The incredible gift of no thing

Bob video

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Watch these videos and let the subtleness of a clear message register without the ‘me fixation’ getting in the way.  Something resonates in the message and that is the innate knowing which is already so, already present as ‘being’ or what is called the natural state.

Click HERE.   (Short clean message… 2 mins)

Watch this and recognize the ‘already existing nature’ of your own innate knowing. Click HERE.  (37.47 mins)

The natural wonder of pure being (before you think about it) is life itself, intelligent life, we call it ‘nature’, the clear and present ‘life essence’ which clearly exist with or without the apparent burden of belief in concepts.  This living moment (life) is truly a wonder of wonders.  Words and concepts can re-present it but they all fall short.  

It is hard to appreciate the natural beauty of life unless you get the me fixation out of the way.  

All the conceptual realms of mind require energy. Nothing can live without energy. Belief in the ‘me’ is a habit and a habit can be broken.  Insights into the fictional nature of the ‘me’ undermines erroneous beliefs, showing that it is not anything real.

(Thanks to Deitrich for filming, editing and for posting these videos)

From 30 something views of the 37 minute video (when first posted on this site) to 677 views to date, today the 17th Jan……there has to be one or two amongst that number who have recognized the essence of the message being pointed out.  How could anyone miss it?

Bob’s website, click HERE   Watch another video….click HERE (2.18)


Bob’s life journey took him into the gutter.  He knows first hand the darkest places where belief in being a separate entity takes you.  Bob was given a second chance and he recognized it, acknowledged it and an unmistakable response from intelligence (life essence) led him gently and gradually (so it seems) out of the darkness of self-centeredness.  Intelligence, as a clear recognition, reveals that there is no separation in reality.

The ‘me’ might kick and scream with resistance…. but ‘in the end’ the beginning-less/endless presence of this ‘natural (knowing) intelligence’ effortlessly overthrows all notions of duality, dissolves all fixations as their fictional ‘ground’ disappears.  

Take advantage of Bob’s ‘advice’ (pointing) because he is not talking bullshit! – Gilbert


The self-less impulse to share the message is remarkable.  No choice.


One line from an ancient Christmas Carol…. ‘Good King Wenceslas’

“Ye who now will bless the poor, shall yourselves find blessing”.

  1. Love it!
    Sailor Bob is simply the best!
    Everything unnecessary completely burned off…
    Thanks for the gift!

    • How can anyone watch the short videos of Bob (recently posted on my website) and not recognize this intrinsic, ever fresh, natural ‘state’ of presence, which has ‘no center’?
      How? If I be so bold and say those who have problems with the simplicity of the clear message are those who are full of spiritual BS. Basically for those who find it hard to follow it is because their mind will not let go of their complex spiritual beliefs.
      Whatever blocks the view is either inadvertence or beliefs and whatever it is can be brought into view and dissolved.
      It is simple and easy. It is not difficult. The me fixation ‘says’ it is all too difficult and that blockage keeps seekers on the time treadmill for ever and ever (in their minds).
      In the scheme of things it is remarkable how clear Bob spontaneously points out the clear and obvious and if one compares it to some of these modern western ‘gurus’ who divide everything up into fabricated philosophical points of view, the difference is like chalk and cheese.
      I know of no one as clear and as direct as Bob – and yet only a very small number of people (10-20) turn up at his meetings, sometimes less. There are over 3 million people in Melbourne city and most are too busy chasing rainbows to find out about true self-knowledge. Yet, be that as it may, some folk fly in from distant places on this globe just to sit and listen and ask questions. Some fortunate ones leave without a care in the world. The burden of psychological suffering is gone.
      I heard something on the TV yesterday about 1 in 3 suffer from depression and the problem is world wide. Psychological depression is ’caused’ by psychological fixations upon an image of self that is not ‘of nature’ – it is a believed in story about a believed in character (me) superimposed onto nature. The more you tell the story to yourself, the more ‘real’ it seems to be. One clear insight can dispense with depression in an instant. Investigating the belief in ‘me; is actually simple but few appear to be willing to ‘go there’ and investigate it. Psychological suffering is unnecessary!

  2. Email comment: Hi Gilbert, Just finished watching the new Bob Adamson video, Thank you for pointing it out.

    Bob: “When I say here that I’m not speaking to anybody, I’m not speaking to any mind, I’m not speaking to your body-mind that believed in entity that you think you are, I’m speaking to that I am that I am., and that I am is that sense of presence which translates as a thought I am. Speaking to that I am that I am, just to this, and nothing else.”

    Plain and simple. Funny how it is, just this….and never anything else.

    All the strain of imagining being a separate entity ‘me’ doing this and that, sort of gone like a dream, simply seeing that there never was or could be any such thing as a separate ‘me’ in existence, except as a belief. Bob:”That sense of presence which translates as a thought I am”.

