The luminous emptiness of no mind

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Where did you acquire all the words that you use everyday?  The language you use, where did you acquire that?  Do you use language or does language use you? Does your culture dictate your beliefs? How is meaning ascribed to any particular word and/or its use?  What comes first, word or meaning?

Is your identity relying upon a story, a narrative?  Who is the narrator of the ‘story of me’?   What is present when the narrator is silent?  Upon ‘what’ do all impressions register clearly and precisely before discriminating mind translates and alters those impressions?  Does mind alter the impressions?

What does any ‘word’ represent?   When we say ‘I can’t find the words to describe it’, what is that pointing to?   To the limitations of words?  To the fact that the realm of words is extremely limited?   We all have many sensations and feelings that have no label, no word that represents them exactly.  Approximation seems to be the norm.  Even those sensations that do have words, the words can only represent the sensations in a limited fashion.

Belief in words, as if they have some independent existence, leads to misunderstanding.

Religion, politics, strategy, ideas, concepts, visions, sounds and all that makes an impression upon you is not what you are. Even the idea of ‘witness’ is a concept. The seeming journey of an individual is an apparent continuum of ever-changing phenomena.

Nothing in the realm of phenomena (appearance) stays the same, even for an instant.  Things may appear to be static but on closer examination, changes are appearing to transpire.  Nothing is static in the universe. Everything is composed of energy and energy is movement.  In understanding this clearly, one understands the spontaneous nature of everything. Although one cannot name the original ground of being without borrowing words, the activity of knowing is complete and wordless.  Infinite, spontaneous emptiness, which is full and yet empty.  The pulse between empty and full is called life and as life all things appear and disappear in their turn.  The expressions of life are ever fresh.  

You cannot put your foot in the same river twice.

(To everything – turn, turn, turn, there is a season – turn, turn, turn….and a time to every purpose under heaven. A time to be born, a time to die. A time to plant, a time to reap.
A time to kill, a time to heal. A time to laugh, a time to weep. etc.)

Is it just a dream? Who can answer?

What is it all appearing upon?

Everyone seems to accept ‘It is just a dream’ as if it applies only to everyone else and not to them (me)!  But the ‘me’ is the dream character!

Some claim to be enlightened.  Many claim to be seeking enlightenment. What substance does the character who claims to be enlightened, claims to be seeking enlightenment or simply claims to be awake have?

What is aware of the immediate display of emergent consciousness?  Not some concept!  What is aware?

Awareness itself!

The waking dream (me) is a dynamic display with a running narrative, which is all about ‘me’.  

What are you without the narrative?


Is there an actual centre? Is it merely a psychological loop of self-referencing (me)? What is it appearing upon?  Is the ‘me’ aware or is it just the mind translating with words, all learned in the past?

Take away the past and what is left?

As the Buddha pointed out, there is no self nature in anything. You cannot see or find your ‘self’ as a thing. You cannot see anyone else’s ‘self’ as a thing. Ideas about self appear and disappear.  All ideas, concept, feelings and sensations come and go.

You cannot be something that comes and goes.  That fact alone is enough to undo a life time of misunderstanding.  The simple definition of ‘reality’ is that, which does not change.  

Whatever is real about ‘you’ cannot be some ‘thing’ that can be added to or subtracted from, for that would mean a ‘change’ of some kind.

What everything appears upon is not a thing. Pure Space is what every particle appears to be suspended upon. No words whatsoever can truly describe the original ‘state’ (which is state-less) of all things. That ‘original’ stateless-ness cannot  be different from that, which has not changed since before you were born……before your heart formed and started to beat. For that particular pattern, which you take to be yourself, the mothers heart was a primal pulse that resonated throughout that pattern of pure intelligence. The ‘life pulse’ registers upon that seed of consciousness (consistently) and also before a brain formed, before any thought caught your attention – before there was any apparatus to acknowledge any sense of independence or any impression whatsoever. The livingness, the biological life energy, the raw intelligence, that directed all the orchestration of the formation of that body is still present and acting as the integration, which we call ‘being alive’.

This intelligence (original primal energy) does not changed.  In this moment of infinity, which is always ‘right now’, it is directing all the activities of the known universe and its activity is beyond the limited capacity of any intellect to grasp. Uncaused, without a centre or boundary, ever-presently-prior to any concept of ‘time’, before any idea of being alone or separated from anything.

The clearest and most obvious, is the most hidden for the identified mask, or person.
Just as water is invisible to fish, the ground of being is invisible to beings.
The most obvious nature of life is spontaneity.

The believed in conditioning is an apparent ground for the believed in entity. ‘What was’ obscures ‘What is’ but only in mind.

You cannot preempt the spontaneous nature of awareness/consciousness. 

‘Neti neti’ is an apparent method to strip away one’s attachment to ‘things’ and conditions. Few understand its application. Those who have gone beyond identification no longer need the ‘method’. All they can ‘do’ is point others to what they know to be true. You have to go through the nitty gritty. The profundity of it all rubs up against the realm of belief in me and discomfort prevents the adherent from giving up its cyclic patterns of belief in me.  Spending a lifetime trying to escape from a prison that you are not actually in, is madness.  You may have all the blue-print maps of the prison and you may have an elaborate scheme devised for your escape – but it is all useless.  You never were in that prison.  It is a fiction!

This is the actuality, upon which the entire manifestation appears and disappears. Before any concepts of evolution or any concepts about ‘beginning’ or ‘end’.

