The Fire and the ashes

It seems that everyone is afraid of fierce emotional states.

Everyone wants bliss. Life is a flow of all there is, in all its diversity.

What a wonder emotions are!

Instead of building a wall of concepts or running away from or blocking emotions or hiding in imaginary places in the mind where emotions can’t get ‘you’ – light a bonfire and toss ALL of your beliefs into the flames.

Watch (observe) the mind and see how its content of transient existence cannot survive its own imaginary ‘time’.

Mind is time.

Your true essence is beyond appearances.

The sword can’t cut it, the fire can’t burn it.

The light of consciousness is invisible to mind and the witness of all is Life itself.

Life is eternal Being.  Birth-less, death-less Spirit.  Spirit and matter are not separate from each other, not two – just as the Earth and Space are not separate.

We put names upon the timelessness of existence (eternal being), words like consciousness, awareness, God, Shiva, Pleasure and Pain.  


When were you EVER separate from THAT?

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  1. Yes. I was one of those who sought equanimity in the midst of the constant maelstrom of emotions.
    Until I questioned my own belief and perception. Equanimity is always and ever there.Emotions come and go of their own accord (like clouds in the sky.) It was my thinking and thoughts about emotions that created all the problems and my corresponding actions due to those thoughts. Once that thought process is seen (and its problematic result), it’s easy to go back to the source, which unburdened of the intervening thought process, is equanimity itself .