    Thank you – from L

  3. Yes, about depression; we are sold that it is some sort of chemical imbalance (for which medication is the cure) which is simply not true. Medication may be helpful in the very short term, but disrupts the natural pendulum of mood. If taken long enough, these medications are addictive and lead to terrible dependence with no way out, thereby compounding the problem.
    As you say medication never reaches the source to cure. But knowing true reality does.

  4. It is so simple no one suspects it could be so simple. All the seeking is just an ignoring of the natural state. No matter how much clear pointing is offered, almost everyone fails to recognize the natural state. The ‘reason’ is due to the basis of reasoning, which is belief in words and abstractions and it is all conceptual. We all inadvertently add on a conceptual realm and try to solve it, not realizing that the puzzle has no reality whatsoever. Your natural state is wordless……just as nature has no words. Words were introduced by the intellect when the ‘power of reasoning’ appeared. To communicate words are useful but when words are using us that believed in ‘power’ turns on us and clarity of mind is filled with a fabrication of ‘meaning’ which is ‘man made’, not of nature. If you stop the thinking for a moment and let the ‘noise of belief and confusion’ fade away, the natural state is clearly obvious. There is nothing you can say about it because it has no words. Simple expressions suffice. It is non-conceptual awareness. No wonder no seeker ever found it. All the spiritual BS that is put upon it is clearly nothing but nonsense, to engage the intellect and keep the ‘seeker’ going round and round – very popular but useless.

  5. Yes. It is nothing graspable (no thing) which makes it always & easily overlooked. What value or reality too, could something have if utterly indescribable? How could ‘I’ already ‘have’ it and not know it? And if that’s the case why isn’t my life better because of it? The point is, try to have a life without it. There is none. The gift (or miracle) is in existence itself; in the wonder of aliveness, in the wonder of experiencing, of simply being.
    Remarkable, the endless cul-de-sacs of mind…the alternate artificial worlds spun by it that seem real, but aren’t. Amazing too, how willingly the false is accepted even with the constant effort needed to reinforce it.

  6. “What’s happening is beginning and ending simultaneously”. Do you understand what that means? Sometimes it is said that “Nothing is happening”. These two ‘apparently different’ sentences appear to contradict each other. They don’t. The essence of realization, which is commonly called ‘self realization’, is beyond words, beyond concepts about ‘self’. It is the uninterrupted nature of pure being, pure cognition, which is timeless, mind-less and it takes up no room (no volume) and upon this indescribable presence (this wordless reality) everything appears and disappears.

  7. yes…absolutely remarkable…
    “…beginning and ending simultaneously”… “the uninterrupted nature of pure being…”

  8. The self-centered ‘seeker’ cannot hear the message because it cannot see or hear. In the scheme of things it can’t see the problem because it is the problem….and the ‘me’ has a problem seemingly due to some simple factors (which the fixation called a ‘seeker’ can’t see) and they are: The fixation is seemingly blocking a clean registering of the natural hearing and seeing. And the stale attitude of the seeker is a habit.
    The attitude of the seeker is usually: What’s in it for ME!!!?
    And the habit is: Referring every event and every experience to a dead image of self. Measuring everything to see if it fits with ‘me’ (an image of self) – grasping anything that fits and rejecting everything that doesn’t fit. It is all about ME! – What about ME!
    It is remarkable how the ‘me’ appears to have such a stubborn self-protection mechanism – deflection.

    I will add this sting, a quip: I would tell you the secret of all secrets, if I could but every time I open my mouth you cover your ears with your hands. ‘You’ can’t afford to hear it! Every time I write about it you alter the words instantly by adding your take on it. Seekers of truth have honed their skill of deflection into a highly accomplished habit and it is all, apparently, completely unconscious. It SEEMS, at a glance, that everyone is obsessed with wanting to awaken into ‘the enlightened state’ (a concept for them) but the fact is they can’t even stay awake for one minute, without drifting off into the ‘Me Real Estate’ to get lost over and over again.

  9. I am always that which knows, whatever that is. Remembering this has been a huge relief. Nothing can grab me, as I remain always the knower of it, and in seeing that, I leave whatever happens to itself. It will tie or untie itself, (and so with) whatever it does, I am free, free at last.

  10. The intro and final – the music – All for Bob!
    This sharing in this way what a tremendous gift.

    “Are you unaware right now…if you are not unaware you must be aware”.

  11. Yes……“Are you unaware right now…if you are not unaware you must be aware”…….and the insight that cuts through all concepts is seeing that this natural awareness is already here and that you did not have to ‘do’ anything to ‘make’ it so. The mind says ‘Yes but…..’ but that is just an automatic reaction….the habit called ‘me’ trying to reclaim the ‘seat of consciousness’.