Pause a thought and recognise the natural state of empty mind, no mind.

  1. No one suspects that the plain, ordinary awareness that they enjoy everyday, without ever thinking about it, could be what they are so desperately seeking.

  2. …and then when notice now the ordinary awareness then
    will things change??
    What are you trying to say. We live the wrong life?
    So many times i just watch without responding to thoughts etc.
    I get tensed by that. It doesn´t feel good, there is an irritating thing..a feel, an emotion.

    Respond on that if you will.


    • Everything is constantly changing.
      We do not live the wrong life. We don’t live a life at all. LIFE lives us.
      The belief in being ‘the doer’ is a resistance to impartial observation. That is the irritation.
      You must investigate the believed in entity, the imagined one who is irritated, or angry, depressed or restless.
      We want life to arrange itself for the benefit of the ‘me’.
      We expect roasted pheasants to fly into our mouths.
      What is not understood, so it seems, by anyone, is that the waking state is occupied by a dreamer and that dreamer, the identified character, the seeker, that character tries to work upon itself and BECOME something better or enlightened. It is never going to happen. Why? Because it is nothing but an image, an idea, a concept.
      The naked wakefulness is present and untouched by the content of wakefulness. This is what the Zen masters attempt to reveal for their followers.
      Don’t just notice this ordinary awareness – BE IT totally!

      It is impossible for a so-called individual to realise. It is the naked experiencing of the absence of an individual (entity) that reveals what the masters are pointing to.
      As long as you take yourself to be a ‘person’, then the way out is closed. In seeing that you are not a person and never were a person, it is realised that there never was a trap. There is no bondage of self. The me is a fiction. A dream. (Maya)
      Yes, I understand that it is frustrating to hear about this kind of direct pointing. There are NO methods and NO practices that can bring about the imagined change that you dream of. We identify ourselves with so many concepts, ideas and things. Be 100% genuine and investigate what you truly are. No harm can come to you through investigating your true nature. There is nothing harmful in your true nature. Negate everything until you come to that which you cannot negate. You may not be able to put any words upon it but there will be a conviction that nothing can remove.

  3. I cannot make you see anything or understand anything. All the spiritual B.S. about transmission is complete nonsense. No one can give away their understanding or share it in reality. There may be a seeming sharing but there is no proof that anything is actually shared, except approximations. There are no words that can describe accurately what I am pointing to in my posts. If I rest in ‘no mind’ and let the understanding ‘fill me up’, all the words are scattered to the horizon. Nothing can be said. What is left is silent and wordless being. Nothing wrong. The natural perfection of all things is clear and obvious. As soon as one attempts to speak of clear understanding it is as though words pile up and get in each others way.
    In essence there are no losers, no seekers, no sufferers, no finders and no winners.
    There is only one essence. It’s nature is self-knowing. It does not require any agents, parts or representatives…..none whatsoever.
    In effect I am talking to myself. Which, in my childhood, it was said to be the first sign of madness – talking to oneself.

  4. Maybe an impossible question but….How can you BE IT totally !!

  5. Totality means All Inclusive. (Being is not a choice) Totality (or Absolute) means that there is no separation. So the question isn’t: ‘How can you be that?…….it is: How can you not be that?

    Ramana Marharshi points out that you don’t have to be miserable or unhappy: “You are the Infinite Being…….then you take yourself to be a limited creature”.…etc (paraphrasing) He decimates all the implications about methods and practices in one paragraph but almost no modern teachers use that quote. Why? Because it overthrows all of their teaching methods and concepts! (Only the first few words of it appear above)

    Nisargadatta says “There are no customers for this knowledge”
    It is not a judgment about seekers. In the clear understanding that there are no entities whatsoever, not even a flicker of an idea about entities sullies the open clarity.

    The word ‘enlightenment’ is a pointer but in effect it turns into it’s opposite, a blockage, simply because the mind imagines what enlightenment is and that is what covers it over like a sheet of lead.

    • The essence of what Bob Adamson points to throughout his books (Transcriptions of meetings) is pointing to our true nature, beyond the limited realms of the intellect. Read the text, not as a ‘seeker’ but as THAT, which is being pointed to. “Start from the fact that you are THAT….and then SEE what comes up, see what seemingly takes you away from THAT” – Bob Adamson.

      Here is the full quote of Ramana Maharshi: “Truly there is no cause for you to be miserable and unhappy. You yourself impose limitations on your true nature of infinite Being and then weep that you are but a finite creature. Then you take up this or that sadhana to transcend the nonexistent limitations. But if your sadhana itself assumes the existence of the limitations, how can it help you to transcend them? Hence I say know that you are really the infinite, pure Being, the Self Absolute. You are always that Self and nothing but that Self. Therefore, you can never be really ignorant of the Self; your ignorance is merely a formal ignorance… Know then that true Knowledge does not create a new Being for you; it only removes your “ignorant ignorance.” Bliss is not added to your nature; it is merely revealed as your true and natural state, eternal and imperishable. The only way to be rid of your grief is to know and be the Self”.

  6. If you were told directly and bluntly that you are nothing, that would be a most excellent pointer.
    If you are offended then the pointer has pin pointed your believed in entity and it may be recognised to be a transient idea or image.
    If you see that you are nothing, then nothing more is required. The game of seeking would cease naturally and be known to have always been nothing but a dream.