‘Who am I?’ Who is asking?

Nefratiti A

‘I’ is  a word.  Belief in ‘I’ as something solid and real is self-centredness.

Who am I?   The apparent ‘great question’, held in high regard in spirituality.   It may seem like a profound question to ask oneself but is it?

Who is asking the question, if not you (who you think you are), then who? Who will answer, if not you (who you think you are), then who? (or what?)  

Does it have to be spelled out for you?  WHO is it that needs to ask ‘Who am I?’  Are you more than one presence?  Is this presence divided up into two or more parts, one that pretends not to know (and so needs to asks the question) and one that knows some kind of answer?   Yet it is not uncommon for individuals to spend decades asking that very question ‘Who am I?’.  Who expects an answer?  From where is it expected to come from, one can only imagine.   Imagination is a key feature of ruminating on identity.

Who is asking the question?  You do not have to be a genius to work it out! A simple, uncomplicated, individual can understand without any difficulty that the question is an unnecessary paradox.  A mind game with no answer. The silence that is so obviously lingering after the question is posed is ignored, unimportant to their intellectual pursuit.  

‘What am I?’…. is a clearer question.

The immediate living knowledge of ‘I’ is or represents this immediacy of know-ing.  No separation.   Not memory, what was.  Not from any future time, what will be.   Not imagination, imaging in the mind.  Knowing what is right now, without an interim or agent.

In terms of ‘identity’, you have been the same since childhood.  It is elusive when we try to put labels upon it but it is the same.

Self-knowing, naked awareness.  

That is not an entity!  ‘I’, ‘you’, ‘me’ as well as any conceived ‘who’ are mere labels, fictional add ons to the naked knowing.  Nothing sticks!

This knowing is happening prior to whatever the mind adds to it.

Not what was or what will be.  What is!  The actuality!   

Experiencing is actually uninterrupted seeing-knowing.

Self-centredness is the cause of all psychological suffering.  

Why do you get so upset?  Isn’t it because it ‘matters to me’!  Me, me, me.  Without the me, it does not ‘matter’.  ‘I don’t mind!’   Afflictive emotions are always attached to a believed in entity.  Without that belief, the emotions have nowhere to form into the apparent darkness of personal isolation.

It is the ’cause’ of all the conflict in the world.

Denial of the actual cause of the conflict is what keeps the conflict in place. Intelligence transcends that which it appears as.  Intelligence is not a god. Whatever you conceive intelligence to be, it is prior to that conception.         No concept can appear without the intelligence energy because it is the intelligence energy (expressing).  No separation.

The expression of this immediacy, of wholeness, of this totality, of pure being, is perfect.  It cannot be otherwise, in essence.  Only the biased mind, distorted by personal beliefs, conceives of imperfection and so it suffers unnecessarily through its own imagined realm of inner conflict and conceptual separation from the living intelligence that expresses it.  There is only ever this immediacy.  Mind is time and time is an illusion.  You cannot get out of the present immediacy of life.

  1. Nowhere to go. Nothing to get. Just this, That-ness, as it is.

  2. Dear Gilbert,
    Being exhausted by ‘Who Am I exercise’ question is
    corrected after a long time.
    Poor separate entity keeps waiting for satisfactory end.
    Arguments frustration confusion never stop.
    Entity comes to the door, returns, finding
    locked and involve in daily routine.
    Ego dissolves, imagination stops, at some point.
    Snake recognised as not snake but a rope.
    When belief returns to person and everything
    is lost except some unclear rememberence.
    Holding thought as reminder.
    There is only activity of seeing knowing which is
    non-conceptual activity.
    There is no entity to seeing, knowing.
    Thank you for standing firm with rocksolid reality.

    • Poor separate entity is time bound. It appears as ‘someone waiting’ to ‘become’ something other than what it is. It is thought only. Mind is time. All content of mind is time bound. The conceived is concepts forming out of nothing. Believing in the thoughts as if they are real and have the possibility of becoming something permanent is clearly an error. Observe the mind and notice that every thought comes and goes. No thought is glued in the mind. Nothing sticks to mind just as no cloud is stuck to the sky. The clarity of sky is not altered by the content of sky. Sky has no boundary. The entire universe is an appearance in sky. The sky does not need to become something. The sky is the vehicle of all things. The luminosity of sky is not compromised by the content. The shimmering darkness of the moonless night sky is self-evident. In primitive man that luminosity induced ideas of a god. Reductive thinking. Identified notions reduce the luminosity into a concept that the mind can grasp. Then the concept is worshiped as the luminosity is forgotten! Left with mere concepts, the identified consciousness (man) feels separate, separation created by the mind, not by the luminosity!
      Every particle of this universe is suspended in the emptiness of sky. Every subatomic particle dances upon the emptiness. It is all energy appearing as form, elemental space, time, distance, volume.
      The limited capacity of our eyes and the mind processing is reductive. We add imaginary things to fill in the gaps where understanding is inadequate. No one can see directly subatomic particles. We see surfaces, light reflecting upon apparent surfaces. We cannot see things. Images register and the mind translate the images, names them and believes the things are understood. We may witness vapour form into clouds. Do rainbows exist? Is a rainbow in a particular place in the sky?
      Two observers standing next to each other do not see the same rainbow. Fact or fiction?

      The instruments of cognition are composed of subatomic particles just like whatever is observed. A fish does not see water. The fish is 80% water. You cannot see the back of your head or between your shoulder blades. You can sense those areas. We have an image of our own body but the image is not accurate. You cannot see into the gut or the head. The eye cannot see the eye. In the imagined realm of our ignorance we assume through the believed in concepts that we can find in those concepts what is real about ourselves. We identify with body and mind (mind content). The need to try and find what is real about ourselves arises in or with the erroneous conception of being something separate. It is doomed to fail. You cannot arrive at a place that you never left. The journey of the believed in soul is a fiction. The parable of the prodigal son is symbolic of the joy of natural integration. Father and son, unicity, something to celebrate! The disgruntled brother, ‘me’ (identified mind) is a miserable creature, unable to celebrate or integrate with the essence of spontaneous life. The false can never become real. That is simple to understand. Fixations in being separate will resolve themselves if the thinking is paused.
      Revelation number one: You do not have to follow thoughts.
      In believing in thoughts, the mind (me) is led away into realms of hopes betrayed, misery, despair and a sense of ‘I may never get back home’ and it is all due to the false witness….the narrative of mind. Mind content has no substance. Some folk talk about themselves endlessly. The endless stories about ‘me’ are a tedious and wearisome affair. Our own story fascinates ‘me’. It probably bores everyone else but we don’t see that.