Already so!

Of course anything can deliver the ‘shock’ of ‘profound revelation’.  A bird singing, a dog barking – a bell tolling, looking at the sky or watching a cloud dissolve into empty sky.    Each case is unique and different.  Seekers most usually imitate and copy their ‘teachers’ believing that imitation will suffice.  They don’t even notice that they are doing that.

The fact is that the most significant factor of self-realization is the most obvious, always so, spontaneously here and now and that is the very ‘thing’ we ignore – and we ignore it because we don’t have words for it.  We all talk about it but actually no one can talk about it because it is wordless and silent.  It is pure intelligence with NO added concepts.

In the scheme of things all one can do is point with uncontrived spontaneous expressions that do not deviate from the immediate ‘living evidence’.   It is the living intelligence that guides the expressions and the anchor is ‘non-conceptual conscious being’.

You cannot teach what you do not know. Non duality cannot be taught because it is the ‘already so’ nature of what you already are. Those who profess to teach non duality are fooling themselves and anyone else who believes what they say.

There are many who profess to be teaching with what they call ‘direct pointing’ but they have, as I detect, simply gathered pointers and they use them like a school teacher uses information.  It looks like a subtle sophisticated mind game, which can only fool those who are grasping at straws, just like so much of the spiritual realm.

I don’t see any evidence that any of this new ‘way’ of teaching is actually working. There are subtle ego mind games going on all over the place.  Most often the ‘teachers’ who would rather call themselves ‘a friend’ eventually turn into ‘very special people’ with ‘special gifts’ and that my friend is a sure sign of egoism, no matter how subtle it looks.

There is a quote from Krishna which delivers a blow:  ‘I am even the glint of light in your enemies eyes’.    That cuts through the ‘friend as a teacher’ concept rather cleanly.

Surely a friend will tell you what others may hesitate to tell you, even at the risk of losing the friendship.  What exactly can be taught?   Conceptualized notions and fancy methods, which the mind loves because it can weave ever more subtle stories about a new ‘self image’.  It is all conceptual, totally transient and that is why doubt creeps back in and one finds themselves back at ‘Go’.

The bottom line is that no one wants to be nothing….and my friend…. that is where the ‘gem’ is hidden.  In being nothing.

Words cannot explain the so-called ultimate truth because words belong to the intellect and intelligence is prior to the intellect……….only via intelligence did the intellect learn words.

There is no answer in the mind because the mind is time.   Awareness, naked awareness is time-less.

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  1. Some say ‘Don’t rock the boat’. ‘Be nice’. Bollocks! ‘Unconditional love’ is bandied around like a new label for dog food. Contrived spirituality is just sheer nonsense.