The Mountain is just a Hill.

Apparently Mooji is holding meetings near Ramanashram in Tamil Nadu, India. Some 200-250 are drawn there each day.
Anyone who is drawn to that place because of adhoration for the guru is missing the point. New gurus who take advantage of the fact that many make their way to the ashram are nothing but clever salemen or saleswomen. Pilgramages are arranged just like a travel agent would. Pamflets and sales pitches. Promises of enlightenment in a special place at a special time. It is all bunkum.
It is rather pathetic to see how ‘the message’ gets turned into a ‘product’ so easily by self-indulged teachers.
Renz does the same trick. He appears to be an abnoxious individual with a mind bent back on his own ego. His endless jokes play upon English words and to be frank, many if not all of the jokes are extremely bad and reveal a juvenile mind.
So many walk around that famous hill that they call a sacred mountain, full of belief that if they do it correctly they will get enlightened. Bunkum. They also go and sit in the cave near the top of the hill, waiting for ‘something’ to happen to them. Teachers exploit that tourist attraction and tell stories about their experience in the cave.
It is extremely manipulative behavior. Transparent. Devious and cunning. It is all crap.
There are no ‘sacred places’ – there is no transmission.
The thick skin of a seeker is more fragile than a cigarette paper.
Ramana had no guru. He has no lineage. Those who play on some imaginary connection with Ramana are nothing but deluded seekers themselves – putting themselves in a position of authority, so that they can get the advantages.
It is all appearance and it is empty, no matter what is said or done – it is empty.
Non Duality. ALL inclusive.
ONE without a second.
It is the WHOLE that is enlightenment – just AS IT IS.

The mind is appearance – maya – lila – time – perception.
There is nothing in the appearance – it is empty.
You can invest the appearance with all kinds of beliefs but the account is bankrupt. The currency is fraudulent.
You can only exchange the counterfeit currency with other deluded seekers.

No harm done.

P.S. If you are upset about this note and disagree with it – then where is the evidence that what I say is incorrect? In belief? Belief is not the actual. Get real and stop pretending to know things that you do not know and only believe.
If you feel offended by any of these words – then take a good look at who it is that is offended.
Be genuine in the looking. Discover that the ‘me’ is a fiction and then you can stop chasing gurus who pretend to be someone special.