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The content of mind is a reflection of the changing nature of phenomena, none of it can stand alone, just as a reflection in a mirror cannot appear without the mirror. The utter simplicity of being, our true essence, is that which all things are reflected in or upon.    


A leaf is not the tree but you can see the basic pattern of the tree in the leaf.


Wholeness is energy moving through all the patterns and the patterns are nothing but energy.  


Every thought, idea, concept or memory is intelligence, energy, appearing as something, some pattern.  Every pattern has some kind of intelligent form(ation) and is unique.  Each atom of the universe is unique.  Patterns are re-cognised because something similar has been cognised before. A thought or pattern’s similarity to other thoughts or patterns appear to ’cause’ clusters of association in mind.  In a crowd of faces, each face is unique.  Everything is unique and spontaneously appearing and to see everything fresh and new, without preconceived notions is to see everything as it is.  Many of our difficulties in life are due to a constant referencing to belief in (believing that we are) knowing what certain things are.  Memory is useful but fixations with memory can obscure the natural clarity of mind.  All fixations distort.

Suggestion: For a few moments, see if you let everything register spontaneously, fresh and new.

Some call the manifestation (the appearance of things and apparent events) ‘the dynamic display of awareness’.  Consider a moving picture (movie) projected upon a white screen (cinema).  The movie gives the impression of some kind of independent life going on.  The observer is not in the movie.  If one identifies with the story one can be convinced it is all happening in reality.  I remember many years ago, as a teenager, being in a cinema and being throughly engrossed in the drama.  When a character in the movie pointed a gun at the camera (the audience) and pulled the trigger, Bang!  My automatic reaction as to duck down in my cinema seat. Then, the paradox of feeling slightly humiliated.  Ha!  Who was humiliated? The answer must be….Me!  

How did I forget it was just a movie?   Now the characters in the movie have no volition and cannot ‘do’ anything.  It may be raining heavily in the movie but no one in the cinema gets wet.  It is just an appearance.  The dynamic display of awareness, the manifestation is similar in the fact that the apparent parts of the display are not aware and they cannot do anything.  Awareness is not in the patterns of the display. The film in the ‘movie analogy’ is inert.  It cannot ‘do anything’.  By running the film at around 25 frames per second and passing a bright light through a projector, it all appears to come alive.  Magic?  No, just physics.  Without the light and the motion of the roll of film and the steady mechanism of the projector, the film does not display its content.  

In the scheme of things we all are conditioned (so it seems) and develop a running narrative called ‘the story of me’ but very few investigate the ‘me’. Belief in personal conditioning can be cut through in a split second, by pausing thought.  There is no way of arguing with an insight that reveals that our so-called conditioning disappears when thought is paused.  The insight is totally clear.  There is no conditioning if you do not think about it. See for yourself.  One can only argue about it from a fixed point of view and in reality there are no fixed points of view.

Life is not a frame by frame affair.  Life is spontaneous.

In essence everything is spontaneously perfect.  Even the concept of imperfection is spontaneously perfect.  Of course such talk is utter nonsense to those who are convinced that there is something wrong. The laboured and contrived mind is riddled with tedious conflicts and no rest. Complex considering of what others think of them (their image) is consuming most of the attention.  One might say that it never crosses their mind that their own point of view may be where the problem resides.  Their point of view is an obsession and its name is ‘self-centredness’.  The attention is limited to preconceived ideas, notions and concepts.  Every word we use was learned. There is no word for the immediacy of the actual nature of attention or awareness. Being-ness cannot be explained. Consciousness cannot be defined. It appears that assumptions suffice and belief in assumptions, theories and concepts, are continuously and spontaneously modified to fit the apparent continuum of erroneous belief in a self centre.  The bias remains unnoticed.  

The believed in observer has no substance.  The question ‘Who am I?’ is meaningless.  No answer can be found, except pre-conceived notions, words, images and ideas.  Who is asking the question?    It may seem obvious why so many are attracted to spiritual teachers who offer ways of self-calming.  No one can teach what they do not know.  Many pretend to teach what they call ‘truth’ but on closer examination it is nothing but enchantments, beliefs, hopes and the use of fear as a means to keep seekers bound.  Who wants this illusion exposed?  No one.  

