The heart essence of being.

The investigation of the ‘self-center’ reveals nothing, a clear and empty space, space-like awareness.

This is the most intimate discovery and yet it can easily be overlooked simply because it is very subtle.

That nothing, emptiness, no thing, is what the seeing is seeing out of.  In that everything is clear and obvious.

Once this is truly recognized one knows what one is….and it is also known that it can never be explained adequately by whatever can be found in memory.

It is known that this clear and present ‘knowing’ can never leave – and by that knowing, everything is known for what it is.

This knowing is the most intimate of all – because it is what you are.

And THAT is not divided into any parts. It is Non Duality.

‘Seekers’ look for it ‘out there’ and fail over and over and over again.

The pointing is happening – yet few, it seems, follow the pointers to the core – the heart essence of being.