Be totally genuine with yourself. Why not?

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Without a word or label, what are you?   Sensation?  What form does the spirit have, what colour or shape?

The seeker is seeking something that is apparently not present.  If it is not present then is it imaginary?  Is it mere images in the mind?

What is this absurdity of wanting some rumour about an ‘awakening’ while denying the clarity of wakefulness, which is present now?

Commonly a seeker in spiritual circles has heard about a wondrous state or place of enlightenment and goes in search of it.  To do this he/she must ignore the ‘already presence’, the perfection of being, the perfection of his/her own natural state, the true enlightened essence, his/her glassy essence, that which he/she is most assured of.  

(William Shakespeare pointed this out very clearly a few hundred years ago.)

Every cell in your body is suffused with intelligence.  Is intelligence!  Even the cells in your brain are suffused with immaculate intelligence.  This living intelligence is not in a deluded state.  It is the believed in entity, an assumption of identity, a mere belief, without any clear evidence, that is the delusion – it is not real.  

Contempt prior to investigation is the unfortunate (unreal) situation for any identified seeker of truth.  The fabricated situation itself is a delusion of mind.

Why ignore what is most clearly self-evident?  Who is it that ignores reality?

Why run off with insubstantial beliefs and try to build a castle in the air?

If ‘you’ do not want to investigate the impossible conundrum ‘you’ find yourself in, then forget about asking for help.  The ‘me fixation’ blocks the hearing.  

The first step is to be totally genuine with yourself.  Why not?  


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  1. The promises made by teachers and gurus get ever more sophisticated. Promises of a more intimate life in relationship. Everyone wants that, right? “Yeah”! is the common response. Want can disguise itself in many ways. The path of wanting is a path of woe, no matter how sophisticated it is adorned and decorated. Naked awareness is non dual. No room for another. All relationship is relative. Relative to. Relative to ‘me’. Over and over spiritual seekers fall into the same pit simply because of contempt prior to investigation. A promise of a better life in the future, IF they can do the practice. All practices are bondage, time bound. Spontaneous Being is timeless and unbound. It is NOT a persona, a person. Spiritual seekers gather together in the name of truth. 99.9% of it is self-centred nonsense. It has nothing to do with truth or reality but they are the last to discover that.

  2. What is necessary is what I call ‘a cutting insight’. Many have insights and then they imagine that they acquired something, they even consider that they ‘got it’. Once this is indulged in, the image of self is enhanced and ideas about being someone special is the common indulgence. They ruminate over their insight and regurgitate it like a child obsessed with a toy, adding new concepts to that fabricated image of self. It seems everyone does this automatically. 99.9% of the world’s population are coming from a belief in a self-centre. It does not dawn on them that it is all conceptual and make believe. Some confident ego types will take on the (imagined) role of being a teacher and they pontificate, to anyone willing to listen, about the nature of reality. They wallow in the attention they get and see an opportunity to make a living from their ‘specialness’. A private and desperate ‘cover up’ of their inevitable insecurity, they do their best to impress others of their ‘enlightened state’ through implications and inference. It is all nonsense but they don’t openly see it, even though it must be known underneath the mask.
    A cutting insight removes all identification and all need to reinstate the ego in any way whatsoever. To speak about this and name it is a potential problem…..because the seeker objectifies the suggestion of a ‘cutting insight’ as something new to seek and wait for. The spontaneous nature of all phenomena is a direct unswerving introduction to in-seeing, prior to the mind’s translation. The hyper-active mind translation smothers, without compassion, all opportunities to notice the innate perfection, the ever-present, non-conceptual, original nature, of awareness.
    The immaculate conception is conceptual, the conception of being a separate individual. Me! A complete fiction but who would suspect it? No one.
    Staying with this spontaneous livingness, consciously, is the discovery of this ever-present stream of seeing-knowing. The immaculate being-ness (I am). ‘I am’, the truth, the life and the way.
    Pretending, through the intellect, to know intellectually what you do not actually know is foolish but very common amongst (so-called) ‘members of the spiritual circle’. Try and think of a ‘spiritual person’ that you know, who is not displaying the ‘I am special’ trait? No one!
    One does not make any new friends by pointing this out but if only one unfortunate or fortunate seeker sees through the facade of spirituality, it is a ‘good thing’. Who will argue over this?

    Speaking in a very ordinary way, I would add that there are many ‘spiritual aspirants’ who are quite genuine. There are a lot more who are contriving self-centred ‘spiritual persons’ who will never cut through their own B.S. because they are so invested in the ego, which is a fiction. They are the loudest to argue or get offended. Such is life.

  3. Dear Gilbert
    Staying with this spontaneous livingness, consciously, is the discovery of this ever-present stream of seeing-knowing. The immaculate being-ness (I am). ‘I am’, the truth, the life and the way.
    Highlight words with seeing.
    Seekers question.
    What is it that understands? Words or (knowing) space?
    Why is it seen that ( I say) whenever words don’t appear understanding of specific thing is not complete. Mere space is not sufficient.
    Why is there so much force to words to appear?
    Why spontaneity is not capable to keep force of words to stop?
    That is my confusion.
    You say awareness is self-aware without words prior to any appearance.
    When I see I find words are most necessary thing without which space is incomplete.
    Pls correct me if something wrong.
    I think this will solve my last problem.
    Thank you.

