The messenger wants nothing in return

The messenger wants nothing in return.  That is why the messenger has no need to use seductive concepts or fabricated notions like ‘unconditional love’.  Pointing at ‘what is’, without deviation, may appear to be rude or love-less.  Only after seeing through the fixation of me, does the true nature of love reveal itself.  Compassion may appear to be its opposite, viewed from the self-center fixation.

(What follows is partly repeating the closing section from a previous post)

For most, it seems that being with one who knows is good enough.  They believe that something will rub off.   Bollocks!   Imitation is imitation and imagination is imagination. As long as you assign the ‘knowing’ to some seeming entity outside of the illusion of being separate, then the natural in-seeing (knowing) is distorted by erroneous belief and NO amount of belief will deconstruct that ‘wall’.  Decades of ‘servile attitude’ to a guru or teacher amounts to nil.  Nil – Zero – Ziltch!

That niggling sense of ‘all these years of service and I have not changed a bit’ is a ‘pointer’ and one that keeps knocking on ‘your door’ but you don’t want to respond to it…..because you know, to do so, it would be the end of the ‘me’.   Only those who are truly genuine will answer the call (from intelligence).

Passing on this ‘information’ happens spontaneously.  If I expect something in return, I will be disappointed.   The fact is that almost everyone is so self-centered that even when they are offered liberation from the fixation on me, they still fixate on a subtle sense of ‘me’ and so they miss the message……or in some cases, after having a mild insight, they even declare to themselves…. ‘Now I have found the truth’.

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  1. Making a commercial business out of ‘seekers’ is just business disguised as something else. At the root of any transaction of swapping ‘truth’ for financial benefit (beyond reasonable fees) is deceit. Building a spiritual empire is obviously based on BS but no one seems to notice. Accounts of seekers paying a million dollars for attending a retreat is not unheard of. A guarantee of ‘enlightement’ is used to secure the seduction of likely subjects. These events come and go and no one asks for their money back. Why? Because to ask for the money back would be to admit that they failed, that they didn’t get enlightened – and the ego of a seeker will to pay a million dollars for a promise as fictional as ‘personal enlightenment’ is just far too ‘big’ to allow deflation at that ‘depth’. “It is more likely that a camel pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom” – paraphrasing the Bible.