The ‘seeker’ is a non entity

A life time of seeking and all the problems of identity dissolve in one instant of spontaneous openness to what is.

If you ask the question ‘Who am I?’ and let the mind rest upon emptiness……the absence of an ‘answer’ is clear and obvious.  The questioner disappears and naked awareness is self-evident.

The question ‘Who am I?’ is just a pointer.   The value of any pointer is only ever in the recognition of what the pointer is pointing to.

You can only re-cognize something that has already been cognized.   In the case of  ‘Who am I?’ the apparent gap between the questioner and any expectation of an answer dissolves and all that is left is the pure clarity of naked cognition.

Innately we all know – knowing is the basis of existence.   You can say ‘I don’t know’ but to even say that, there has to be ‘knowing’……which expresses itself (in such a case) as a false declaration…’I don’t know’.

How do you KNOW that you don’t KNOW?

Who is asking ‘Who am I?’ if it is not the same ‘who’ who seemingly wants to know?

Many ‘teachers’ carry on about descriptions of ‘energies’ in the body and they talk about ‘love’ as if love was something objective, something that they know about and that they will ‘teach’.  Some of these ‘teachers’ make up elaborate stories with implied meaning that is quite obviously imaginary.  Some invent ‘labels’ like ‘The pain body’.  There is no such thing existing anywhere!  The confused seeker, looking for help, gets none.  Being a fixation on me, the so-called seeker loves such labels like ‘pain body’ because it gives them a conceptual infrastructure to compose new stories about ‘poor poor pitiful me’.  Many teachers and seekers alike talk about unconditional love as if it was something to aspire to.  Contrived mental gymnastics will never ever turn into anything genuine.

The dualistic nature of mind cannot know what love is.   It can only understand love in the pairs of opposites. Some say the opposite of love is hate and some say it is indifference.   Who is right?   None of them!

Love is light and light is energy.  We all love to be and this loving to be is as natural as the sun shining.  When someone loves you, you KNOW it by the ‘love light’ in their eyes. That light may have different subtle shades to it.  A mothers love is different to a lovers love (light in the eyes). Love is love.

No one can teach what they do not know.  Many teach nonsense just because the audience swoons over the utter spiritual bullshit that is popular to those caught up in the dualistic notions of feeling separate.

Separation is a concept.  The sense of separation can disappear with a single insight.  It disappears simply because it is merely a conceived notion, seemingly backed up by years of belief and habits of emotional ‘buying into the story of me’ along with the associated memory sensations that re-appear from the belief (habit).

Energy in the body is energy – always fresh and new.  The movement (energy) appears as sensation.  If you do not add psychological meaning to the energy patterns, they will move on.  If you refer it all to an image of self (me) then that energy will leap into ‘story time’ and a personal problem will appear to take over.   All experiences come and go.  If you let them come and go, insights into their true nature will bring about a true understanding.  

So long as you buy into the ‘story of me’ then that habit pattern will rule you like a dictator.


As Nisargadatta pointed out: “The mind is a good servant – but a bad master”.



  1. Even though it is outlined very clearly, so many miss it. Why is that? Isn’t it because everything is taken in as theoretical information and nothing is tested? There are hundreds of pointers that clearly tell ‘what to do’…..and yet most will say “I understand it intellectually – but it is not my experience”. Okay. Test the pointers and see if they are bullshit or mere theories. Drop all of your preconceived ideas and concepts….and SEE what is left. What you truly are cannot disappear just because the mind is empty. Fear of finding out that all my beliefs are based on contempt is a distasteful ‘idea’ – however it may just be what you are really looking for. Test everything.

  2. Gilbert, I would like to ask you how your revelation – or whatever you wish to call it, of seeing knowing came to you? Surely you haven’t recognized this your whole life . As reading on other beings who have had similar experiences they mostly have had long intense periods searching and suffering before they awakened to truth as they perceive it. What is your story?

    (Gilbert’s insert: There is NO entity. There is NO time. There is no story of me that can ever be true. Spiritual bullshit stories just keep everyone in ‘the bondage of self’….wishing and wanting what someone else SAYS they acquired will HAPPEN to them. No one EVER got anything.)

    • No one ever got anything. There is no separate entity that can get anything or lose anything. Seeing is happening. Hearing is happening. If you insist that ‘something’ must have happened to me, then I can only say that the ‘me’, a habit/idea/image dissolved and the ‘already so’ nature of existence ‘appeared’ to reveal itself. The overwhelming aspect of that so-called ‘insight’ is that even the insight has no substance. There is only seeing. There is only being. There can never be any becoming. Becoming is only appearance and becoming requires ‘memory’ and ‘time’. Awareness is time-less. Time-less MEANS there is no time. Mind is infinite (infinity to the mind is ‘no mind’) – the content of mind (a movement upon awareness) appears AS time. Anyone who says that they are enlightened or that they became enlightened is ‘working for Maya’. There is NO separate entity anywhere! Many say ‘I understand it intellectually but it is not my experience’. Well it will NEVER be an experience and it will never be something that someone can claim. Reality is infinity. Many pointers are offered up but it seems that everyone reads or hears them from a ‘point of view of me’. The habit of referring everything to the image of self is epidemic. If you would only watch the mind, without running off with every thought that appears and without referring it to ME, then some true insight has a chance to ‘point’ to the unadorned seeing-knowing.

  3. If you truly see through the illusions of mind, you will know that almost every teacher is talking bullshit. There are a few who are genuine and who speak from true ‘self-knowledge’ but those so-called ‘teachers’ are never popular. The majority (seekers and teachers alike) want to bolster their self-image and make it a fortress of belief. If I read or listen to any of these popular ‘teachers’ it is very obvious instantly that they are ‘selling concepts’ and belief is the main feature. The ‘person’ is not reality but ‘people’ want to believe in the me fixation and they will spend a fortune trying to fortify their castle in the air. If these masses of seekers could really see the bullshit they are being fed they would walk away from those ‘spiritual sales folk’ without looking back.