    • So many questions. I will answer one by one but it is important to notice how the mind keeps finding new questions. You have to put yourself on the spot. A Skype call can put an end to it. The belief in me must be cornered with no escape. Then the clarity of ‘what is’ can shine.
      You say: “Seekers question”. Seeker is a believed in entity that has no power to do anything. It is an image only. Questions appear spontaneously because of conflict in the mind. One idea or image does not fit with another idea or image.
      “What is it that understands? Words or (knowing) space?” Mind understands when the conflict resolves itself. Mind is thought, image feeling and memory. Disease of mind is conflict. Dis-ease.
      “Why is it seen that ( I say) whenever words don’t appear understanding of specific thing is not complete”. There are no specific things in reality. “Mere space is not sufficient”. Space is the fundamental ground of all that appears and disappears. All apparent things are suspended in space. Large or small makes no difference.
      “Why is there so much force to words to appear?” You imagine a force. Everything spontaneously appears and disappears. The mind displays ‘reason’, which is words, labels and definitions. The word, label or definition is not the thing.
      “Why spontaneity is not capable to keep force of words to stop?” The mind is a vibration. You can pause the thought for a short time only. In that pause the essence of knowing is alone. You must recognise it as your own essence. Nameless, formless, not a thing.
      “That is my confusion”. Investigate the me (my confusion) and see that it is thought and image from the past.
      “You say awareness is self-aware without words prior to any appearance”. Without awareness, what can be known? Some call is ‘space-like awareness’ – no centre and no boundary.
      “When I see, I find words are most necessary thing without which space is incomplete”. The mind wants to insert some special meaning and it fails. There is no answer in the mind. Mind will just go on and on adding concepts to the original non-conceptual awareness.

      “I think this will solve my last problem”. In essence you do not have a problem. Because you perceive and believe there is a problem, then ‘you’ as a believed in entity have a problem. What happens if you say “I don’t mind”..?
      In our language we say sometimes “Oh, never mind” or “I don’t mind”. Whatever arises, leave it as it is. It will resolve itself just as nature resolves itself. Nature does not have a reference point or self centre. You are not separate from nature. Through belief in ‘reason’ we make problems for ourselves and we think we can do better than the gift of our intuitive nature.

  4. This comment (my comment) has been removed (by me) due to it being too confronting.

  5. Dear Gilbert
    You are dearer to ‘me’
    Dearest thing is the essence laying in groundless
    ground where I can not find.
    I saw belief regained by thought ( I want to know)
    and I was overjoyed because I am in hurry to die.
    Physical sucide may not solve the problems
    but may create much more.So I try mental sucide.
    As you say noone can do it you have to preapare
    material of cremation.
    and also you can pause thought for short time only
    in that pause essence of knowing is alone.
    Recognise that.
    Ok recognised.
    Now visitors are coming with problems and ask that
    spontenious pause (Gilbert) to take care of
    their problems.Spontenity keeps quite and questioner
    is disappointed.
    My take is aways to stay with spontenity but
    questioner doubts in the ability of spontenity.
    as it keeps quiet.
    How come spotenity keep quiet when thirst is
    genuine . It must offer water.
    I saw Gilbert’s intelligence quenching thirst.
    Where all the rest socalled lack sufficient energy.
    Confidence is such a energy which comes from
    realisation of truth.
    Unfortunately my confidence in I dependant on
    assumptions and beliefs probably made by
    society and culture.
    Ok I am in hurry to die so I will collect some
    suicidal material from other posts.
    Sorry for overacting but let the expression be
    Thank you.
    And yes attending pause when questioner finishes
    his energy and exhausted. Returning happens.
    Thanks seeing knowing is still their may be awaiting

    • Ajuna is worried before the battle and gets down out of the chariot.
      Krishna assures Ajuna. Paraphrasing: “Do not be concerned…for as the Lord Of Time, I have already….”..etc etc. You know the rest.
      Do not take anything in my posts personally.
      Everyone misses the point by taking everything personally.
      If you hear an owl hooting in the night, you don’t take it personally.
      It maybe impossible to believe that all sounds are impersonal sounds. But then, a belief is never the actual.

  6. Words, words, words. Always adding words. To what? The inexplicable?
    What substance does a concept or a word have?
    What substance does a belief have?

    Many believe that words have power.
    Is it true?

  7. Dear Gilbert
    All the question are already answered very well
    as I go through your posts I find all answers
    those arise most frequently.
    I don’t want to repeate them now.
    I know now that central believed in entity is this
    one now commenting assuming that it is
    presenting words of interesting pointers and
    expecting something.This very comment
    is expanded version of hidden belief in me.
    If I understand well.
    Awaiting to see you and hear words of intelligence
    through the body of Gilbert.
    When would be suitable for and.
    I will collect information of how to use skype
    tomorrow morning so that there won’t be
    Thank you for considering this nonsence nonobjective
    particle worth for it.
    No more addition of words.