The Bull

Bull 3b

The Bull

Q: “You like it strong?”

A: “Yeah, strong is good!”


The image of self can appear to take many forms.  Oil paint can appear as many convincing shapes and forms.   Famous paintings imitate 3 dimensions very convincingly but it is only pigment and oil on a 2 dimensional surface.

The arrogance of self-centredness is due to belief in something that is not real, something that takes the credit for qualities that it can never have.  

This I know first hand…. and through many years of observing so-called people.   To impartially observe the responses of ‘people’ while engaging in social mixing inevitably provides insights into the games people play. Playing the role of being a ‘person’ is easy.  We all do it.  Believing it is real is where the problems enter.

The direct and clear message is not for the ‘person’.  The person is not reality.  The person will never be real.  No amount of psychological manipulation will ever make the person real.  It is entirely composed of belief.  

‘People’ get pissed off if their beliefs are challenged.  To challenge the self-image of a ‘person’ is like waving a red flag in front of a bull.  If that ‘person’ is a ‘spiritual person’, then it is like sticking a needle into a bull’s nose, up close and personal.  The bigger the ego, the bigger the reaction and the more vulnerable they are.  Why?  Because the ego is not real.  We all innately know this.  The belief in the self-centre must be shaken up because it is a long standing habit that remains unquestioned.  Shaking it up can reveal its state of fabrication.  

We conceptualise everything and miss the naturally perfect essence of it all.  We want particular states of mind to stay away and we want other states of mind to be here more often.  We want what we don’t have.   Plagued by wanting, wanting, wanting, we miss what we already have. The foolish fool listens to advice from other fools (trickster teachers) and wonders why there is not real progress.  Blaming himself, he fortifies the bondage, which is actually, a complete fiction!

We are seduced by ideas about ideal states of mind, which we are told to seek and we embellish it all in our own imagination.  Our own imagination makes it seem all the more real but it isn’t real.  

So it is that we are seduced by a charlatan (imagination) and go to sleep with wanting.  In the fresh and new ‘morning’, the senses wake and then being presented with the challenge of the actual clarity of pure wakefulness, we reach for the habit of protecting the image of me, we grasp the imaginary realm of self-delusion.  The tragedy of it all is that the imaginary image of self, the ‘me’, sits on centre stage, ready to take us on another whirligig ride for the day.  The unquestioned habit of repeating the same old pattern of non-investigation.  Ignorance!….Ignoring our natural inheritance – (pure intelligence) the naked essence of life itself.


Self hypnosis appears to win the day due to inadvertence.  Dull states of mind, identification with name and form and the story of me.

(What?  What did you say?)

Thought has no power, belief has no power but inadvertence and non investigation seem to give them power.  Like a sleeping traveller whose bags are pilfered by monkeys, while he sleeps by the side of the road, we miss the absolute clarity of being, being totally awake with the immediacy.

Pieter Bruegel - Traveller robbed by monkys

Pieter Bruegel engraving ‘The sleeping traveller robbed by monkeys’

You think you have plenty of time.  You don’t have any time.  That is why the ‘me’ can’t do anything.  Time is an illusion.  Mind is time.  Mind is illusion.  If you refuse to see it now, when will you see it, when will you be open to the message? Tomorrow?

The naked awareness, upon which every experience registers, is NOT a state of mind.  Always here, now.  No need to seek it!  No need to judge it! It is all ready……already perfect!  Innately we all already know this.  Belief in concepts clouds the open view.

Consciousness speaks to consciousness and the way of the manifestation is infinitely diverse, always fresh and new and none of it has any point or cause.  That is why ‘you’ can’t do anything.  It is all spontaneous ‘before you appear’.  Any event you can postulate is a postulation. It may sound ridiculous but no one can actually prove that an event ever took place. Things appear to ‘happen’.   Apparent events in time register upon that which is timeless.  Things appear upon that which is no thing.   This is the apparent paradox of being.  Choice is an illusion.  Being is.  Becoming is an illusion.

‘Took place’.  What does that mean?   Something occupies a space, a place.   Everything appears to take place.  A mountain has ‘taken place’ in space.  If the mountain is removed, the space is seen to be empty.  Was the space taken?  What place?  Is ‘a place’ a static thing?  What place are you occupying?  The body?  A room?  Where exactly are you?  Can you pin point where you are?  The ‘ego’ has taken the seat of consciousness and imagines it is the director of the universe.  Conversely it will appear as the flip side…the ‘Poor poor, pitiful me’.  