Let’s all pretend we are on a spiritual path and forget about investigating whether it is real or not?   Really?

Wholeness is never compromised by partiality because there are no parts to wholeness.  A whole (rectangular) loaf of bread has two ends, a top and bottom and two, four or six sides, depending on how you label the outer surfaces.  There is no wrong end or right end.  We slice the bread and it appears to be divided into parts.  What is now obvious is one whole slice of bread and one whole loaf of bread – less one slice plus some crumbs on the bread board. Nothing is lost.  It is all still present.  The form has changed but all the elements are present. Even after being eaten, the elements are present, moving through apparent changes of place and substance. Wholeness is energy moving through all the patterns and the patterns are nothing but energy.  

The appearance is the face of emptiness. The universe of galaxies, stars, planets, moons, meteors and star dust and all of organic life is the appearance of mind, elemental space, the apparent volume and time, apparent duration – all of it is Maya.  Not one speck of it is static – all in movement, all appearing to be.

All things have one ‘thing’ in common and that is pure space, which is no thing.

All and everything is appearance. Appearance is everything. Reality is not how it appears to be. No beginning or end can be pin pointed in space or time. Everything is, as is.

The wholeness of the universe is not perceivable to an individual because scale and (fixation with) a point of view limits or prevents the perception of wholeness.  The wholeness is not altered by anything, not by an individual being or any individual being’s opinions or perceptions.  

The unicity (wholeness), by its very nature, remains intact.  Wholeness cannot divide into two – only in appearance does it appear to be divided. Relative points of view in mind APPEAR to support a division.  It is the mind that appears to be divided but no one can find anything called a divided mind or any mind, of any kind.  Seeking one’s true nature and looking for mind is the apparent influence of Maya!  Keeping ‘you’ on a path in the mind. The illusion of a separate self.

Mind is nothing but thought, concept, image and memory.  There is no such thing as mind!

Even though a single cell (ovum) will divided into two after fertilisation, the integrity of the wholeness is not compromised.  Multiplicity is how the unicity displays itself.  Spontaneous and ever fresh at any moment. Perfection of what is, as is.

To believe that one is somehow in bondage to belief in concepts is an error and it is an ignoring of the fact that a concept has no actual substance of itself.   The foundations of belief are ephemeral.   It is easy to recognise that a concept, word or idea has no substance, apart from the apparent substance that we give them, in mind.  It seems that the habit of avoiding what is true is so common, no one actually investigates or questions it.  

Seeing is happening and seeing does not tell lies.  Is the fixation of self-centredness a disadvantage?  If so, for whom? Recognising that one is not bound to any belief, word or concept is an apparent revelation. This immediacy of naked awareness is a significant revelation of so-called mind, once fully recognised because it alters one’s outlook beyond all expectations and beyond all conceptually bound psychological bindings.  

Our essential being-ness is not a concept, not an idea and certainly not a word.  The intrinsic nature of all insights is a wordless recognition of our own true nature or an expression of it.  Naked Seeing is, in essence, the very immediate and undeniable nature of all things and of all insights.  

This truth of being, that you are, remains wordless and inexplicable, before words, before reason and yet always immediate and basically unchanging. The content of mind is a reflection of the changing nature of phenomena, none of it belongs to the utter simplicity of being, our true essence, which all things are reflected in or upon.

It may seem preposterous to suggest that one is actually free of conditioning, since it appears that our very identity is composed of conditioning – however it is a very simple thing to transcend in no time at all.  If you are genuinely interested, ask yourself this: ‘Is there any conditioning if I do not think about it?’

(Pause a thought)

All of our problems are due to identity and boundary issues.  Assumed validity of the self-centre and the assumed boundary between me and not me.

The illusion of these two indistinct reference points cannot stand up to an investigation.  Fear of discovering our true nature is the most irrational ground for psychological suffering – and yet it appears to be the common ground – which is mere belief – the ignoring of our true nature.  

