The mind says “Yes but………….”

According to a recent comment on the Urban Guru Cafe, “Ramana Maharshi has said that the mind (thoughts of self) never returns, perhaps he meant return with power…” Not only does it imply a ‘special state’ for the author, Ramana, but it keeps the mind (me) believing that it has not arrived at that state yet. On top of that ‘we’ have many teachers who have a photo of Ramana Maharshi next to them in their meetings and they ‘pretend’ to be in the same ‘state’ – and it is very good business for them. No one ever seems to get free of the worship syndrome and the teachers display all the signs of the ‘In Crowd’ and the ‘pink haze’, as someone once described it, which surrounds the whole ‘scene’ is highly addictive. Those who are genuinely speaking directly do not cultivate these atmospheres of delusion. When you can SEE clearly these ‘scenes’ are more or less the opposite of what they pretend to be. No one seems to want to look at this and that is obviously due to erroneous beliefs. They are all trying to drink water from a mirage.

Of course these kind of simple statements by Ramana and other clear speakers are the apparent cause of so much misunderstanding, only because they are conceived of with a self-center right smack in the middle, which implies “I don’t experience that”. – So, let me put it in very simple terms that anyone can understand. – Do you remember the first time you saw through a mirage of water? – Did a mirage of water ever truly convince you that there was water in it, after you had seen through the mirage? – It may have caught you out for a few seconds a few times maybe.

Today, you do not believe in the mirage of water. – The mirage still appears to be water but you KNOW it isn’t, more or less instantly. – So, it is the same with this ‘thoughts of self’, they may still appear to come and go but you KNOW that there is no ‘self’ that has any substance or independence.

BELIEF is the apparent cause of all these ‘problems’. – Belief in a self-center that is not actually here or there. – All the ‘problems’ that ‘we’ appear to have are due to two sets of two apparently different factors.

Identity and Boundary. – And Perception and Seeing. Seeing, immediacy, belongs to naked Being and Perception belongs to mind, process. – Investigate any of these aspects of being or mind and realize your true nature.

No one can do it for you. – In the instant of a genuine intention to discover what is, a response comes from intelligence and intelligence ‘acts’ – it cuts through the erroneous beliefs and all resistance is put aside. – In one instant the whole matrix of belief is rendered passive. – Why would you ever believe in the ‘me’ again, if it has been seen through? It still appears to be real and the belief that it is real appears in the apparent ‘others’ who still believe a ‘me’ in themselves.

Such is the drama of life. The mind says “Yes BUT……..”

It is the best show in town.

  1. The mind says “Yes BUT……” and the mind also says “BECAUSE……” .
    Funny how it likes to play both roles, question and answer.

    Yes, it is the best show in town but I’m fed up with it now, …aren’t you ?

  2. Quoting Ramana and other spiritual teachers to prove one concept is “true” and another is “false” is the advaita equivalent of Bible-thumping, and is even less constructive. “Ramana” is just another object appearing in consciousness. The non-dual “pointers” can also be latched onto in the same way, taken dogmatically as “true” on a conceptual level, but they seem to have a little more Teflon on them. Seems like people can hold onto some obscure teaching by Ramana or Shankara to their dying breath, though. Authority can be a murderous beast.

  3. “Yes, it is the best show in town but I’m fed up with it now, …aren’t you ?”

    Notice how the “you that is fed up with it” is itself just another arising in seeing/awareness. All appearances are equal, and taking yourself to be any one of these appearances will only lead to suffering. Be honest and open now and you will see that the true YOU could never be fed up, now could it be any other descriptive. It is beyond description. When it is seen all objects cannot be what I am, all are free to come and go as they apparently please. None touch what you are.