The ‘ego’ (mind) says… ‘I have a personal relationship with God’. Bollocks! The absurd holier than thou, the ego maniac, the false guru, says…‘I have woken you up….and now I will show you how to embody the teaching, how to live with enlightenment’. That is sheer arrogance in the guise of a ‘spiritual teacher’. It is utter Bollocks!  

(Who is upset by words?)

First there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is (old koan).  You can reverse it.  First there is no mountain, then there is a mountain, then there is no mountain.   If we take the words off things, what is left?  What is this nameless being-ness?

What comes first?   Things or that which is aware of things?

Things occupy space.   Is any of it static, motionless?   

Where are you seeing from?

Where do you judge something from?

Is there a static point that you can rely upon to be absolutely true and unchanging?

Even the sensations of ‘I am’ are changing.

Things are not what they appear to be…and that includes what you call ‘me’, ‘I’.

The many believe in cause and effect and so the many enslave themselves to ‘teachings’  that keep them bound to time and therefore they miss their own timeless true essence. When everything is said and done, silence. THAT which is always present as the background, no thing, is pristinely self-evident.
Silence and emptiness reclaims every sound and every apparent thing that appears. Follow the disappearance of a single thought and discover your true nature.

As Nisargadatta says:  “There are no customers for this knowledge”.

  1. H.G. Wells believed that science and technology would save us. His view altered when he recognised that science and technology were not an answer. His last book ‘Mind at the end of it’s tether’ reflects the mental angst he obviously experienced. His last reported public statement on film “There is no way out, no way around or through”.
    Looking in the mind for answers to the big life questions is exhausting and nothing but theories and beliefs appear to come from it. The unquestioned subject ‘me’ is an obstacle that creates an invisible bias. No substantial proof of any answer to ‘what is reality?’ has arisen that is not countered by other intellects who challenge the (any) postulated answer. I am right and you are wrong is so often the prevailing attitude amongst intellectuals (ego).
    Highly intelligent individuals could not come to an agreement. One example is Einstein and Nils Bohr. Their famous ‘argument’ drew a great deal of interest world wide in scientific circles. The mind game continues. Once the nature of what is being investigated is beyond the limits of the instruments of investigation, theories step in. Many theories have been proven over recent decades only to be disproven later on. Theory is basically a postulation. Any high school student can ascertain that quite easily. A career based upon one’s ability to postulate clever theories looks to be a highly respectable career. It pays quite well. To admit that one does not know is not so good for getting a raise.
    Theoretical ‘particles’ like the Higgs Boson are now the subject of a great deal of head banging in scientific circles. The ‘god particle’ looks like an insider joke. It is all conceptual and scientists admit that they have to conceive of new concepts to explain their discoveries. What is the result? It would seem to me that today’s agreement is so often tomorrow’s disagreement. Who knows what?
    If you press a decent scientist on specific pertinent questions, they will admit that no one knows.
    They have a job to keep secure and that appears to be the bottom line.
    In pausing thought, it can be recognised that what I am is not in the mind. The observer of mind must be outside of mind.
    There is no answer about who I am in the mind. The mind can twist and turn, contrive as much as it likes and the result is nil.
    Only by recognising that the essence of life, this being-ness, is not in the mind does one find some true resonance with ‘what is’.
    The mind, which is nothing but mind content, disappears every night during deep sleep. If you are in the mind, where does that leave you? In the dark?
    The relatively accurate commentaries on modern science on so-called ‘progress’ over the last century will boggle the mind and if it is fairly honest it will deconstruct our ‘common consensus reality’ (belief system) and that will most usually give rise to a kind of panic. Courage to investigate that panic is required. Most stop when their own beliefs start to fall apart. Science basically means the investigation of phenomena. Is there an end to it?


    Some folk flip out with praise of some teacher or guru. They do not see that the teacher they praise is a fool teaching methods based on cause and effect. The teaching is presented as knowledge, when in truth it is merely belief. A teacher can only teach what they know. Teaching what they pretend to know is teaching the methods of pretending to know. These pretenders imagine they have actually acquired something (an effect) through their own actions (cause) and it is a complete fiction – a dream. It is plainly obvious that they have not seen through the facade of cause and effect. If they had, they would not be teaching cause and effect. Isn’t it obvious that they have been sucked into a subtle realm of ego and they love being the centre of attention, the great saviour. A parody. And it seems that they are consumed by gluttony. Feeding the hungry ego while pretending to be holy. A loop of self-referencing. How absurd can it get? They are not immune to the dark side of their mind game. Self doubt is bound to plague them because duality is the oscillation between opposites. The more holy they imagine they are, the darker the shadow. Heaven help anyone who pricks that shadow through ignorance. The wrath of the false guru is something that can make your bones shiver.

