The Ever Present Prior-ity

What I am, what you are, is eternally prior to every atom.  What appears, appears upon THAT, which is not made of any thing.

Just as the eyes are clear and empty, the mind is also clear and empty.  Being identified with the apparent content is only an appearance.  You are not in the body.  The body appears in what you are.  It also disappears in what you are.  Fear of death is attachment to ideas.

SEEING that there is no past, no future and no present, is the revelation beyond all revelations.

The witness of Life has no capacity to know anything.  Memories are constructs made from yesterdays building blocks.

All there IS is this immediate cognition.  There is no ‘knower’.

  1. no present. at first i thought it a mistake. but, where is this present, anyway. in this ‘just like this’ world, present is only something more. elaborate please, sir.

    present and presence. not two, not one. funny how such small differences impact the total mind fuck so large.

    • Elaborations upon elaborations. Concepts introduce the appearance of multiplicity. Without thinking about anything, all is as it is. We say ‘One without a second’ but it is not even one. Without a concept to divide the mind, the nature of mind is clear and empty. No argument or disagreement stands up to a clean investigation.

  2. I will think about ‘prior’.

    I agree with you on: death, revelation and memories.

    No, there is no knower but there can be the appearance of one. Otherwise why would we deny a knower? Just can’t attach to the idea of it. The knower builds and collapses at the same time. There is constant fluctuation, like in galaxies. Just another scale. Like patterning?

    • You can think about ‘prior’ as much as you like but the mind can NEVER get beyond itself. It is a mere instrument. The appearance is not reality – it is Maya. The only life it has is the immediacy, the energy which expresses ‘AS’. The appearance of a ‘knower’ is ‘seen’ from beyond the knower and SEEING does not belong to any pattern that appears. All patterns APPEAR in or on the knowing. Some use names like Parabhraman or the Absolute. Words are words – the actuality is the actuality. The question is…who knows what?

  3. not even one. i have been so lost in the jabber.

    i am the fool mistaking the pointing of the finger at the moon for the moon and i am not that either.

  4. I would like to say…yes joe crow, that is how I feels when I start to write.

    There it is: the immediacy, the clear, brilliant expanding beauty. . But no matter how quickly I get something on paper the immediate has transmogrified and the words snake around trying to describe something that is ever changing. The mind is useless in this exercise but it is the only instrument left in the orchestra.

    I think I will have better luck going outside and staring at the sky, And when a beautiful cloud comes along I will run and get a hammer and come back out and nail the cloud to the stratosphere. This has to be much easier than trying to put ‘that’ in words.

    If not, I will be back.

  5. I would like to say…Is Transmogrified a word? Haha, liked the pointing