The essence of self-aware consciousness – I am.

The Bodhisattva Avalokita, while moving in the deep course of Perfect Understanding, shed light on the five skundhas (the five functions or aspects that constitute the sentient being: matter, sensation, perception, mental formations and consciousness) and found them equally empty.  After this penetration, he overcame all pain.
Speaking to his companion:
“Listen Shariputra, form is emptiness, emptiness is form, form does not differ from emptiness, emptiness does not differ from form.  The same is true with feelings, perceptions, mental formations, and consciousness”.


The words ‘I am’ are words.  The essence of ‘I am-ness’ is certainly not in the words.  The words re-present.  Words are vibrations.  There is nothing in the words.  Words call forth images, pre-conceived ideas or notions from the PAST.  The past can NEVER re-present the immediacy of right here, right now.  This immediacy is spontaneously fresh and new. This so-called moment has NEVER happened before.  It will NEVER happen again.  This ‘moment’ has no beginning and no end, therefore it is unceasing.  Because it never started, logically it cannot end.  We all know this and yet we overlook it because it is an ever-present fact.  Differentiation attracts the attention to the changeful.  That which does not change is virtually impossible to re-cognise because it is no thing.  You cannot re-call something that is already here, now.  It can be re-cognised.  We re-cognise ‘something’ only because it has already been cognised prior to re-cognition.  The ever-present appears to require re-cognition only because we have put our attention on ‘something else’.  Being invested in objective ‘things’ brings an assumption of being a ‘subject’.  

“Duality is due to the see-er and the seen” – Siddharameshwar.

The see-er and the seen cannot exist as anything separate from the activity of seeing. Can the thought ‘I see’ actually see?   The thinker is the thought ‘I think’ and the thought ‘I think’ cannot think.  The actual functioning is prior to the imagined see-er, hearer or thinker and the SEEKER!

Words are transient appearances that are re-presenting other transient ‘things’. What you are cannot be a word. Words are pointers.

Nothing can exist without energy. You cannot see energy. Everything is energy. The activity of knowing is energy.

That which knows or cognises (everything) is not a thing.  

Self-realisation is NOT the realisation of a ‘self’.  The ‘biggest’ error is to miss the ever-present fact that awareness is self-aware.  Awareness does not require an agent, some ‘thing’ that is aware of something.  

‘Awareness of’ implies a subject and an object – duality.  There is NO duality in non-duality.  

All so-called ‘things’ appear and disappear within the scope of awareness.

Awareness is all inclusive.

What is overlooked by everyone, so it seems, in the scheme of things, is the fact that phenomena is spontaneously ‘manifested’ (appearing to be) without labels.  Some use the words pre-reflective and reflective (modes of) consciousness.  All of our words and labels are residing in the reflective mode of consciousness.  There are no words in the lived experience of naked awareness (your natural state).  Object and subject arise together without any separation.  Like what is before a mirror and what is reflected cannot be separated.  

Through reflective states of mind we attribute labels that we have learned (in the past) onto seemingly separate ‘things’…… and then we believe we understand what those ‘things’ are and all the apparent web of relationships between all these ‘things’.  Investigate it and belief in separation falls apart.  

The content of mind does not stick to mind and it cannot encompass mind.  The glass holds the water.  The water does not hold the glass.  (For those who like to argue: Yes a glass may float in water and give the appearance that the water is holding the glass)  

Just as these words appearing on a screen are not stuck to the screen, no label can ever stick to what it re-presents, just as the past or future cannot re-present this immediacy, which we give the label ‘Here Now’ to.  

So, if you want to discover the absolute profundity of ‘self-realisation’ all one needs to ‘do’ is drop the label ‘Here Now’ and re-cognise what is left, without the label.

The eye is an instrument of seeing. The eye does not see. The imagined entity, apparently behind the eyes, is a mental construct. It has no actual substance.

Having the courage to be nothing reveals everything as it is. There is no conclusion arrived at. Everything, whether you know it or not, is actually spontaneous.