  2. Dear seeing knowing
    everything in one unit.
    Who will talk to whom when there is no
    separate thing?
    Still talking happens.
    Non-conceptual awareness, not these very words
    but actuality of it’s existence has no alternative
    except itself, as it is.
    All movements made by words are futile.
    Is there one single movement of thought
    that presents nonconceptual pause?
    No. Pause is pause. Word-less cannot be word-ful.
    Still advisory instuctions in the form of words
    were offered as inevitable instrument to remove
    all network of thought, to be able to see (recognise) naked
    Clear and direct message is not for the person.
    Thanks actual (wordless) seeing knowing.

    • The intelligence is not ‘in’ the words.
      The knowing is not in the patterns that appear, including the body or mind.
      Everything is known without a ‘knower’ and so the ‘known’ is nothing but knowing…..seeing-knowing. Presence-awareness is not in the body or mind. The body-mind appear upon this presence-awareness. Life is this immediacy, which is beyond all perception and beyond all knowledge. The simple title for that is THAT. That is THAT.


      The recognition of THAT expresses instantly as ‘I am THAT’ and the ‘I’ is empty, nothing but naked cognition.

      No one can go beyond THAT because THAT is all there is.

  3. Dear Gilbert
    I don’t mistake for what:’I’ is not.
    I know that ‘I’ is not. If I know that ‘I’ is not then
    claimer of the knowing as ‘I’ is not.
    Since it is known through something (no thing)
    that which can not be negated and
    which is usually assumed as ‘I ‘ and that is
    also not it, then what was left to take credit as real owner
    that is seeing knowing, space-like,no-thought-like,
    indescribable, unutterable, pause in mind.

    Right now there is seeing of auto-happening
    writing and words appearing in the box.
    This state of mind, as it is, shows everything
    is happening without my personal doing.
    There is natual pause happening while writing
    and in the pause words appear spontaneously
    and typed in the empty space of box.
    No idea from where they are coming to fill
    the blank space.
    But surely it is not my doing.
    On that basis I said
    I don’t mistake for what I am or what ‘I’ is.
    When this bull is challenged to investigate
    for what it is, it is justified in many ways, to
    keep itself alive, with million excuses…
    but seeing-knowing is unmistakable and inescapable
    First (and only) instant.
    Thanks to that first instant and only, that apparent revealer.

    • When everything is said and done, silence. THAT which is always present as the background, no thing is self-evident.
      Silence and emptiness reclaims every sound and every apparent thing that appears. Follow the disappearance of a single thought and discover your true nature.

  4. In taking the appearance to be real, we miss the essence of our own true nature. Idolatry and blind worship of name and form is its own cage of limitations. It is all appearances only. No one has ever been separate from the wholeness. Features of bondage are: Turning a blind eye. Plugging up the ears. Glassing of the eyes as resistance replaces naked seeing. Shutting down the openness of mind. Ignorance features in the lives of deluded followers of sectarian views, as if it were truth. Belief is never the actual. Erroneous beliefs can imitate the form of knowledge with it’s imagined point of view.
    Fundamentalist the world over suffer from a limited and basically isolated point of view and so they suffer. Their group is sectarian and that promotes conflict with anyone outside of the group.
    Features of the false teachers: Self appointed divinity is nothing less than vanity and its shameless display can be found lurking in the atmosphere in and around spiritual teachers. Brazen use of charismatic influence. Most often teachers and gurus have helpers who suffer from their own conceited self-importance, those who efficiently feed the vanity of the teacher, choose and purchase his or her ‘holier than thou’ garments, trinkets and bangles, the beautiful flowers and the decadent decor on the illustrious podium and of course any temporary accommodation required by the teacher/guru. This tight knit cluster of individuals sit close to the teacher glassy eyed and swooning in their pretentious state of enlightenment. They hover around displaying all the traits of an ego dwelling on a pink cloud of false understanding. They see themselves as separate, better than the rest. Bliss-ed out in their own imaginary world, they look down upon ordinary folk as if they themselves were angels from another dimension. Their contrived compassion is divvied out when it suits their self image, which they cannot afford to let go of, even for a second. Exhausted from their own contrivances they have little patience and they lose the plot all too often. Periodically the dark side of the equation overtakes them and they display all the traits of someone quite evil. Keeping up appearances is tedious and exhausting. Still they do not recognise their own slavery to ideals that have no basis except in imagination.
    Maya has her way and the world is turned upside down and the deluded sacred BS squeezes their opportunity of escape to the size of a pin hole. “Vanity, vanity, all is vanity under the sun”.