bazaar feel to the gatherings because there are umpteen tables with sacred items for sale, bracelets, beads and books, CD’s and glossy ‘sacred’ posed photos of his/her holiness ‘the guru’. All the funds from sales ‘apparently’ going to feed and educate the hungry orphans in some far off land – just to make you feel good – and to clinch the sale.

Well, live and let live is a good motto.

There is an old Chinese saying “Water finds its own level”.

So called ‘people’ find their way to what attracts with them the most. If there is a lot of pretending going on in themselves then they will quite naturally gravitate towards a guru or teacher who, like themselves, is a pretender. There these seekers can find new ways to pretend and so have a better chance to convince ‘others’ about how spiritual they are, etc.

Talking to those devotees is a bit like talking to a talking parrot – it all sounds the same and is meaningless dribble. It is merely imitation and little more. It is a business deal and one pays and pays for the teaching over and over, without ever finding a way out of the guru/devotee bondage. It all comes under the banner of LOVE when it is nothing but bondage of self.

Those who are actually genuine will find their way to a genuine teaching, rare as they may be, they will find it, one way or another.

The Non Duality ‘scene’ is no different to any other group of ‘spiritual folk’. There may be a higher proportion of genuine types, if only because the teaching is too confronting for the average seeker. Still, there is a lot of pretending going on.

The ‘teacher’ does not encourage ‘imitation’ and will challenge anyone who tends to ‘kneel and worship’ him or her as an Idol.

Being challenged is not something to be afraid of. It is a gift. The ‘me’ may not want to be challenged any more than it already is by life in general. With direct pointing there is not much fodder for the ‘me’ to get its regular feed. Those who are steeped in tradition move away quickly. For those who stay and keep missing the directness of the message, it is observable to see the ‘me’ twisting and turning to stay on top and it is a remarkable feat of ingenuity – but useless.

The immense relief that ‘comes’ with the SEEING THROUGH of the ‘me’ can be spoken of by those who know it intimately. The problem is that it is almost entirely theoretical for the seeker – and so it becomes something to conceptualise and so to seek conceptually. Useless.

The problem is that the mind cannot fabricate the relief of being free of the ‘me’. No matter how much the mind ruminates about it all, the fact is that the mind IS the me – the mind IS time. – KNOWING is not in the mind. The mind appears in the KNOWING.

Some believe that I, the writer of these notes, am far to confronting at times. But I can tell you this: Being lovey dovey and talking about love all the time is useless. Being swooned into fabricated states of mind is nothing but hypnosis. Chanting songs for hours is all nice and pleasant but it will only cut through the habits of mind as a temporary state of affairs – because although the psyche is quietened during the singing, it pops back up more or less straight away when the singing is over. Same with Vipashna meditation retreats. Suppression does not achieve anything. Often negative outbursts follows ten-day retreat – I have heard many accounts of it.

The mind must be understood – not herded into a corner and trained like a monkey.

Those who pretend to know and teach cannot only teach that pretending to know – and they are a damn pest (in the appearance of things). If it really worked the world would be full of the results of that activity – but it doesn’t work. The world even seems to get worse and many aspirants are secretly frustrated and that frustration keeps bursting out – then they blame themselves – “I am not worthy” etc.

Non Duality. One appearance – the appearance of many where there is only one.

The answer is NOT in the appearance (mind) – it is not anywhere in the appearance.

The ANSWER – IS nothing other than the Essence of what you are.

Yes, I know, everyone is THAT. Even those pretentious gurus are THAT. And the words uttered by them may even deliver a message – but it is not by their DOING. It is not by their intention.

An image is an image.

The Essence of what you are is not an image – it cannot be weighed or touched in any way by matter.

No form can hold it or harm it.

No challenge by anyone or anything can damage it.

As the ancient pointer says:

The sword can’t cut it – the wind can’t dry it – the water can’t drown it and the fire can’t burn it.

The birth-less, deathless spirit is free as it always IS.

That ‘you’ that you may believe that you are will NEVER become the free spirit. All it can do is fade away and in doing so, that which was always free, reveals itself – because the obscuration has vanished.

Any challenge to the fabricated self is VALID – and it is a gift.

Like it or lump it – there is no way around the bite of reality.

Are you pretending to be what you are not?

BE what you ARE – it is effortless.

Answer to the first comment: Responses happen naturally. Ruminating for hours and ‘getting down’ about it all is unnecessary. Anything can happen and any generalizations must be merely postulations. Nothing changes and everything changes. I would simply say that nothing sticks any more. Transient state may appear and they all disappear – usually quite quickly. Once upon a ‘time’ negative states would hang around for days.

That certainly does not happen here.

There appears to be a certain knack ‘here’ for pissing off almost anyone.

Amongst the few I know who are what we call ‘realized’ there is a ‘deep’ sense of non-attachment that is obviously present. I have witnessed seeming flare-ups of apparent dark ‘anger’ and within minutes the SKY (awareness) is clear and cloudless. That cannot be fabricated by the mind. Seeing the same activity on oneself is common yet it is never made into a big deal.