The false will never become reality

Buddha Wood

The enemy of mankind is self-hatred.  An impostor sitting in the seat of consciousness.  A false king indulging in imaginary powers of the mind.

Within the expansive nature of love there is no room for fixations upon the false.  A painted sky can never become the sky.  A wooden puppet will never become a walking, talking being.  

Denial of the spontaneous and essential nature of existence is through belief in being something that one is not.  To affirm the image of self or to deny the image of the self will not change the fundamental nature of the image of the self.  It is an image.  Imagination is image-ing.

The image of self is not the self.

Love of self is the spontaneous love of everything.  No separation.

Life itself is living you.

Cease to resist life and life will show you the way.

  1. Dear Gilbert
    Title proves it’s meaning.
    False ( mask) will never become reality (upon which
    it is worn).
    Last piece of your intelligence is with the intent of being (only) seeing, the energy will go otherwise into beliefs is cut off.
    You say words appear and seem as if they are creating clarity.
    But clarity is already present and words just remove covering to be able to see wordless clarity.
    Otherwise, there would be a heap of wise words and one may bury itself in that heap.
    Intelligence is moving through dead spot.
    Thank you intelligence moving through Gilbert.

    • Many teachers and gurus appear to put a lot of energy into their appearance. They appear to cultivate a holy image and it is plainly obvious to any sane individual that it is a fraudulent mask. The implication that behind the image is someone very special is an outrageous display of sheer ignorance. Just because they gather many followers is no guarantee of anything. A sane agnostic can see through the facade without effort. Isn’t it obvious?
      My second book is titled ‘Everything is Clear and Obvious’. Look around you. Isn’t it so?
      Clarity does not come and go. It appears to come and go in the relative states of mind. Millions upon millions, everyday, try to create clarity of mind, stillness of mind, peace of mind. It is useless because the mind cannot remain still. It’s nature is movement. There is far more stillness and silence in this universe than there is movement or sound. The first instant of cognition is right now. The word ‘instant’ implies time and time is an illusion of mind. So, you cannot get out of this present (now) and so it is, that all your efforts to try and stay in the now are unnecessary and useless, a fiction of mind through belief. Whatever you believe you are is a belief and a belief is NEVER that actual.
      Whatever manifests may appear to prove something or deny something.
      Reality is its own proof and it is no thing.
      The error of the aspirant is in the identifying itself as a thing. Imagined identity and boundary.
      Investigating that ‘thing’ reveals it is only emptiness appearing ‘as something’.

      The one is self-realising without ‘creating’ any incident. All incidentals are patterns of the appearing and disappearing nature of the manifest. The un-manifest remains silent and unmoving. Not a void, not a dead thing. The pulse of the un-manfest is the source of all energy and it has no physical location and is beyond detection for consciousness. Consciousness is an aspect, an expression of this self-aware pulse. Anything in the manifestation that appears to be motionless, will reveal a subtle movement if investigated. That which investigates is the extremely subtle movement of this activity of knowing. Non-existence and existence are reflected in the observation of electrons….wave and particle…..potentiality and spontaneous formation of matter. A fleeting appearance of substance, seemingly woven together as things, like the chair you are sitting on. People say ‘It boggles the mind’ to contemplate these ‘things’. Yes, it apparently does because the mind is the same nature of ‘appearance and disappearance’ with NO static point anywhere. Maya, the illusion. Self-knowledge as the relative, is duality. ‘Self’ and ‘knowledge’ appear to be two but in essence, they are one – non dual. Pause the thinking and without thought, there is nothing one can say about it. Yet, without a thought or word, the integrity of being remains. Intelligence is prior to words and thought, concepts and ideas. Be what you ARE and cease trying to pin something down with the intellect. LIFE takes care of everything. YOU, as a believed in separate entity have NEVER done a thing. The ‘ego’ doesn’t like direct pointers….because the ego is a fiction.

  2. The wooden meditator hasn’t opened his eyes once. The mask ‘me’ never stops talking.

  3. Dear Gilbert
    No comments.
    Everything is clear and obvious.
    Rest is cleaned by your posts.
    ‘Thanks sayer’ is still left.
    There is no other match to intelligence.
    Who is impressed? I don’t know but
    knower of ‘I don’t know’ is knowing.
    There is no entity to this knowing.
    You are intelligence that this I recognised.
    Thank you.

    • You can only ever recognise something because you have already ‘known it before’.
      The re-cognition is a seeming bridge to the naked cognition…which is ‘I am that’.

      No one has ever gone beyond THAT.

      Everyone is THAT. There is NO duality in Non Duality.

      End of story? Almost all stories are told with words. We all use the same words over and over in different combinations and more frequently in the same combinations. If we made a net of words and cast it over reality, in order to capture something, the net would be found to be empty, no matter how many times you cast it.

      End of story? This moment right now is spontaneously appearing to begin.
      Endless beginnings and endless endings are subsumed in eternity.

      No one ‘gets it’ because there is nothing to get and no one to get it.
      Some ‘People’ dream that they got it and they also dream that they lost it.
      What happens when you wake from a dream?
      It is recognised that the dream was only a dream.
      It is not the dream character that recognises that a dream is just a dream.
      The waking state character is (and tells) endless stories….stories seemingly told to comfort itself from the naked truth…..reality.

      Attention seeking fixations cannot stand up to an investigation. The false falls apart on investigation.

