The limitations are mere beliefs

Hallo G,  I have had this idea for quite a while that self-realization seems to come to a particular type of mind. Whether it is you or others, you appear as your personality was “wired” for it… an independant temper, self-assurance, sharp minds… And for this reason, only the desire for truth can lead to awakening. Although it is not through intellect, the type of conditioning (more good than bad) is primordial.

I guess my hopelessness comes from that presumption. I am too dissatisfied with myself, too anxious, too badly wired, too self-referencing… What do you think truly ? – M.

Reply: Belief in concepts, as if they were real, is the problem.

You speak of mind as if it were something real.   Can you find the mind?   Show me your mind.

One of the biggest blockers is this common story about ‘awakening is necessary’.   It is a big business venture for those who love to sell ideas.  

The wakefulness cannot be more or less awake.  The moment you open your eyes in the morning, the wakefulness is already there.  All that appears, appears upon that wakefulness.  The entire days ‘experiences’ appear and disappear upon that wakefulness without altering the natural clarity of the wakefulness.  Belief in concepts is where the problem abides.  Investigate.

There are so many pointers offered.

Observe the so-called mind and see how it operates.

The intellect is an expression of the intelligence.  The intellect has no intelligence of its own.

Observe the life energy in the body.  Observe how the body moves and behaves.   The body has no life energy of itself. The body is an expression of the life energy.

The intellect is so closely aligned with the intelligence it has ‘taken on the belief’ that it is the intelligence.

The body is so closely aligned to the life energy that it ‘appears’ that it has an independent life.

Your hopelessness belongs to belief and it is just a bunch of ideas and images about ‘self’.   You compare your ‘self’ with ‘others’ and find your ‘self’ wanting.

Stories about ‘me’ will keep you bound to those stories……because you have come to believe that you are those stories.

All of the pointers are pointing to something beyond the stories.

Do not be harsh upon yourself.   Be warm towards yourself.   Fearlessness belongs to life itself.  If you keep feeding the habit of fear then the stories will keep you busy not facing the naked truth.

No one can do it for you.

My advice is to avoid the popular teachers because they are talking bullshit.  Elaborate spiritual stories will not free anyone.   The truth is always simple.

Keep reading the pointers until something sinks in.   I cannot recommend any teachers at all.   Bob Adamson is the only one I know who is clear and direct.   (watch video linked at end of post) Because he is clear and direct, not many can ‘hear’ what he is pointing out.   Whatever obstacles that present themselves while hearing or reading the pointers, those obstacles are exactly what needs to be investigated and understood (for what they are).

Your email reveals where you are stuck.  Maybe you can’t see where you are stuck but you HAVE to recognize it.

Apparently, I have a reputation of being too blunt and many have an opinion that I am a ‘bad teacher’ (so I hear) but I have never claimed to be a teacher and I see NO reason to beat around the bush when speaking about ‘non-duality’.   If someone asks me for advice, for all I know, it may be the only time they have a chance of seeing what needs to be seen.  Therefore, I do not beat around the bush, I do not tell anyone any spiritual bullshit and I do not ask anyone to believe in some process or future time of deliverance.   The only time there is is now.

Self-realization is happening right now……….it is only the believed in entity that cannot realize its ‘self’.  The identified ‘person’ is a fiction!   It can NEVER realize anything at all, let alone its ‘self’.

Your true essence is already free.  All you need to do is re-cognize that.


(If you still don’t grasp what is being pointed out, watch this video Click Here)

  1. Even the slightest encouragement to believe in a future time of attainment is a lie. Belief is NEVER the actuality. Right now IS the only time that there is. The potentiality in all its fullness is right here, right now. It cannot be anywhere else. So, it is imperative to see clearly whatever it is that obscures this naked wakefulness. It has to be belief in concepts. Re-cognition of one’s true nature is through seeing with naked awareness. All the paths are illusion and whatever path you believe you are on, I can tell you straight off that it is an illusion of mind. Stop and recognize that you are already present and aware. You cannot possibly be something imagined.

  2. Many say that they have an intellectual understanding but lack the direct experience. Understanding is not a transient experience.
    An example comes to mind. I know a few folk who are convinced that they have a clear understanding, yet when they speak about non-duality their tone of voice is highly affected by intellect and a superior stance in mind. Sanctimonious nonsense does not fool anyone, except those who are secret admirers of sanctimonious facades. Getting on a soapbox and lecturing others from an imagined elated point of view is quite common. It is the most absurd thing to witness. Sounding like a Headmaster addressing a class of naughty children is certainly not the way to deliver any worthwhile message. Challenging beliefs is valid and that has its place in the scheme of things. Lecturing the hopeful is only going to isolate the hearer. It is amazing how deluded some can be, once they get familiar with the various concepts about non-duality. It is clearly obvious that they have not heard the message in any clear and precise way. Their grasping personality habits just take the ‘teaching’ and turn it into a load of ‘look how clever I am’……’You should be like me’. Bollocks! Listening to one who is actually clear is in direct contrast to those who are pretending to be clear. If you cannot perceive the difference then ‘God Help you’.

  3. I love the being alone, (but) when I see another person I become startled unsure and lose confidence. Why is the connection felt not to be there when I’m faced with another. This does not happen all the time.
    Since I’ve arrived here I appear to have nothing to say to others and no interest in their stories or them, I find this contrast between feeling one, alone, to feeling hindered, burdened when in company of some others.

    • Alone is the original state. There is no you or me. You and me is duality. The MEANING of non duality is ONE without a second! ‘Everyone’ misses the meaning simply because ‘they’ are coming from a belief in being separate. Only by investigating the ‘me’ is the duality of ‘me and not me’ resolved. No one can ‘do it’ for ‘you’. Once it is seen that there is no me ‘here’ it is automatically seen that there is no me ‘there’ or anywhere. It is indescribable and there is no need to describe it. In the appearance of things….No one wants to know……and that is natural. The non duality ‘scene’ is crammed full of apparent ‘others’ believing that they either ‘got it’ or that they ‘will get it’ in the future. It is all a crock of shite! There are no others. No matter how illustrious these ‘others’ seem to be or how pathetically mislead they appear to be, they do NOT have any substance apart from being an appearance in the One Essence, the Natural Perfection of ‘what is’. As soon as ‘you’ buy into the dualistic stories, that ‘you’ will be confused. Natural confidence is an aspect of the indestructible nature of reality…..One without a second.