In the simplicity of pausing thought, the pristine clear evidence is that all reference points vanish and there is nothing one can say about the clear and obvious clarity without a thought, word or idea.  Because the habit of focus is usually upon the intellect the natural and subtle clarity of non-conceptual awareness is completely missed.  

All of the senses are registering upon the space-like awareness, the actual ‘knowing’ (not a thing).  The entire body is an instrument of the same intelligence that orchestrated its development from a single cell (fertilised ovum) – no separation.  Sight, hearing, taste, smell and thinking are located in the head and the fixation of our attention appears to focus there due to anxiety or a sense that something is not quite right.  By opening up to all the senses, to be more fully aware as a body of consciousness automatically puts the thinking aspect into balance as the wholeness of being.  The anxiety loses its fabricated ground and dissipates naturally.  If this openness is present more fully, as a sustained presence, (as it is) the unicity of the universe reveals itself as ‘no separation anywhere’.  This is not a result of any teaching.  This cannot be taught.  This is your own true nature that is being pointed to.  It is already so.  Do not enter into belief that someone can give it to you or that someone can teach it.  The only obstacle is belief in mind content, which seemingly obscures the clarity of awareness.  Nothing obscures awareness.  Nothing is hidden.  

Take the focus off the belief in words and concepts and SEE for yourself.

Intuition is often referred to as a ‘gut feeling’.  It isn’t in the head.  Anyone who is balanced in all the senses will naturally experience a fuller spectrum of the innate intelligence, that is spread throughout the entire body-mind expression.  

The activity of ‘knowing’ is not some ‘thing’ in the body or the senses.  The body and senses are registering impressions, immediate expressions, appearing in the seeing-knowing.  Nothing is static.

Social comment: It is worth noting that the major media outlets are competing for our attention.  The best way to get attention, for them, is to induce fear.  Highly creative individuals are sitting at their desks working long hours under stress, working on ways to grab the public attention.  It may not be due to some social justice that they feel obliged to address. Isn’t it because their job depends upon it.  They get praise for doing a good job.  The bigger the story, the bigger the social response, the bigger the personal praise.  Ego.  Social conscience is one of the first ‘items’  to be tossed out the window with most media editors and journalists.   So, it is, that in a world that appears to be increasing in chaos and turmoil, so many are searching for answers, so it seems.  However, the majority keep buying into the drama presented to them through the media.  Stress and anxiety obscure clear thinking.  Fact. Through technology we are seemingly more connected today than ever before.  But consider for a moment how this marvellous connection is used.  Trivialities, pointless conversations on cell phones, watching media of all kinds.  Sitting in front of an entertainment box (tv or computer or cellphone) getting desensitised – focusing on the intellect and the emotional responses. Evolution is a theory.  Involution (getting lost in unnecessary involvement) is a theory. Which one is right?  A nation may insist on having a leader who declares belief in God and yet the same nation may behave in a most ungodly manner, shamelessly and without batting an eyelid.  Take a break.  

The social comment above is there to reveal something about the difference between how we relate to different kinds of information.  How the self image jumps into one pool of concepts (the pool of common points of view) without hesitation and how there is a cautionary stance when any kind of investigation turns up.  Survival instinct over-rides thought.  The false cannot stand up to any investigation.  Some folk are on the ‘back step’, ready to run, all day long.  It is easy to recognise if someone (else) is obsessed with something.  To recognise one’s own obsessions is also easy but there is a resistance, which must be recognised first. 

Being exhausted from anxiety can be a tipping point if there is a genuine wish to know what is true. 

Go for a walk in nature, if you can, if nature is still within walking distance.

Fear needs to be investigated.  Without holistic balance between all the senses, the focus upon the intellect merely adds to the problem.   We can always find something wrong when fear is constantly being induced by belief in the apparent world of turmoil.  The realm of belief.  Nature is a great teacher if only we can notice that nature is not in conflict with itself. Resting in and AS the pausing of thought will always allow clearer insights.  

We cannot stop the mind but we can pause the thinking for brief moments. This cannot be called a practice because it is not a ‘doing’ or a ‘not doing’. A subtle resonance in being can give us insights, which are wordless and not of the intellect.  The mind will translate insights into words but it is good to remember that the word is never the thing.

