The light of seeing is the fire of being

The display of consciousness is the fuel of consciousness. 
Consciousness is eternal.  

The fuel is uniform and appears as equanimity.  Undifferentiated fuel.  

It all burns.  Your experiencing right now is that fire.

The fire is eternal and the immediacy is consumed as the ‘display’ – which is fuel for the next moment. 

The display is forever changing on all scales of being.  The sun is self-shining.  Awareness is self-aware – self-shining.  The light by which you see and know is the fire of consciousness – commonly called ‘being’.  It is not becoming anything.  Spontaneously ever fresh and new.


This beginning-less and endless immediacy is LIFE – just as it is. 
You can’t alter it and the mind is slow – it can NEVER catch up.

Belief in ‘me’ is high maintenance for a believed in entity, which feels vulnerable – it needs support. It is NOT real.

The one who claims any state of being is only an appearance in the display of consciousness, which is completely consumed before the next moment.

Reality needs NO support.

It just IS.


For the intellectuals:  

If everything is the content of consciousness, how can anything be the cause of consciousness?

What can be outside of consciousness?

Isn’t consciousness the eternal potentiality appearing as a spontaneous display with infinite variety?  Can anyone get behind that?   Can anyone go beyond that?

Pure Being: Timeless in nature, it appears ‘as time’ and yet no past is ever created.