The mind is time.

The mind is appearance – it appears as thoughts, concepts, images and memories – and the world also appears.
There is no mind apart from thought, concept, memory or ideas.  We call it ‘content of mind’. There is no actual container.  There is nothing outside of mind and nothing inside of mind (No Thing).  The true nature of mind is clear and empty.  That insight will stop the mind.
When it is said that we must go beyond the mind it refers to a ‘state’ of No Mind and No Mind is No Thing.
Reality is No Thing – the all inclusive embrace of every thing – as that, all is naturally resolving itself – it is the ‘isness’ of  self-knowing presence-awareness.
After an incisive insight one can say without doubt that the mind is clear and empty (no mind).
Anticipation of a future time appears ‘presently’ and only exists in the immediacy of being.
Memory (past) appears ‘presently’ and only exists in the immediacy of being.
The ‘present’ is conceptualized and objectified and appears only in the immediacy of being.  The word is never what it points to.
Anticipation and memory do NOT obscure clear and present awareness.
This immediate cognition (knowing) is all inclusive. Pure cognition is not limited by any appearance.
Time and space do not touch pure cognition (knowing).
This pure cognition expresses itself as the thought ‘I am’.
The words ‘I am’ do not touch the pure cognition.  The words are an expression of that.

The cognition does not depend on the expression ‘I am’ or ‘me’.
The story of me depends on an erroneous belief.

Cognition is knowing. Belief is not naked knowing.

When Nisargadatta says “Stay with the ‘I am-ness’ it does not mean to get hooked on the words.
I would say that it clearly means to BE the sense of presence and to be nothing other than that.
Give every free moment of ‘your time’ to it – and SEE-KNOW what you truly are.

  1. Gilbert I love your direct approach. It cuts through so much bullshit for me. Do you ever give talks in Brisbane?

    • Yes, it cuts through everything. However, very few actually want to listen to such talk. The eyes glaze over once it registers that there is nothing for the ‘me’ in the talk. Frankly I am a bit over ‘seekers’. They simply don’t see that it is the attitude of seeking that is the problem. How could they see – the fabricated ‘me’ has no being, no eyes, no ears. Everything is clear and obvious. Program 64 on the Urban Guru Cafe is an interview with me and everything is expressed clearly in that. The program has not caused any ground breaking news. No one is hailing me as the new saviour. Thank heavens. So few are genuinely interested in this, it is very rare I meet someone who is open to it. A room full of seekers is like a box of apples gone bad. One may be lucky enough to have escaped the stench.

  2. I hear what you are saying, it all there…..Yet people should be knocking down your door…What other message is there, this is absolute gold. Its amazing isn’t ! It is also great to hear it spoken so uncompromisingly in my local accent (I don’t know why that is… but it just feels good) Thanks Gilbert

    • The direct pointing stops folks from knocking down my door. There is nothing to get here. You are already THAT. Why even tap or knock on the door. One may knock now and then and say ‘Hey, thanks for that’. Even that is not necessary. It does happen and the feeling that comes with it is pleasant.
      The crux of it all is simple. It is as simple as having a pain in the guts. Something tells you that there is something ‘wrong’, some action is necessary. What action is necessary? All it is, is….One needs to take a ‘dump’, to put it in a crude way. Once you have relieved the body of that ‘stuff’ there is a beautiful and natural relief. After that…..You may come across others who appear to be in pain, those who need to take a ‘dump’. You can point them in the right direction, if needs be and if they are open to being pointed. Alternately they can dump all the erroneous beliefs right here, right now – on the spot. There is no attachment to what is dumped. Flush it away and forget it.
      Wash up and move on. Simple as that. BUT, very few will believe it is so simple. Who cares?

  3. I would like to say…Thanks Gilbert. Yes! Point taken. In the door knock what I meant was so much not worship or idolatry but gratitude. I find that there are so many so called teachers out there (in the world) who shroud this stuff in so much fluff. ET for one, there are only so many times the disfunction needs to be pointed out.
    As Mr McKenna has pointed to it is often so much “truth talk in the dream state’