The disappearance of seeking

Seeking knowledge of your own true being is like an itch.  It won’t leave you alone until you know the totality of your aloneness.  No one wants to be nothing.

The resolution of non-existing problems about non existing things is impossible.  A mouse chasing its own tail in an effort to complete its own being is absurd but that is what seekers appear to do.  They are doing nothing in reality.

Silence, stillness.   Stillness, movement.  The core of all existence is a movement in stillness. Stillness is meaningless without movement.  

One can perceive the movement. The stillness remains unfindable. 

Stillness cannot be perceived, silence cannot be heard.

The hand that reaches for stillness cannot grasp stillness. The mind that conceptualises ‘awareness’ isolates itself in a realm of endless seeking.

Why do you look for awareness?  Are you unaware right now?

Wisdom appears as a simple movement of stillness. If one is identified with the movement, the stillness appears to vanish.  The body appears in empty space.  Being identified with the body, the emptiness appears to be obscured.   The mind is clear and empty.  Being identified with the transient content of mind, the clarity of empty mind is obscured.  

However, awareness cannot be obscured by anything.   You cannot postulate anything outside of awareness.  The moment the postulation appears, it is in awareness.   ‘Awareness of’ is not the naked awareness.

Words are useful.  By identifying with the words, their usefulness turns into a trap.

When we break it all down to what we are absolutely certain of, words fail more often than not.  

We call it the ‘full stop’. A little black dot. It appears at the end of a sentence, a paragraph, a text or a book. Some call it ‘period’. It represents silence. It is not the end of anything. It is not the beginning of anything. It is not the way out of anything and it is not the way into anything.
Peace is where the mind is not. Mind is time. Mind is me. Mind is actually empty. That is why you cannot find the mind. That is why you cannot find the ‘self’.
The so-called seeker disappears in the clear and empty nature of mind.
Despite what so many believe, there is no process, no transmission, there is no transmutation. There is no shift of consciousness. The reference point (me) is invalid. Nature has no reference point. When the apparent ‘witness’ dissolves into empty mind, naked awareness reveals itself as no thing.

As Bob Adamson points out: “Keep seeing that there is no thing that sees”.

No one wants to be nothing yet in recognising one’s nothing-ness all the obstacles are transcended in an instant.

Fear appears to cut us off from the simple livingness, the simple joy of being, in exchange for some complexities of mind and a sense of oscillating between hope and despair.

“Do the thing you fear most and the death of fear is certain.” – Mark Twain

Some words carry wisdom beyond the ordinary. They are not usually appreciated simply because they are not applied. The message or meaning only reveals itself through application.

If someone shows you a short cut, it would be foolish to insist on going the long and tedious way.

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  1. If you don’t like what is pointed out, go listen to the BS of some famous western guru. If you cannot recognise the BS, then that is where you have to start investigating. Seeking knowledge of your true being is like an itch. It won’t leave you alone until you know the totality of your aloneness.