The message is not something new.

Just to show that the message is not new, here is a quote from an ancient text.   It is still as fresh as the day it was written hundreds of years ago.


“Should your mind wander away, do not follow it, whereupon your wandering mind will stop wandering of its own accord.

Should your mind desire to linger somewhere, do not follow it and do not dwell there, whereupon your mind’s questing for a dwelling-place will cease of its own accord.

Thereby you will come to possess a non-dwelling mind – a mind which remains in the state of non-dwelling.

If you are fully aware in yourself of a non-dwelling mind, you will discover that there is just the fact of dwelling, with nothing to dwell upon or not dwell upon.

This full awareness in yourself of a mind dwelling upon nothing is known as having a clear perception of your own mind or, in other words, as having a clear perception of your own nature.

A mind which dwells upon nothing is also called ‘realisation that the nature of all appearances is unreal’.”   – from the 8th Century AD