The mind cannot divide anything but itself

Everything appears in the seeing.

There is no distinct see-er.

There is only seeing.  There is only knowing.

This ‘knowledge’ cannot be contrived by mind and to put the label ‘knowledge’ onto it is ‘too much’.

The apparent local activity of seeing, seemingly forms a conceptual ‘see-er’ (me or self-centre) but that apparent see-er cannot ‘see’ – it is a concept. How can a concept see?

Non Duality means ‘One without a second’.   Not two.   All of our labels (millions of them) imply multiplicity.  The essence of the word is vibration (sound).  The entire universe is One Vibration, One Whole, One Totality.  To believe that the mind can divide that One-ness in any way shape or form is nothing but an erroneous belief.

Science and religion, in the scheme of things, set themselves apart from each other.  One apparently depends on belief and faith and the other depends on observation and theorized ‘facts’.  Religion appears to be changing according to social pressures.  Attendance at ‘church’ has dropped over the last few decades.  A religious zealot shows all the signs of being a part of a closed system.  The universe is an open system.  There is nothing lost or gained in the universe. Religion postulates a ‘future time’ when everything will be perfect…..IF you do the right thing!   IF is the ‘biggest’ word in the English language!

The core issue in religion and in science is the apparent identified ‘individual’.   The tormented soul in one and the observer in the other.  But WHO is the entity?   If reality is One without a second, WHO is this apparent separate entity?

Investigate. There cannot be a see-er that can see (or not see) without the activity of seeing. There cannot be something seen that can appear without the activity of seeing. So the see-er and the seen are secondary to the seeing.

The ‘hook’ that everyone appears to get hooked on is they don’t include themselves (the identification with body-mind) in the appearance (the seen)…..and so the clear and obvious nature of a cutting insight (immediacy) is obscured.  The body-mind is an appearance of sensations.

Investigate the apparent subject of the sensations and keep investigating until there is no thing left.

  1. It is the oddest thing….no matter how clear things are expressed, the mind will twist it all back into duality. However, if you recognize that the mind is a vibration and that it vibrates in the pairs of opposites, you may recognize that the mind cannot withstand the profundity of the unchanging nature of reality – the peace beyond all understanding. The me fixation goes crazy without its ‘fix’. It is all so simple, so obvious but no one ‘sees it’. By simply dropping the reference point (the me fixation) and by ceasing to alter anything, ‘what is’, the actuality reveals itself naturally.

  2. There will always be resistance from those who teach methods and practices. They will complain and argue. They refuse to recognize the investment they have made into pretending to be a ‘teacher’. Inventing subtle methods for seekers to apply is only a deviation from what is true. There is NO path. If you know the truth, why would you insist on others walking with great diligence upon a conceptual path that has no ground, except in imagination?

  3. “The ‘hook’ that everyone appears to get hooked on is they don’t include themselves (the identification with body-mind) in the appearance (the seen)” … Indeed, Gilbert. This realization dawned recently. The inquiry now is, “what is the evidence that being/seeing is ‘mine’ and is limited to this body-mind perspective?” There was the sense that “I” was inside the body and behind the eyes; and that the world was outside. But now this body-mind is seen as appearing as the world, and I’ve yet to find evidence that being/seeing is located anywhere.