All dimensions are mental constructs.  

All directions are in the mind. HERE is not a static point in space or time. The imagined occupier of HERE is transient mind content.  
Enslaving oneself to a teacher who teaches cause and effect is the most efficient means of avoiding reality.  Pretending to seek reality or truth while employing methods that are bound to be bound, bound to cause and effect is nothing less than a mind loop, inadvertence.
The so-called ‘razor’s edge’ of this immediacy (the essence of life) is imperceptible for mind.  Mind is time. Time is mind.  The essence of life is eternity.  Infinity.  No word or label is attached to that.  Words can only point.

How could you be separate from the eternal nature of life?  Only conceptually through belief does it seem so.  Eternal life cannot be reduced to a promise for some future time.  Life is this immediacy right now.  

There is no other life.

All the major religions point directly to the unity of life.  They are all in harmony with each other, in essence.  Then the representatives add their ‘chapters’  of limited understanding and bring out the shackles.  Bondage to belief in dogma is peddled shamelessly as ‘truth’.  They swear it is all true. Man made conceptually bound promises are made in the name of God.  

The eyes do not tell lies. The ears do not tell lies.  Only the mind accepts the false as being true without question…..and the consequences of non investigation is arrogance in bondage with the dullest aspects of the intellect and ignorance.  

Reason is used to justify beliefs.  How absurd!  Reason is a tool that can serve a resonating investigation or it can justify the darkest atrocities of psychopathic individuals.   Pure intelligence is prior to reason.  Meaning is what we give to ‘things’ and ‘events’.  Meaning based on belief is an obvious fabrication.  Who notices?

Mind (time) appears upon awareness (timeless) and no trace is left except a fading narrative and the obviousness of ‘no past unless you think about it’, is a profundity beyond all reason, beyond all accountability.

It is our own clinging to the me of memory, mere inadvertence, that is the non-recognition of our true nature.  It requires the energy of belief to perpetuate its non self.  Empty the mind and see.

Remember that words are merely words.  All they do is point.  No word ever bound anything in reality.
Silence and emptiness reclaim every sound and every apparent thing that appears. Follow the disappearance of a single thought and discover your true nature.

  1. In a split second one can transcend all imagined paths and all teachings, methods and practices. In an instant one can recognise the utter nonsense of spiritual teachings and teachers. Belief appears to be the glue that binds teachers and teachings, pupils and practices. All an illusion in time and time is mind. Who has the right to question my beliefs? No one! Who is obliged to investigate my beliefs? No one but myself. It is not socially acceptable to blow the whistle on the erroneous nature of belief. The conflict experienced as dis-ease in body and mind is an alarm bell that rings consistently but we have grown accustomed to its sound (sensation) and we seem to ignore it or maybe blame someone else for it. What strange creatures we are.

  2. No one wants to put forward their argument against what is pointed out in the post. The ground they believe they stand on is only their own attitude of defiance and they know that well enough. It is one of the main causes of their own dis-ease. Being a social bully is based upon low self esteem pretending to be high self esteem. Munch on that for a few moments.

  3. The grand illusion that is commonly believed in is that the dreamer can wake up. It is impossible for the dreamer to wake up. One can explain in very clear terms and point in the simplest language and it goes straight over everyone’s head. The irony of it all is that spending one’s energy and time trying to wake seekers up is just a dream.
    The undeniable wakefulness is present. Whatever appears upon this wakefulness disappears and the apparent duration of any content is an illusion. Nothing corrupts, damages or alters this natural wakefulness, which is shared by all. Why should anyone be concerned about ‘others’? They show little or no sign of being interested in letting go of their ‘story of me’. ‘Spiritual people’ are convinced that they are ‘on the right path’ and they do not recognise that the ‘path’ is just a dream path. They talk about being caught up in subtle beliefs. Belief is the me – ‘my beliefs’. It is all about ‘me’ and the ‘me’ is the dreamer! The dreamers get offended so easily and they will surely snap viciously at you if you manage to actually disturb their dream. That too is just a dream. Recognition of this natural wakefulness is not a result of any content of mind or any transmission from someone else.