      Praise and condemnation are of no use unless they expose the belief in being a separate entity for what it is.
      In the scheme of things, seekers avoid truth or reality and would rather dream of a wounded past or fanciful past achievements… or dream of attainment in some distant future time. The rude awakening is that the seeker doesn’t actually exist. But who wants to know that?

  4. Dear Glibert,
    I don’t know silent language that can pass my
    gratitude to the one who is my ideal, my trusted friend.
    I don’t want to make a more fanciful network…
    but the essence right there is providing me
    love to make this movement.
    Best said ever…that there is no entity to awareness.
    The error of aspirant is he is indulging in identifying with false entity.
    Not knowing the danger of grip of identification.
    Attention that is fixated in person is the seeker.
    Let me talk freely..
    How come Gilbert there is so much convincing
    ability in your intelligence appearing through
    the words. I don’t flatter or exaggerate, this is
    not words but my personal experience.
    I know my reality is that spontaneous pause
    which is seeing-knowing and shining through mind.
    I may be not good enough to put in words
    but my expression has joy of (the) victory for no thing.
    When returning belief to false entity is seen
    spontaneously as the spontaneous ‘no thing’ established
    again… where it was already present and aware.
    This realisation is seeming process on
    conceptual level.
    And I am sure your intelligence will respond
    by correcting some error and reassure that the false will never become reality.
    Please correct me if I am off the track.
    I don’t know when I identify with false and
    loose seeming contact with seeing knowing.
    Maybe much said and arrow must be ready
    to hit false entity rubberlike stubborn ‘me’.
    Thank you.

    • The mind (seemingly) divides THAT which has never been divided. The simplicity of it all is ‘One without a second’. THAT is not even one. One implies two in the mind. Awareness is non dual. Mind appears to be dualistic. Mind is time, mind is me. Only empty mind is non dual. Without the idea or word ‘mind’ there is only awareness. Even with all the words of the world piled one upon another, there is only awareness. Through belief in words all manner of problems are seemingly created ‘in the mind’. ‘Spiritual people’ are full of fancy words and impossible dreams of future attainment. It is all B.S.
      The ignorant insistence on being an image (me) the seeming problem.
      Take the word off everything and what is always present is clear and obvious. No centre and no boundary. The true nature is wordless and silent.

      What is your point of view?
      Where are ‘you’ seeing from?
      Seeing is happening. The thought ‘I see’ cannot see.
      ‘You’ do not have to instigate the seeing. Seeing is already so.
      What needs to be acknowledged is that the expression (however consciousness displays itself) cannot be separate from THAT which is expressing. The sunlight is not separate from the sun.
      In essence consciousness is a reflection of the display awareness. Impressions of the manifestation (consciousness) register upon that which is self-aware. No separation. The imagination of an entity, the image of ‘I’ or ‘me’ is a mental construct. That image of self is not able to see, hear or know anything. It is the mind translating the raw ‘data’ of the expression. Words appear spontaneously. It is all echoes in the mind, reflections. Nature points naturally at its own spontaneous nature. A reflection of the moon in a pool of water is a signature of the essential nature of this entire world of appearances. It is plainly obvious that there is no moon in the water. What appears on the surface of the water has no dimension, no substance. With this insight, in seeing, see the world is the same. All dimensions are in the mind. Cease referring everything to the image of self and stay with the naked seeing-knowing. The mind will not remain still…..ripples will occur, so simply recognise that the reflections are THAT appearing as different. No separation. THAT which is always and ever singular in essence appears as the vast diversity of appearance(s). ‘You’ have never had a choice. In essence you are THAT, which is absent in consciousness and present as awareness. Simple. One without a second.
      Water off a ducks back. I have witnessed the clearest message being delivered to a room full of seekers, over and over, hundreds of times. ‘Once upon a time’, I was one of them for a short time. My basic impulse was ‘I want to know for myself’. I never wanted to just be with someone who knew. Something pushed ‘me’ to the limit and when the limit is crossed over, there is no going back. Once you SEE something as false, you can never believe in it ever again, even if you desperately want to. I heard the message and my life was turned around because of the clarity of the simple message. Knowing the value of the message, I share it in hundreds of ways. In the scheme of things, almost no one hears it. As Krishna says in one of the gitas: “Of all the seekers there is only one who knows me in my true nature”. That ‘one’ is the true essence, which abides in everyone. Getting to it is a lost cause. Starting from that is the key…but few trust it or even suspect that it is the key. I could scream it from the roof tops and it would not help anyone. They would probably put me away in a cell somewhere. So, compassion finds a way to share that which ‘the world ignores’. Who cares? Sometimes it feels like shovelling shit up hill. Singing to the deaf. In the appearance of things, everyone appears to want spiritual B.S. and there is no shortage of that.

  5. It is extremely simple. Why do you keep looking for more answers?
    If a pointer reveals your true nature, why not stick with it and stop looking for more pointers?
    The mind will come up with ever more questions and cover up the revelation.
    Compassion is not holding someone’s hand forever.
    A guide will appear but once you know the way, the guide is free to help someone else.
    Clinging to the guide is not useful.
    The messenger is not someone to be worshiped and made into an icon.
    Get the message and be done with seeking.
    See and know that the seeking is an illusion.
    If you detect seeking in yourself, bring it back to the essential being-ness of right here, right now.