The person on a path

The face

How accurate is your self image?

Isn’t it time one investigated the illusion of ‘the spiritual path’?

You are not what you think you are.
If you are not what you think you are, who or what are you?

There is no answer in the mind.  Why are you looking there?

In the secret chambers of your imagination, you probably measure yourself against certain ‘ideal ways of being’. Do you ever measure up to any of them?  Where are you measuring such things from?  Who is measuring what?

Is there a static point of perfection, which you can use as an instrument, ‘a measure’, outside of imagination?  Or anywhere in the mind?  

Is the image of self static, unchanging?   Investigate.  You will notice that it is an image that has no formal stability.  It is changing constantly.  If it is changing constantly, what can it truly re-present?

I am not in the business of fleecing seekers of their attention or their money.  I don’t give a hoot about what anyone thinks about me.  The majority of so-called ‘seekers’, and history supports it, do not attain their goal.  The  attitudes of most ‘spiritual seekers’ is secretly focused on ‘me’ and that self-centred activity prevents any clear insight from taking place for them.  

Being locked into a thoroughly engaging realm of belief in spiritual imagination consumes their (already dispersed) attention.  It is never questioned.  It is all a fiction.  

We all might enjoy reading a book of fiction.   We know it is fiction.   That is what is so enjoyable about it. In contrast to ordinary life, a fiction can be very enthralling.  But we know it is a fiction!

When it comes to our secret fiction about ‘my progress’ on the spiritual path, it seems we think it is somehow real.  We want it to be real.  We are attracted to anyone who validates this fiction.  Most spiritual teachers and gurus are adept at supporting the fiction and they do it very well.  It makes us feel good about ourselves. However, the mind is dualistic and everything vibrates into its opposite, in the mind.  That is just how the mind operates.  Good things don’t stay.  Good things turn into bad things or so it seems.  In relationship we blame the ‘other’ or if that doesn’t work, we blame ourselves.  ‘I am a bad person’ and we all know where that leads.

You are not a ‘person’.  The person is not reality.  Persona means mask.     I have never ever seen a mask that can get up and walk away on its own.   A mask is an image.  An image cannot ‘do’ anything.

The masquerade of ‘people’ is a realm of drama, conflict, self-protection and attack and defence.   It is all a fiction.

The spontaneous nature of life itself accommodates everything and IS everything without exception.  There is no entity in this spontaneous livingness.  There is no entity directing you to take the next breath. Breathing happens spontaneously.  The tongue moves and sound is formed into words when we speak.  Is there a ‘you’ directing the muscles of the tongue?  There is no entity directing the tongue.

The sum total of all the sounds of this planet is reduced to a hum.   In the Hindu tradition, the primal vibration of the universe is OM.

We put great emphasis upon our illustrious words but the word is never the thing.  Words are just vibrations, sound, appearing to be either subtle or gross.  Being offended by words reveals some kind of belief in being insulted.  Who is it that is insulted?  Flattery seduces the ego.  Who is flattered by words?

Is the light of awareness ever disturbed by the gross activities of an imaginary ego?

Isn’t it well overdue, to investigated the illusion of being a ‘person’?

  1. Digital drawing ‘The face’ – by Gilbert.

  2. Dear Gilbert
    There is no answer in the mind.
    Why are you looking there?
    Probably Me is dividing itself by knower me
    (keeping someone behind the curtain) so that
    it can see new discovered me.
    One image is pretending as if it can see another
    objective substance as melike.
    But what it sees is that network of thoughts
    including or involving I am (actor) thought and
    what is done (by actor) thoughts.
    All this is seen by action of seeing, which was/is
    not in the form of thinker or other thoughts but
    it was/is present like (the) knowing of phenomena.
    (arising of all thoughts=phenomena)
    (space-like presence=knowing)
    It was/is happening all the time as long as phenomena was/is happening.
    It is why this is said that knowing and phenomena are not separate actions or ‘it is one’.
    This is not like first knowing happened and it took pause for rest and then without knowing, phenomena started to appear.
    Pause the thought and recognise pause for short time. Now count (know) that pause as zero figure present in whole sum of thinking figure.
    All words appeared in this comment box have not been written by actor thought who was/is part of
    Thank you Gilbert.
    You said investigate…. and this is what is outcome as it is.
    If you inspire and correct Seeing may carry on otherwise person will destroy insight if energy of belief is regained.
    Reality does not bend to person.
    Awaiting to see you on skype as your convenience.

    • Seeing is happening, uninterrupted seeing. Thoughts appear and disappear. Thoughts do not alter the seeing. So-called experiencing is translated by the mind into seeming packages that we commonly call ‘experiences’. Insight is a fleeting ‘moment’ of seeing clearly. An insight may rearrange the fabricated belief system (habitual thought patterns) like wind blows leaves on the ground into a new pattern. Neither belief, thought can create anything nor destroy anything. The essence of what you are is beyond the manipulations of mind, ideas or concepts. Insight cannot do anything. It can appear to bring about great changes.
      The investment in the idea of ‘I am the doer’ is rearranged constantly but at no time is it ever real.
      Life is spontaneous. In the scheme of things many ‘people’ live in fear of what will happen next. It is based on belief and it limits the spontaneous nature of natural expression. Nature does not stop and worry about what happened yesterday or about what might happen tomorrow. A storm may rip the countryside apart and then it moves on or dissipates. Nature restores itself. Nature does not regurgitate the past. It does not get all contorted over that storm back in 1968 or 2001 (or whenever). We put extreme limitations upon ourselves through belief in past events and in insubstantial concerns about the future. No one knows what will happen next. With or without you, life goes on. Life is energy. Energy is a movement. Living in fear and punishing ourselves for what apparently happened in the past and with what may or may not happen in the future is the cloud of unknowing, which dulls the senses and keeps us, in the appearance, turning around and around upon a dead spot. The light of awareness is beyond all such activities. The person (apparent matter) is not reality. There are no conditions to obscure reality and so the discovering of fact is naturally and ever potential no matter what belief appears to stand in the way. The naked truth is totally obvious in the naked seeing. The problem is the insistence on being a person. The person cannot see anything. The person cannot see at all. Seeing is happening. ‘You’ as a believed in entity is imaginary. That imaginary character borrows the spontaneous function of seeing-knowing and weaves a story. The story is a fiction. Life is living you and everyone else. Psychological suffering is due to resistance (me). Nature flows on and does not have preferences.

      The environment requires respect:Tampering with nature is a grave error for mankind. Greed and self-centredness are destructive and blindness to facts is the common state of affairs. Every native tribe will have their own words for ‘Shit in the water’. Our tribe is putting a lot of shit in the water. Profits evaporate quickly but clean drinking water is a natural gift which we all need to respect.

  3. I contacted someone who came to see Bob Adamson a year ago, to see how things were with them. Here is the essential part of his reply: “I wasn’t involved in the ‘no duality scene’ before I visited Bob Adamson and I am still not involved in it. It still amazes me that Bob wiped away 25 years of seeking in 25 minutes.”
    Need I add anything more?