The dawning of consciousness

Freedom as thoughtless reality. It could be as easy as removing all concepts pertaining to time and then simply being thought free, unattached to whatever thought or thing appears. The mind could not cloud up with delusions about tomorrow or yesterday. The clarity of being is not in the mind.
Language is a tool for communication. Language implies many things that are nothing but imaginary, yet because these things are commonly believed in, we may never question their actuality.
There are no realms of time in the actuality of this immediate consciousness. You cannot be anywhere else than ‘as’ this immediate consciousness right now. All concepts about other times only appear in this unchanging immediacy, this presence – this awareness, now. The following demonstrates how the concept of time implies other-ness.
And the day will (has) come when men (self-proclaimed saviours – mere preachers) shall speak of love and truth as if they were commodities that only they can offer and sell to you – and you will be (are) completely alone with your response. All of your trusted advisors will (have) abandoned you and the eternal moment of reality will (is) bear (ing) witness to the light of truth shining from your own eyes.
When movement is stillness and stillness is movement, when the mind is no mind and no mind is mind, then (now) nothing shall be (is) hidden. All of the past will be (is) formless consciousness and the future, the same – and so it is that discriminating mind is brought to its knees and its crown is removed. Only then (now) will you know your own true freedom (freedom from the illusions of mind).

The message is not hidden, except by words. One must look past the words and find the truth of your own experiencing.

The story about conditioned mind is only conceptualisation. If you want to discover your true nature, go in the direction of naked cognition.
The required insight is nothing but naked seeing – and seeing is already happening – and you are not ‘doing it’.

Before language, before the limits of mind were ever imagined, your true nature abides serenely beyond body or mind.
The first and last frontier is unspeakable.
Here, no one exists except existence itself. Maya has no power to weave its apparent magic of delusional mind.

No attachment can attach itself to anything here.
The absolute potentiality of all existence has never manifested even one atom here.
The self-aware radiance of being knows no boundary and shines through all circumstances of mind and matter. This natural being rests on nothing at all and the beauty of its radiance is free of any form called a witness.

  1. “language is a tool”. true. and what else is a tool? mind is a tool. it is the tool that enabled such a weak, defenseless creature to survive and ultimately thrive upon the face of this earth. the ability of this particular creature to theoreticize into a non-existent past and a non-existent future to such a greater extent than any other creature gave it an advantage not conferred by tooth and claw. survival has been enhanced by illusion. it is a necessary component of this particular expression of the whole. from illusion we form delusion, in believing our insight to be the actuality. therein lies the problem, to harness the illusion, as needs be, without delving into delusion.

  2. I would like to say…Nothing need to be done to the Truth in order for it to be so.