The obstacles are the light of consciousness itself.

In the darkness a light appears.

You are drawn in the direction of the light.

You imagine, through conceptualisation, that the light is from some source other than yourself.

As you come closer to the light, everything is revealed as it is.

Then ‘you’ disappear into the light and it is known that what you truly are is the source of the light.

It shines out of your eyes (as it always does) and the seer is known to be nothing but pure seeing.

By this light all obstacles are seen through and it is known that the SAME energy that is the light, is the manifestation (obstacles).

No separation.

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  1. it shines out your eyes as it always does

    yup, right there at the interface of nothing and nothing

    or all and all ,

    depends on if you like your cup half empty or half full