The heart essence is ONE.

Those who imply that they are enlightened individuals and that a ’shift’ happened to them are doing you a dis-service. – Remembering some word or whatever may ‘appear’ to help.  – Belief in luck or in some god or in some fortuitous blessings bestowed by some guru or socialite will not truly ‘do anything’.  – It is the concept that I am separate that causes all the trouble.

Investing energy into that ‘idea’ will just keep pumping up the self-image and then draining you of energy over and over. – Neurotic behavior is common because ‘we’ oscillate between hope and despair.

There is NO answer in the mind. Recognizing our true nature is not via the conditioned memory.
A concept cannot see. – Seeing is happening.  – Drop the idea that there is an ‘I’ that is seeing, pause all thought and see that you are already complete just as you are.

The mind is in a ‘state’ of ‘becoming’ and so, simply notice that it never arrives. – It keeps wanting ‘more’.  – There is no more.

Mind will go on dividing THAT-NESS into ever-more and more postulations of ‘time’ and ‘not having’.  – BEING is complete just as it is.
The simplicity of direct pointing is of no interest to the ‘me’. – This is why very few ‘appear’ to be genuinely interested in the direct pointing. – It is a geometric display like a flower. – Many petals appear.  – One central stamen.

Pollination (hearing the message) brings a natural transformation and the fruit appears. – At the core of the entire display (of the universe) is the heart essence which remains forever beyond the appearance.
The complete display is intact as every possibility. – The appearance is merely the appearance of multiplicity.

The heart essence is ONE.
You are THAT.