The definition of a ‘point’, is zero dimensions

What is your ‘point’ of view?  

What ‘point’ are you ‘making’?  

Despondency says “What’s the point of anything?”

What prevents you from seeing or recognizing the true nature of all phenomena?  

Could it be your point of view?

All phenomena is spontaneous and perfect – without a ‘point’ and without a beginning or end.  

‘The woven tapestry of Life’ is a seamless garment.

‘Right’ and ‘wrong’ belong to the dualistic nature of mind, not to nature, the wholeness of natural phenomena.

Thinking that something is right or wrong does not actually make it right or wrong.

Biased points of view cannot resolve anything.  Conflict in mind is energy fighting energy and that is sensed as dis-ease in the body.

Only open seeing, without bias, can resolve the conflicts of mind and body. The sickness of mind affects the body.  The fixation upon ‘me’ keeps the cycle of dis-ease in place.  Psychological suffering is like a loud ‘bell tolling for thee’, a pointer to ‘the errors of belief in being a separate entity’.  It is a bias seemingly loaded down with an illusion of ‘years of erroneous beliefs’.  

One insight can cut through it all.


Who is willing to let go of their biased point of view?  

Where is the willingness to be truly awake right now?

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  1. (of Truth or reality) The 18th-century mathematician and philosopher Jean Le Rond d’Alembert said, “would only be one fact and one great truth for whoever knew how to embrace it from a single point of view.” end of quote.
    We may sense what he is getting at. Zero is the unchanging factor in mathematics. However mind is time while a point of view is and must be partial and limited…. and yet truth or reality remains timeless. In one instant of true insight the entire universe is split open and the nature of streaming consciousness spills out in a burst of pure information (intelligence). The mind cannot translate it, except as fragments of information….. and each fragment brings a multitude of new insights. The point of view is dissolved over and over again as the mind attempts to form a new point of view. The mind is time and due to its fabricated ground having been vaporized, every attempt to establish new ground is clear and obvious. Pure intelligence cannot be fooled by the games of ‘maya’. There is no point of view because every point has zero dimensions.