Spontaneous means uncaused, fresh and new. Having no beginning means it is unceasing.

Words cannot lock down our true nature. The totality of what is, is emptiness appearing as everything.

All these words will appear to be gobble de goop unless a true taste of our true nature is actively present in this immediacy.

In the scheme of things, it appears that the mind finds habitual obstacles to protect its own erroneous beliefs – and they are all mechanical….no choice.

Light overcomes darkness.  The luminous darkness, the universal background, is the vehicle of all cognition.  That is not an entity – no centre – no boundary.

  1. Get this message: YOU as a believed in separate entity can never get the essence of what you are because the belief in being separate is blocking the recognition. So, my advice to you is this. Get on with your life. Stop chasing your own tail. Relax and be what you truly are. There is nothing wrong with you. You are perfect, no matter what the habitual beliefs are telling you. Break the habit. There is no way out because the ‘prison’ that you inadvertently believe you are in does NOT exist. Finito!

  2. Every choice we make all day long, from what to eat, what to wear to “paper or plastic?” requires a continual hierarchy of decisions that directs our lives and the focus of our lives.

    …..and thats reality !!!

    • That is what YOU call reality. Reality does not need any support from evidence. The evidence is clearly what it is. Investigate this idea of ‘Every choice we make’. It is an assumption, an unquestioned belief. Where is the choice maker? If you observe closely the apparent ‘making a choice’ (MAKING a choice) you will not find any actual ‘making’, no actual ‘choice’ and no actual ‘choice maker’. The river flows. Water finds its own level spontaneously. The significant point that almost everyone misses is that the reflective mode of consciousness is not the actuality. Thinking about what is real does not arrive at reality. The thinking appears and disappears. Stubborn intellects cannot be released from the apparent paradox simply because of the struggle between fear and hope. Even though life batters them constantly with clear evidence, they refuse to acknowledge that the entity that they believe they are is actually a fictional character that has NO substance whatsoever. They would rather punch you in the nose than to investigate their own arrogance.

  3. …their own arrogance…who´s arrogance ? Who is arrogant ? There is nobody who can be arrogant.according to your view.

    Well lets do it then.

    When i punch someone on the nose who is doing that ? It is very,very real because his nose is bleeding.

    I hate that guy and I decide to give him a punch on the nose..

    Who decide to do that ….? According to me I did that and I decide to do that.

    Otherwise according to your view.. then it is not MY fault life or mother nature decide to do that so live on and do what ever I like and what ever comes up in me it is not my fault. I am not responsible.

    There is nothing I or nature can do to prevent me or nature from punching the guy on the nose.?

    • As the Buddha pointed out: “Events happen, deeds are done, there is no individual doer thereof”.
      I am not pointing according to ‘my point of view’. You insist that you choose to do things. All I am suggesting is – see if you can actually find that choice maker. If you say it is ‘me’, then what is that ‘me’? Can you actually find a ‘me’ or is it just an assumed identity composed of concepts, ideas and memory? The awareness is not in concepts or ideas.

    • Concepts, ideas, memories and sensations of every kind appear and disappear upon awareness. Awareness is not limited by anything that appears within its scope. The belief in ‘me’ is the problem and it is only a ‘me’ that can have a problem. As the Buddha pointed out: “Events happen, deeds are done, there is no individual thereof”.

  4. This body where i live in, where i am breathing in, where i have pain in, where my stomach is aking in, where i experience a great deal of anger and a lot more disasters. But also that must be said i feel happy in enjoy eating and sex in etc.

    When someone shoot you in your foot are you saying ….well that is not my foot it is bleeding but so what
    you don´t have to worry it is not my body i just leave it that way.

    ME is ME is I this body where i live in. There is no other person. I am ME ME ME i don´t have to search for it. Every day MY body reminds me that i am a ME.

    The choicemaker is ME this body where i live in. It is as simple as that..

    • I have replied to this in the No cloud is stuck to the sky post comments section.